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Make Plans For Family Day At Sylvester Turner Park
April 13, 2012

(news release)

5th Annual Family Day

At Sylvester Turner Park Saturday


WHO:             St. Representative Sylvester Turner

WHAT:          5th Annual Family Day

WHERE:        Sylvester Turner Park, 2800 W. Little York

WHEN:          2 to 7 p.m.

                        Saturday, April 14

Begun in 2008 with attendance of 3,500, Family Day has now grown to a much-anticipated annual event with 15,000 people expected this year.  And it is bigger and better than ever! 

All food and drinks are free.  Delicious turkey legs, sausage on a stick, hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones, corn on the cob and more will be available.

Inflatable games and a rockwall will keep the kids busy, along with Major League Baseball’s Wanna Play games that teach hitting, throwing and running.  The Houston Fire Department will bring a fire truck for everyone to see and will pass out fire safety information.  Legacy Healthcare will provide health information.

Seniors will have their own tent with games, including bingo and dominoes.

Baseball fans can enjoy the game on two levels.  Texas Southern University and Prairie View A&M will again play an NCAA-regulation game at the Park’s Show Field on the north side of the Park.  And Little League games will take place on fields at the north and south sides of the Park.  All games begin at 1:30 p.m.

Music lovers are in for a treat.  J. Paul Jr. and the Zydeco Nubreeds are back by popular demand, playing on Stage 1.  And on Stage 2, a special appearance by Cliff Duncan Luv at 4:30 p.m.  Cliff Duncan Luv excites audiences with his special blend of songs, dance and words of wisdom.  He has mastered the art of entertaining both hearts and minds with his unique style for over 30 years.

Also performing again will be the Aldine Dance Company from Carver High School.  And this year, you can enjoy the sounds of the Eisenhower High School Jazz Band. 

Comcast will have lots of prizes for everyone and Pepsi will bring computer games for the kids to play.

This year, METRO is providing shuttle buses to bring attendees from three locations: 

  • Carver High School, 2100 South Victory
  • Living Word Fellowship Church, 7350 W. TC Jester
  • Lone Star Community College, 4141 Victory

The buses will run during the event from 2 p.m. until 7 p.m.  Shuttles and parking are free.

Hittner Family Passover Seder Combines Faith and Politics
April 11, 2012

Faith and politics helped set the stage for a festive evening  during the 12th annual second night of Passover Seder hosted by the Hittner family.

George and wife, Erica, Judge David Hittner and  Dr. Helen Mintz-Hittner invited friends, family and associates of all faiths to read from the Haggadah and break bread during a traditional seder dinner of bitter herbs, eggs and wine.

The memorable moment of the evening happened when George, general counsel for American Traffic Solutions, presented souvenir red light camera signs to City Attorney Dave Feldman and Paul Kubosh, who led the successful fight to take down red light cameras in Houston.

With the Texas primary only weeks away, there were also plenty of political candidates and elected officials in the crowd including U.S. Senator candidate Ted Cruz, State Representative Candidate Gene Wu and City Councilwoman Ellen Cohen.

Other VIP guests: Public Relations Whiz Cindy Clifford, Jason Fuller, former Kemah Mayor Bill King, Grant Dorfman, Carl Davis, Bob and Carol Martin and many others.

I have enjoyed being invited to the Hittner’s annual tradition. George mentioned that the event could move to Phoenix next year, where he and Erica live.

Local Leaders Announce Rally for Trayvon Martin
March 23, 2012

The movement is sweeping across the country. Many Americans are calling for justice on behalf of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teenager who was shot to death by a neighborhood watchman.

 We’ve seen rallies from New York to Miami and Sanford, Florida, where the shooting happened. I just received word that some elected officials and clergy members plan to hold a rally this Sunday in solidarity with the teenager’s family.

(News Release)

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Bishop James Dixon, State and Local Leaders, Clergy, Students, Parents and Teachers

~An announcement of Houston joining in the National Movement for Justice for Trayvon Martin

Something must be done!!!!!!!!

In Memory of

Trayvon Martin

17-year old Florida teenager killed while walking from 7-Eleven

Stand in Solidarity.

Stand for Justice.

