Mayor Parker Endorsed By Some of Houston’s Prominent Leaders
August 18, 2011

Barbara Bush Endorses Annise Parker

Former First Lady is joined by prominent

Houston business and community leaders

A group of prominent Houstonians led by Former First Lady Barbara Bush today announced their endorsement of Mayor Annise Parker for re-election.

“Annise Parker is a strong non-partisan leader,” said Mrs. Bush. “Annise is willing to make the tough choices necessary to lead Houston through these challenging economic times. She is laying the foundation for a strong financial future for Houston. And Annise has been particularly supportive of family literacy, which is close to my heart. Annise Parker has my vote on November 8.”

“I am very grateful for Mrs. Bush’s endorsement,” Mayor Parker said. “We are blessed to have Former First Lady Barbara Bush and Former President George Bush call Houston home.”

Mrs. Bush is one of many community and business leaders announcing their endorsement of Mayor Parker today. Among other supporters are: Bob Borochoff; Penny and John Butler; Franci and Jim Crane; Mindy Hildebrand; Bert Keller; Larry Kellner; Nancy and Rich Kinder; Sara and Bill Morgan; Bobbie and John Nau; Katie and Patrick Oxford; Phoebe and Bobby Tudor; Donna and Tony Vallone; Diane Webb; Ronald Woliver; and Fred Zeidman.

My Encounter With A Former President and First Lady!
January 16, 2010

On the same day their son, President Bush #43,  signed up to help the relief effort in Haiti, I had a close encounter with former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush.

I was doing my usual Saturday shopping when I saw the former first couple and their secret service team leaving the River Oaks Movie Theater.

As always, they were gracious to the people who said hello and asked to take their pictures.

As their security team stopped traffic on West Gray near Shepherd, I thought about asking Mr. and Mrs. Bush a few questions – What movie did you see? Do you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down? What do you think about your son teaming up with President Obama and former President Bill Clinton to begin a relief effort for earthquake devastated Haiti?

After thinking about it for a few seconds, I decided  to smile and  snap  their pictures, but not ask any questions.

After all, in many ways they are like the rest of us: just looking for a little peace and quiet on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon.