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From Texas Governor to Houston Mayor?
August 20, 2008

Former Governor Mark White
Former Governor Mark White

 2 on the Beat realizes you still haven’t had the chance to cast your vote for the next President of  the United States, but it’s time to start thinking about the 2009 race for mayor in the city of Houston.

Would you consider voting for former Texas Governor Mark White?

Governor White (D-Texas 1983 – 1987) has surprised a lot of people by saying that he is thinking about a run for mayor.

Today we talked on the phone about his pending decision.  He is travelling on business but took a few minutes to answer my questions.

The former governor says that “a number of people had asked if I would consider running and they were urging me to run….that was very flattering.”

White says he will make a final decision in a few weeks. 

In the meantime he plans to meet with other elected officials and the people who have unofficially announced that they are running for mayor in 2009.  The list of potential candidates includes former Kemah Mayor Bill King,  City of Houston Controller Annise Parker and City Councilman Peter Brown.


Should White's age (68) be an issue?

Should White's Age be an issue?

And,  in case you are wondering, White says that at the age of 68 he doesn’t feel to old to run for mayor.

“I was encouraged when I saw McCain do what he’s doing, and that’s a much more rigorous job,”  says White. “I guess (former president) Regan talked about other people’s youth and inexperience, maybe that would be an advantage for me, and hopefully the age would not be a disadvantage. I don’t think it would be,” he laughed before saying goodbye.