New Ads In the Race For Governor
October 29, 2010

Bill White and Rick Perry have released new television ads that will run statewide in the  final days of the campaign.

The latest polls suggest Perry is holding a strong lead over White, but the ads could be considered the candidates closing arguments  or their last shot at swaying any undecided voters.

White’s ad is called “A New Governor” and it sums up the choices that voters have in this election: a career politician or a businessman, according to the White campaign. The ad mentions Perry several times.

 Meanwhile, Governor Perry has released a new ad called “A Clear Choice”

Perry, already the state’s longest-serving governor, is asking voters for an unprecedented third term.

 The ad is warm and to the point.

It never mentions White by name and Perry is clearly looking ahead to after election day.

Bill White Fires Back In New TV AD
October 26, 2010

(From the White campaign)

HOUSTON – Bill White today released a new ad, “Ten Years,” hammering Perry for cleaning the records of convicted sex offenders who were deported from the United States and allowing deported criminals to keep valid drivers licenses.


The ad airs in select markets statewide beginning Tuesday and is available online at:


“For 10 years, Perry has failed law enforcement and failed to secure the border. Criminals don’t parachute into cities, they come over that border Perry only visits during election season. He’s too busy looking out for himself to pay attention to what matters for public safety,” said Bill White.


The ad comes on the heels of a false attack by career politician Rick Perry in which he exploited a tragic death and a widow’s grief.


Learn more and view sourcing at:

Democrats Blast New Perry TV AD
October 25, 2010

Governor Rick Perry has a new television ad that is getting an emotional reaction from some voters and harsh criticism from the Texas Democratic Party. 

The  ad features Houston Police Sgt. Joslyn Johnson, whose husband Rodney was killed in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant.  Johnson, along with the Houston Police Officers’ Union, claims that Houston was a sanctuary city that protected illegal immigrants while Democratic Candidate for Governor Bill White was Mayor for six years.

“It’s deplorable that Rick Perry would exploit the suffering of a murdered policeman’s widow for political gain. But what’s more, Perry’s lying about Bill White’s record to hide from his own record of failing to protect the public from deported sex offenders,” said TDP Chair Boyd Richie.  “For his first six years as Governor, Rick Perry failed to instruct his DPS to include deported sex offenders in a public database.  In the case mentioned in Perry’s ad, the killer was one of those deported sex offenders who had come back across the border that Perry has failed to secure.  Perry also ignored the abuse of children at TYC despite reports sent to his office for over two years, and that abuse continues to this day.  “Rick Perry was quick to exploit a tragic crime for political gain, but after ten years as Governor, his failures have become a threat to Texans’ safety.”

Widow of Houston Police Officer Featured in New Gov. Perry Ad
October 24, 2010

Photo courtesy office of Governor Rick Perry

I was getting phone calls before I  had a chance to see the new Rick Perry campaign  ad featuring Houston police sergeant and widow  Joslyn Johnson. 

Her husband, officer Rodney Johnson, was killed in the line of duty four years ago by an illegal immigrant who had been arrested and deported several times before the tragic incident. 

On caller described the ad as  “powerful” and another called the ad “a problem for Bill White.” 

The political ad  starts  with the officer’s widow stating  that White, the former Houston Mayor and Democratic candidate for governor, “supported sanctuary city policies that made it difficult for officers to safely do their jobs.”

The ad ends with Johnson saying, “I trust Governor Perry to secure our safety. Bill White had his opportunity as Mayor of  Houston and he failed.”

 White and his supporters maintain that Houston was never a sanctuary city during the six years that White served  as Mayor of  Houston.

 A sanctuary city is defined as a city that does not allow officers to ask about a suspect’s citizenship.  Critics say that protects illegal immigrants.

White says that during his final term in office, he did instruct the city jail to check the immigration status of those suspects who were arrested and many were turned over to ICE.

In a year when border violence is in the headlines and the immigration issue is dividing voters from Texas to Arizona  and the rest of the country, this ad will standout in the final days of the race for Governor of  Texas.

Farouk Shami Endorses Governor Rick Perry
October 18, 2010

Former Texas gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami has endorsed Governor Rick Perry for re-election.

Shami is the founder and chairman of Farouk Systems, a company that manufactures Biosilk and CHI hair products. He spent millions of dollars on his campaign before losing the Democratic Party primary to Bill White.

A few weeks ago Shami invited both Perry and White to speak at a forum for Arab-American community leaders.

