Mayor Parker Prepares For Next Election
December 2, 2010

It’s never too early to lay the foundation for your next political battle.
After making history in November 2009, Mayor Annise Parker is preparing to run for a second term.
On Thursday, the Mayor announced that Adam Harris, Deputy Chief of Staff for External Affairs, will be leaving city hall
at the end of the year to return to her campaign.
Harris was Parker’s campaign manager when she defeated Gene Locke in the general election.
Harris will likely begin assembling a team that can help
the mayor squash any potential challengers.
Incumbents are usually considered the frontrunners and Mayor Parker will have the advantage when it comes to raising money and winning endorsements.
She’s had some fierce storms to weather at city hall: the budget deficit and losing the Port of Houston appointment battle, but I haven’t heard of any well-funded or well-known candidate who is gearing up to run against the mayor. Have you?