What Action Should The Grand Jury Take?
March 30, 2009

The grand jury investigating the shooting of an unarmed man by a Bellaire police officer, will decide whether to indict the officer or clear him of any wrongdoing.

What action do you think the grand jury should take?

Meanwhile,  Tolan family attorney   Geoffrey Berg  confirmed today that a civil lawsuit will be filed soon on behalf of his clients.

Berg did not want to elaborate, but one would have to assume that the civil case would target the city of Bellaire and Sgt. Jeffery Cotton.

An alleged violation of   Tolan’s civil rights at the hands of   Sgt. Cotton?   The City of  Bellaire and and its police department allegedly  engaging in a pattern of racial profiling? 

But, that’s just a hunch.  I’m a reporter not an attorney. 

I’ll let you know the moment the civil suit is filed, and what monetary award the Tolan’s are seeking.