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Residents vs. The River Oaks Shopping Center
December 28, 2008


I’m going to enjoy a few days off from work, but couldn’t resist posting these pictures and writing about the battle that is brewing between some  River Oaks residents and the Weingarten Realty Company, which owns the River Oaks Shopping Center.

On Sunday afternoon I  saw several signs posted on the side wall of some ritzy homes that face Shepherd Drive.

The residents are protesting an  open  air wine bar and restaurant that is being built on the balcony of a  new Borders Bookstore.

The residents  believe the new business, which will be rented out for private parties and events,  would  create noise that will disturb the nearby neighborhoods. 

They also argue that it violates the city’s setback rules, because the building would be located too close to the street.

It seems the developers started the project without first obtaining approval from the city of Houston Planning Department.

The residents and the realty company are currently scheduled to attend a hearing on Thursday, January 8, at 2:30 in the afternoon. 

Weingarten rarely comments publicly about its plans, but if   you want to know more about the residents point of view you can log on to