Gov. Perry Lets Voters Choose Which TV Ad to Use Against Bill White
October 14, 2010

It’s an odd political chess move. 

The kind a candidate makes when he believes he’s far enough ahead in the polls to win the election.

This morning, Governor Perry’s  team announced that it will let Texans choose which ads to run on statewide television in the final stretch of the campaign.

If  you want to view or vote on the ads you can go to

New 30-second ads  will be revealed on the website over the next few weeks, two at a time.

Today’s ads on are  called “The Bill White Record-BTEC” and “Bill and Barack.”

Houston Police Endorse Gov. Rick Perry Over Bill White
October 7, 2010

Sanctuary City. Police Officer Shortage. A Police Chief from outside of HPD.

Leaders of  the Houston Police Officers’ Union said  those were  the main issues that cost former Houston Mayor Bill White the organization’s endorsement. 

On Thursday, HPOU announced that it would back  Republican Incumbent Governor Rick Perry.

As he accepted the groups’ endorsement, Perry was surrounded by several HPD officers , including Joslyn Johnson.  Her husband, Officer Rodney Johnson,  was killed by an illegal immigrant during a traffic stop.

Governor Perry vowed to ask the legislature in January to take “emergency  action to abolish sanctuary cities.”

Losing the endorsement of the 5-thousand member organization  is  a blow to White’s campaign. 

He was also snubbed by the Houston Professional Firefighters Association.

All candidates want to appear strong on public safety issues. 

Some voters around the state will also wonder why Houston’s former Mayor isn’t being endorsed by police officers and firefighters who served under him.

New Ad Urges Gov. Perry To “Face the People of Texas”
October 5, 2010

(news release)

In Full Page Ad in 41 Texas Newspapers, Back to Basics Demands Rick Perry Face the People of Texas.

 Ad confronts Perry’s cowardly refusal to debate publicly, and to acknowledge record-setting $21 billion budget shortfall. (Austin, Texas)

Today, Back to Basics PAC is running a full-page ad in 41 newspapers across Texas, calling out Rick Perry for his cowardly refusal both to face voters in an open debate and to acknowledge that Texas is facing the worst budget crisis in recent memory. Seeing an urgent need for Perry to address our state’s budget crisis and his stubborn refusal to do so, Back to Basics has nearly doubled the number of newspapers of its run of the now infamous “Coward” ad.

As recently as Sunday, Perry was missing in action during a public gubernatorial debate. Back to Basics agrees with the many Texans who believe that Perry is simply afraid to answer questions about his dismal and costly 10-year career as governor. Following recent reports that Perry has accepted millions from political appointees to critical state agencies and corporate recipients of tax-payer funded grants, Texans are demanding that Perry, a 25-year career politician, be held accountable. In the new ad, entitled “Face Us”, Back to Basic outlines the implications of the anticipated $21 billion budget shortfall by describing how it will affect the lives of ordinary Texans. Last year, Perry covered his budget shortfall using $16 billion of President Barack Obama’s federal stimulus money. This time, Perry will not have stimulus money to cover the funding gap. Back to Basics has revamped a previously released website,, to feature in full the “Face Us” print ad. Additionally, Back to Basics PAC released the following statement:

“Rick Perry again proved what a coward he is by stiffing Texans and skipping out of Sunday’s gubernatorial debate. With a looming $21 billion budget deficit and the recent scandals showing Perry’s willingness to sell out our state government to campaign donors, it’s no wonder he’s afraid to face the people of Texas. “Texans are tired of long-time career politicians like Rick Perry, who hides from voters in his $10,000 per month, taxpayer-funded rental mansion, and refuses to be held accountable for his record. We encourage voters to get the facts for themselves at”

Governor Perry Sets Deadline for Debate
September 2, 2010

Will they or won’t they debate?
It’s not looking good for voters who really want to compare the two candidates for governor side by side on the important issues before November’s election.
Today, Governor Rick Perry announced that he released his 2009 tax returns and challenged Bill White to release his tax returns from the time he served as Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party and Deputy Secretary of Energy.  
Perry set a September 15th deadline.   Keep in mind that White has released all of his tax returns for the years that he served as Mayor of  Houston.I really don’t understand why Gov. Perry is determined to set his own rules and conditions for the debate. On the other hand, if White released those forms a debate would be scheduled.
I’ve posted the entire Perry campaign statement below:
Gov. Perry Releases 2009 Tax Returns, Sets Sept. 15 Deadline For Bill White To Release Missing Taxes From His Years In Public Service
Failure by Bill White to come clean will prevent candidate debate

Gov. Rick Perry today released his 2009 tax returns and issued a final call for Bill White to come clean and release all of his income taxes from his years in public service. Gov. Perry has released all of his income taxes dating back to 1987.

