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Bad Air Quality Hangs a Cloud Over UTMB
November 24, 2008

Hurricane Ike, employee layoffs and now – unacceptable air quality.

What else can UTMB-Galveston confront as it struggles to get back on track?

UTMB released the following statement on Monday:

In the interest of patient safety, UTMB today has temporarily suspended further inpatient admissions and surgeries because air cultures in four of six operating rooms showed unacceptable air quality.  Patients who have been admitted to the hospital this morning will be allowed to remain as inpatients, but further inpatient admissions, except for obstetrics and newborns, will be suspended until conditions improve, perhaps as soon as next week.


Meanwhile, 2 on the Beat spent the day talking with some of the new patients, doctors and nurses at UTMB who were really excited about the hospital opening more beds.

Joann McCorkle was scheduled to have surgery Tuesday morning to improve her breathing, but that procedure is being postponed because of the problems with air quality in the operating rooms.