Stand to End Racial Bias.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

At 2:30pm

Bob Casey Federal Courthouse

515 Rusk Avenue

Downtown Houston

Did the Women’s Health Program Get More Time?
March 15, 2012

There is conflicting information coming out of  Governor Perry’s office in Austin and the White House.

While federal funding for the Women’s Health Program was supposed to end this week, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee announced a compromise with the Department of Health and Human Services which  will continue funding the program for a while.

If you are following the political issue, the battle is over federal funding for the woman’s health program, which provides cancer screenings and birth control for more than 100,000 Texas women.

The Texas Legislature passed a law that bans money being used for any program affiliated with Planned Parenthood or any facility that provides abortion services.

Public money is never used to pay for abortions.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s administration said the law was a violation of the rules for Medicaid.

I’m checking with the governor’s office, but I’m posting the statement released by the governor’s office. It’s followed by the statement by U.S. Representative Jackson – Lee. (D-18)

From Governor Perry’s Office

“It is the height of political posturing for the Obama Administration to put the interests of abortion providers and their affiliates, like Planned Parenthood, over the well-being of more than 100,000 low-income Texas women. I will not stand by and let this Administration abandon these Texas women to advance its political agenda; Texas will fund these services with or without the federal government.

“Texans send a substantial amount of our tax dollars to Washington, D.C., and it is unconscionable that the Obama Administration has essentially told Texas it will send our tax dollars back to fund this program only if we violate state law and include its pro-abortion allies. I will continue to fight this egregious overreach and defend life, our state’s laws and the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

From Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

“This is great news for those in need of health care and for those who cannot afford to have their health care denied on any level. This decision by HHS did not come easy. I personally worked with officials of HHS and the State of Texas to see that the program be extended for 3 months. During those 3 months we will continue to have more talks and negotiations about the program. At the end of 3 months HHS will be open to extending the benefits for another 3 months but a phase out will be in effect.

“However, this extra time gives me and other state representatives more time to find alternative methods and for the State to seek other areas that will not cut off minority women and children from groups like Planned Parenthood where some seek their health care needs. I hope the state will come to its senses to ensure that the health of women and healthy children will always be afforded to them as citizens of the state of Texas.

“During my time in Congress I have worked to improve the lives of women and advance gender equality. The status of women and girls is a key indicator of a community’s well-being. Whether we are working on addressing the 77 cents that women make for every dollar earned by a man or reducing health disparities women face, I have made improving the lives of women a top priority in my work.

“Women are among those who benefit most from the recently enacted health insurance reform legislation. Previously, women were often charged higher premiums solely on the basis of their gender. Women also disproportionately lack the option of obtaining health coverage from their employer. Reforms will ensure that nearly every American woman receives adequate health insurance.

“I convened a Women’s Health Summit earlier this week with state Rep. Garnet Coleman where we were in negotiating with U.S. Health and Human Services in hopes of finding alternative funding for the program, which provides health screenings and contraceptive services to 130,000 Texas women on Medicaid. We are glad a temporary solution has been found.”

President Obama Documentary Will Debut In Houston Thursday
March 12, 2012

With a recent CBS poll showing his favorability numbers have hit an all time low, maybe President Barack Obama can regain his mojo at the movies.

This Thursday, the controversial documentary voiced by actor Tom Hanks will make its debut in Houston.  Check out the trailer here

Here’s the invitation sent by the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign.

This Thursday, you’re invited to the premiere of Academy Award-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim’s documentary about President Obama’s first three years in office and the tough calls he made to get our country back on track.Be the first to see it — and make sure others do, too.If you know anyone who needs to know about the progress we’ve made under President Obama, this is the film that they need to see.Check out the trailer (if you recognize the narrator’s voice — that’s Tom Hanks) and join a screening in Houston this Thursday, March 15th. RSVP now to save your seat.Here are the details:

What: The Road We’ve Traveledscreening in HoustonWhere: 1445 North Loop W
Houston, TX 77008When: Thursday, March 15th
6:00 pmRSVP now

When President Obama took office, our economy was in crisis, with 750,000 people losing their jobs every month, the auto industry near failure, and the markets close to collapse.

The Road We’ve Traveled follows the tough decisions the President made to bring our nation back from the brink and fight for the security of the middle class, from reining in Wall Street to ending the war in Iraq, reforming health care, and getting millions of Americans back to work.

