Civil Rights Attorney and Artist
July 29, 2011

Houston Civil Rights Attorney Randall Kallinen is well-known for his controversial legal cases and tireless courtroom advocacy on behalf of his clients.

I recently discovered that Kallinen also has a creative side.

Kallinen’s law office located on the East Side of Houston  doubles as an art gallery, a place where he paints and displays his vibrant works of art.

It was my first time interviewing Kallinen at this location. The interview focused on his request for a temporary restraining order to stop Governor Rick Perry’s alleged use of government resources to promote the prayer and fasting rally scheduled for August 6 at Reliant Stadium. (The federal judge eventually denied the request)

After the interview I had just a few minutes to snap these photos of  his work. I told him he should schedule an art show to let the public know about his artistic side.