Finalists Picked For Houston Fire Chief Position
August 13, 2010

Sources have confirmed to 2 On The Beat that Mayor Annise Parker has interviewed  two or three final candidates for the job  of  Houston Fire Chief.  

I’ve heard the finalists include acting HFD Chief Rick Flanagan, Terry Garrison a former fire chief  in Oceanside, California and Phoenix, Arizona, and a third person, whose name I can’t seem to track down.  I do know that all finalists are men – one African American, one White and one Hispanic.

Earlier this week,  I reported that 25 people had applied for the position and seven were brought to town on Wednesday.

They met with representatives from Emergency Services Consulting International and members of  a task force appointed by Mayor Annise Parker.  The task force includes Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia and TSU President Dr. John Rudley. 

Unless she feels the need to expand the list of  finalists sent to her office by  the consulting firm and task force members,  Mayor Parker plans to pick a final candidate who will undergo another extensive background check.

The mayor says she will name the new Fire Chief by the end of  August.

Houston Fire Fighters Association Demands Action
April 7, 2010

It’s been months since two Houston female firefighters, Jane Draycott and Paula Keyes,  reported that they found racist and sexist graffiti on their lockers at fire station #54.

Despite an internal affairs investigation by the Houston Police Department and a probe by the FBI,  no one  has been charged with a crime or officially named a suspect.

Today,  the Houston  Professional Fire Fighters Association is asking Mayor Annise Parker and acting Fire Chief Rick Flanagan to “acknowledge the firefighters exonerated in the city’s nine month investigation of the alleged graffiti incident and other issues at Fire Station #54.”

According to the group, 39 firefighters were polygraphed, gave sworn statements or handwriting samples.

In a news release sent to 2 On The Beat, President Jeff  Caynon states “the  Mayor rightly said recently that Houston firefighters are unjustly under a cloud…….the city now has the opportunity to lift that cloud.”

Stay tuned – I’ll try to get reaction from Mayor Parker and Acting Chief  Flanagan later today.