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Political Debates – Is one Enough?
September 4, 2008

Pete Olson  (R) Candidate for Congress

Pete Olson (R) Candidate for Congress

Congressman Nick Lampson (D) 22nd Congressional District
Congressman Nick Lampson (D) 22nd Congressional District
The race for the 22nd congressional district is getting a little testy.

The campaigns of Republican Pete Olson and Democratic Congressman Nick Lampson are fighting a war of words over how many debates should be scheduled before election day.

Representative Lampson has agreed to debate once on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at the Hilton Houston-Nasa Clear Lake. 

The Olson campaign sent an email to local media blasting Lampson for refusing to participate in a debate in Fort Bend County on October 20th, and accusing him of  trying to dodge  more debates.

Lampson spokesman Trevor Kincaid told 2 on the Beat that they have received more than 30 invitations, and can’t accept all of them due to his busy schedule “working in Washington D.C for the people in the district.”

But as Olson spokeswoman Amy Goldstein pointed out, congress will recess in a few weeks and their opponent should have plenty of time.

The 22nd Congressional seat is a BIG district, and it would be nice for voters to get  more than one opportunity to see the candidates spar over their proposed policies and vision for the future.

On the other hand, Vice Presidential candidates Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin will face-off only once before election day.

Is one debate enough?