The story’s told by the people who watched it unfold — like the First Lady, Vice President Biden, President Bill Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren.

Between now and November, this film will be one of the many tools we have to bring others into this campaign and get folks out to vote for the President.

Because you’re a part of this campaign already, you should see it first, then share it with everyone you know who’s been asking questions about the President’s record or needs to get more engaged around this election.

Why not invite them to come see it with you on Thursday?

So hold your seat for the screening in Houston, and then take a peek at the trailer as you’re getting ready for that night:



Jeremy Bird
National Field Director
Obama for America

P.S. — Check out the trailer here. If you’re not able to make it to the screening, you can sign up to watch the premiere online from this same link.

Senator Cornyn Statement Ahead of President’s Houston Trip
March 9, 2012

 President Barack Obama will arrive in Houston later today for two fundraisers. One at Minute Maid Park and the other at a private home of a long time friend who lives in River Oaks.

Ahead of the president’s visit, Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) has released the following statement.

‘Texans deserve a Commander-in-Chief whose primary concern is creating more jobs for them, not using our state as an ATM to protect his own.’


WASHNGTON — Today U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) released the following statement ahead of President Obama’s planned trip to Houston:


“Barely 24 hours after maneuvering behind the scenes to defeat the Keystone pipeline and the Gulf Coast jobs that come with it, the President again will use Texas to replenish his campaign coffers.


“Texans deserve a Commander-in-Chief whose primary concern is creating more jobs for them, not using our state as an ATM to protect his own.”

Gov. Perry Pens Editorial Attacking President Obama On Women’s Health
March 1, 2012

Obama Administration Placing Pro-Abortion Politics Over Women’s Health

An opinion editorial by Texas Governor Rick Perry

President Obama’s Administration plans to cancel funding for a long-standing and cost-effective health and wellness program for more than 100,000 Texas women. This move will cut off access to screenings for breast and cervical cancer, hypertension and diabetes, STD testing and family planning services for Texas women who otherwise could not afford them.

Unfortunately, President Obama and his allies are once again putting their political agenda ahead of sound policy and the delivery of cost-efficient health care. They are trampling on the rights of states like Texas to create programs like the Women’s Health Program and to administer it for Texans by Texans.

Why would the Obama Administration take away access to health care for low-income Texas women?  Because this administration puts funding for abortion providers and affiliates ahead of funding for women’s cancer screenings and other preventative health care. Texas, operating under the direction of an overwhelming and bipartisan majority of legislators, prohibits abortion providers and affiliates like Planned Parenthood from receiving taxpayer money.

Because Texas refuses to fund abortion providers and their affiliates, the federal government has announced that it will cancel the Women’s Health Program. To me, this reflects a twisted set of values, not to mention a continued disregard for the basic concept of states’ rights.

Under federal law, Washington leaves it to state leaders to administer the Medicaid program and set criteria for who is, and is not, a qualified provider. Consistent with state and federal law, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) developed a program that would ensure continued access to care by qualified providers across Texas and asked the Obama Administration for approval.

However, the Obama Administration apparently is unwilling to allow the exclusion of organizations like Planned Parenthood, as Texas law requires, even though that organization represents less than 2 percent of enrolled providers. Texas has more than 2,500 qualified providers in 4,600 sites across the state, ready to deliver care.

If this debate were really about health care, the Obama Administration would  allow the Texas Women’s Health Program to continue.

Instead, the administration’s stated intention to reject the Texas program reflects nothing more than its pro-abortion agenda, and is a blatant pander to the president’s liberal base, which has made Planned Parenthood’s abortion services a celebrated cause.

Texas is an easy target for such attacks because we value life and have worked hard to preserve and protect its sanctity over the years. We’ve passed laws requiring that parents be notified and give consent before their minor daughters abort a child, ensuring parents will be involved and ready to provide much-needed guidance and advice at the most critical of moments.

We’ve funded and promoted alternatives to abortion, and provided counseling for women on these other options, including adoption, which – in addition to saving a child – is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give a waiting mother and father.

We also created a law that will prevent abortions in Texas until the mother has a sonogram, because we believe women deserve to have all the information before making such a life-ending decision.

At our nation’s founding, the architects of our constitution clearly spelled out precisely which powers were enumerated to the federal government and left the rest – explicitly – to the states.