If Bill White fails to release the income tax returns he filed while serving the public as Deputy Secretary of Energy (1993-95) and as Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party (1995-98) by September 15, the people of Texas will not get the opportunity to see the candidates debate.

For 179 days, Bill White has prevented debate discussions from occurring by refusing to allow Texans to learn from his tax returns how he profited while serving in public positions that required him by law to file annual personal financial disclosures.

“Texans are tired of waiting for Bill White to release his taxes, as am I,” said Gov. Perry. “I am eager to participate in a debate, as I have during previous statewide campaigns, but if Bill White refuses to be honest with the people of Texas about how he profited while serving the public, I will not share a debate stage with him. Bill White’s staunch opposition to transparency is unbecoming of someone seeking to be elected the chief executive of the greatest state in the nation. There is a very simple solution to this situation. Release your taxes, Mr. White, and we can move forward with debate preparations.”

Copies of Gov. Perry’s 2009 tax returns are available upon request.

Bill White for Governor Campaign Recruits A Veteran Political Player
August 29, 2010

The Bill White campaign for governor of  Texas is getting an experienced political operative to help the former Houston Mayor defeat Governor Rick Perry.

I ran into William Paul Thomas Saturday night at the Greater Houston Partnership World Trade Soiree.  He confirmed to 2 On The Beat that he is joining the campaign through election day in November.

Thomas plans to take a sixty day leave of absence from his job as chief  of staff for Houston city council member Sue Lovell.

He wouldn’t provide specifics about his role when I asked him to describe his responsibilities.  He told me that he would to defer to the campaign to make the announcement.

I assume that he  is going to help White  create some excitement and bolster election day turnout in African-American communities across Texas.

I’ve heard grumblings from many Democrats that White is  taking  African-American voters for granted.  

Some are also upset that he doesn’t have a prominent African-American on his campaign staff. 

If  White doesn’t give African-Americans a reason to vote for him in November, many will stay home, and  he’ll have a tough time defeating Rick Perry.

Thomas is a political campaign veteran and he has worked on staff for  U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Senator Rodney Ellis, in addition  to his current job at city hall.

New Ad Targets Governor Perry – Calls Him A “Coward”
August 23, 2010

People across Texas are waking up on Tuesday morning and opening their newspapers to a tough new ad that targets Governor Rick Perry.

The ad, which runs in 24 Texas newspapers,  calls Perry a “coward”  for refusing to debate democrat challenger Bill White and for refusing to meet with editorial boards across the state.

In addition to the 24 full-page ads, Back to Basics also launched today to highlight what it calls,  “the miserable record from which Perry continues to hide.”

“Until Governor Perry agrees to a debate and sit down with editorial boards to defend his miserable record, we are going to call him what he is – a coward.  Texans don’t appreciate cowards or career politicians who only work part-time and then try to hide their miserable record. We encourage voters to get the facts for themselves at,” said a spokesperson for Back To Basics.

I don’t know if the ad will make one bit of difference inside the governor’s campaign headquarters.

While in Houston last week,  Governor Perry stood his ground when I asked him if  he planned to debate White before election day.

Perry is still challenging White to release more of  his income tax returns, covering the time period when White was deputy U.S. Energy Secretary and Chairman of  the Texas Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, White’s campaign says the  candidate’s financial records are an open book. 

White, who has released his income tax returns covering the six years he was Mayor of  Houston, says he does not plan to release any more documents. 

Both Perry and White plan to campaign in Houston on Tuesday.  We’ll try to get their reaction to the new ad, which is being funded, I’m told, by a Houston attorney.

Bill White Releases First TV Ad – In English and Spanish
February 1, 2010

Bill White, candidate for governor, releases first TV ad
Texas’ future and education key themes
HOUSTON, TEXAS — Former Houston mayor and candidate for governor, Bill White, released his first TV ad today. “Moving Texas Forward” will air statewide in both English and Spanish starting this afternoon. Both versions are available for viewing online at:

In the ad, White speaks directly to voters and emphasizes the importance of education to Texas’ future.

In stump speeches across the state, White has made the case that Texas’ long-term economic growth is dependent on the workforce being educated today.