While Washington has steadily undermined and weakened the authority of states and local communities to govern themselves, it wasn’t until the last few years when states – especially more conservative states – were actively targeted by a presidential administration.

The Obama Administration has seized control of Texas’ air-permitting process, put radical new interpretations of the Clean Air Act into effect and, worst of all, imposed a health care mandate on individual citizens and state governments that threatens to bankrupt us all.

The Texas women who face the prospect of losing access to preventative health care are only the latest to be caught in the crossfire of the Obama Administration’s ongoing efforts to seize more control over the actions of every state, every town and every household.

Here in Texas, we will continue to fight back against all manner of federal encroachment into our lives, and any and all efforts to destroy or dilute the protections we’ve put in place for our unborn.  President Obama, please abandon this misguided and unhealthy course of action and allow the Texas Women’s Health Program to continue providing preventative health care and cancer screenings for Texas women.


2012 White House Easter Egg Roll Ticket Lottery Opens
March 1, 2012

(News Release)


Visitors Office



March 1st, 2012


2012 White House Easter Egg Roll Ticket Lottery Opens and Souvenir Egg Logo is Revealed


Bo stars in a special video for this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll (watch it HERE)


Today, the White House announced the beginning of the ticket lottery and sale of souvenir Easter eggs for the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll. This year’s White House Easter Egg Roll is focused on promoting health and wellness with the theme, “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move!” All of the activities will encourage children to lead healthy and active lives, which is of the focus of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative, a national campaign to solve the problem of childhood obesity within a generation.

The ticket lottery will open today Thursday, March 1st at 10:00 AM EST and will close on Monday, March 5th at 10:00 AM EST. To enter the lottery, please go to  Tickets are free of charge and cannot be sold. 

All lottery participants will be notified via email of the results on Monday, March 12th.

This year’s souvenir eggs come in four bold colors – purple, blue, green, orange – and include the stamped signatures of the President and First Lady. A commemorative red “Bo” egg featuring the First Dog’s paw print is included only in the 2012 5-pack Collector’s Egg Set.  Celebrating this year’s Bo egg, the First Dog himself stars in a special video for the White House Easter Egg Roll which can be viewed HERE.

To place your commemorative egg order, please visit, and follow the link to the online Easter egg store. 

The National Park Foundation (NPF), the official charity of America’s national parks, produces and sells the White House Easter Egg. An egg is given as a souvenir to all children 13 years and younger who attend the White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House, part of the National Park System.

The White House also invites all elementary and middle school students to submit poster designs for the 2012 Easter Egg Roll; designs should reflect this year’s theme, “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move!” The First Lady will select the winning design, which will be used as part of the White House 2012 Easter Egg Roll program.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at 11:59p.m. EST. Submissions should reflect this year’s theme, “Let’s Go, Let’s Play, Let’s Move!”, and may not exceed 2 megabytes (high-quality scans measuring either 8.5”x11” at 600 dpi or 20×16” at 300 dpi must be available upon request). Please note: submissions may be made public during the selection process. For submitting artwork, full details on souvenir eggs, and the event itself, visit

Santorum Campaign In Houston Today for Private Fundraiser
February 24, 2012

With a new poll showing he is the frontrunner leading up to the Texas primary,  republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum will be in Houston today, Friday, February 24.  The candidate took the day off from the campaign trail on Thursday for a fundraiser in Dallas. According to media reports he met with donors to the Red, White and Blue Fund. That is a super PAC that is spending millions on the Santorum campaign.

Birthday Bash For Jason Fuller Brings Out Houston’s A-Listers
February 20, 2012

The number of  candles on the cake were in dispute,(25, 35, 41?) as the ever-fabulous and youthful looking Jason Fuller celebrated another birthday milestone Sunday night.

Family, friends,  political leaders and movers and shakers in Houston society feted the birthday boy, who is the regional director for U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas)

The party was hosted by local PR whiz Cindy Clifford at the lovely Memorial-area home of   Marty and Parvin McVey.

A whose who of Houston helped Jason blow out the candles including, Margaret Alkek Williams, Melissa King, Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos, State Rep. Carol Alvarado, Bellaire City Councilman Corbett Parker, David Bray along with many others, including Jason’s twin brother, Jeff Fuller.