White said, “We all know people with a better education make more money, which they can save, spend, or invest here in Texas, creating more Texas jobs.”

 “We must improve public schools, reduce the dropout rate, and stop skyrocketing college tuition rates to ensure that our our kids have the skills they need to get the jobs of the future and that Texas will lead in the global economy,” he continued.

The ad’s message echoed a key theme from White’s December announcement for governor. He said, “I am proud of the people of our state. As governor, I will move Texas forward, to make Texas America’s great state of opportunity and innovation.”

Get Your Bill White For Governor Yard Sign
January 28, 2010


Yard Signs in HoustonDear Friend,

Our first round of yard signs has just arrived! With the March 2 primary quickly approaching, we have a lot to do so that we can spread the word about Bill White’s run for governor.

To pick up a yard sign, come visit our statewide headquarters at 2100 West Loop South, 7th floor. We’re here Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. If you need to have one delivered, let us know.

While you’re here, find out how you can help bring new leadership to Texas. We hold phone banks every evening and block walks every weekend. We have thousands of doors to knock on and calls to make before the primary, and we need your help.

Thanks for spreading the word about Bill White!

Robert Nnake
State Volunteer Coordinator

P.S. Don’t keep this message to yourself. Please forward it to your friends and family.

Farouk Shami Outlines New Campaign Policy – Challenges Bill White
January 21, 2010

 With no announced plans for a debate between the two democratic gubernatorial candidates running in the March 2010 Primary, I guess voters can only look to campaign statements and news releases for information.
Today Hair Care Executive Farouk Shami issued a policy statement important to gay Texans. Shami also challenged White to debate this and other issues.

January 21, 2010
HOUSTON-Farouk Shami’s campaign released a comprehensive and inclusive LGBT policy, calling for equal rights and protections for the LGBT community.  Farouk believes that all people of Texas deserve to be treated equally.
“Discrimination has no place in Texas, LGBT Texans are Texans and we need someone in Austin to stand up for them,” Shami said. Shami’s LGBT policy calls for same-sex civil unions, proposes including LGBT in protections against employment and insurance discrimination and establishing authority for same-sex couples to make medical decisions on one another’s’ behalf.
Farouk publicly challenges democratic candidate Bill White to endorse this same policy for the LGBT community. “The Stonewall Democrats have asked Bill White to be their keynote speaker at an event, we challenge him to show the community he is a true advocate for the LGBT community. He should earn his endorsement,” Farouk said issuing the challenge. “I am prepared to stand up for the LGBT community. Are you, Bill White?” Shami asked.
Farouk Shami also made a public challenge for Bill White to debate “anytime, anyplace.” The Shami campaign says he is ready to debate Bill White. “If you claim to be an advocate for the LGBT community, prove it.” Shami said.

– 31 –

Click here for LGBT Policy


While Republicans Debate – Bill White Builds Momentum Across State
January 15, 2010

 (News Release From The Bill White for Texas Campaign)

Bill White, former Houston Mayor, just got back from a great day in Corpus Christi, speaking at a Rotary Club meeting, talking with a local editorial board, and listening to voters at a meet and greet event. See below for what he said about tonight’s debate.

As a reminder, all Democratic State Senators and 66 State Representatives endorsed Bill as the best choice for our next governor. Today we also announced fundraising numbers, with more than $2.5M raised in less than a month after Bill’s announcement for governor.

From Bill:

Governor Perry claimed: “I promised I would do everything I could to make this a state where people are proud to live and I think we’ve done that.” I was proud to be a Texan before he was Governor and many of us will be more proud of our state when he’s gone. We don’t need a Governor who takes credit for all that is good about Texans. His attitude just shows that Perry has been in office too long.

I agree with Senator Hutchison that Texas future is at risk because we are failing to educate so many Texans. Dropout rates are among the highest in the nation and college tuition has been skyrocketing. Education is the biggest job of state government and the largest part of the state’s budget. Education is an engine of economic growth and opportunity. How we invest in kids now will determine our economic future. And yet, in a one hour debate, Governor Perry never accepted accountability for the failures of public education or described how we could improve it and bring down skyrocketing college tuition rates. Our state deserves better than that.

Much of the debate consisted of complaints about the federal government, rather than solutions for Texas. I agree with some comments about federal intrusion, but under the Constitution the Governor of Texas does not control the federal government. Under Governor Perry, the State of Texas has time and time again imposed mandates cities and counties, and as Governor that is something I’d stop.