 ““Gov. Perry has not only been true to the values that matter most to the people of Texas, he is also a conservative leader that has led our state in job creation and renewable energy,” said Farouk Shami. “As a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, I believe jobs and the future for Texans is beyond partisanship. I am proud to endorse Gov. Perry for the general election. His proven track record of helping businesses grow and invest for a cleaner and stronger tomorrow is the reason why he is the best choice for Texas governor.”

“It is an honor to receive Farouk Shami’s endorsement of my re-election,” said Gov. Perry. “His entrepreneurship and dedication to Texas jobs and the environment is a profound example of what our state needs to continue leading the nation. Bringing 1,200 jobs back to our country and Texas shows a vote of confidence in the Texas economy and the work ethic of Texans. I look forward to working with Farouk so we can keep Texas the envy of the nation and continue creating jobs so that every Texan who wants one has one.”

Money In The Race For Governor
October 5, 2010

Have you contributed to your favorite candidate in the race for Governor of  Texas?

It takes millions of  dollars to run a campaign:  the candidates have to pay for staff, travel, slick political brochures and expensive TV commercials.

In the latest campaign finance filing period Republican Governor Rick Perry  and  Democrat Bill White  had strong fundraising results, but Perry outraised White by more than $3.5  million.

“Texans from across the state continue to generously support Gov. Perry’s re-election campaign and his principled leadership which has made Texas the envy of the nation,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Gov. Perry is proud to have broad support for his policies to further strengthen our economy, create more jobs, improve our state’s education and secure our border.”

Perry also has more cash on hand than White – $10 million compared to $2.75 Million, however, White’s campaign says it has already spent more than $4 Million to reserve  TV ad time that will run from now, through the start of early voting and election day.

“After 25 years of Rick Perry, Texans are voting with their pocketbooks for new leadership,” said Scott Atlas, Campaign Finance Chair. “We saw amazing results online, with 65 percent of individual contributions this period coming in on the web.”

Both campaigns filed their fundraising reports with the Texas Ethics Commission by Monday’s deadline.

You can read the reports yourself:

Why Are Houston Firefighters Endorsing Perry Over White?
September 28, 2010

Governor Rick Perry will travel to Houston on Wednesday to pick up a big endorsement from the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association – Local 341.

President Jeff Caynon confirmed that his group will back Perry over former Houston Mayor Bill White in the race for Governor of  Texas.

“Governor Perry has consistently supported fire fighter’s causes,” said Caynon in response to my text message asking why the 3,800 member association is supporting Perry.

When I asked if  firefighters had any problems with former Mayor White,  Caynon responded, “On balance, White’s administration was good for firefighters. We got a long well for the most part and successfully negotiated two collective bargaining agreements.”

At this point I think it’s worth noting that many groups that endorse in political races have a  “friendly incumbent” rule.

That means the group will endorse an incumbent who shares the basic philosophy and supports its causes, even if  the opponent also supports the group’s issues. 

How will this endorsement play in the larger context of  a statewide campaign?

I’m sure folks in East and West Texas will wonder why Houston firefighters chose Governor Perry over the city’s former mayor.

As long as the union doesn’t slam White’s record on public safety , White can minimize the damage.

However, Perry’s campaign would be smart to tout the endorsement from the country’s fourth largest firefighter’s union located in his opponent’s hometown.

Democrats go after Gov. Perry in Texas
September 28, 2010

I’m posting this election story from the Washington Post, which like  KPRC Channel 2,  is owned by the Washington Post Company. 

It’s about the Democratic  Governor’s Association’s decision to spend money targeting Governor Rick Perry’s bid for relection against democrat Bill White.

Perry’s campaign has also responded to the article, and I’ve posted the statement after the article.

Dan Balz Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, September 27, 2010; 11:07 PM

In a surprise move, the Democratic Governors Association has decided to up the ante in Texas, with plans to launch an attack ad against Gov. Rick Perry (R ) that assails him as a career politician who has lost touch with the people of the Lone Star State. The audacious action comes in a state that has been a Republican stronghold for more than a decade. But Democrats have concluded that, even in a year that tilts strongly toward Republicans, Perry is more vulnerable than he has appeared in his race against Democrat Bill White, the former mayor of Houston. The DGA has already contributed $2 million to White’s campaign. The new ad buy, which is scheduled to begin running in the Dallas area Tuesday, represents an independent expenditure on behalf of White.

A Democratic strategist said the DGA would spend about $650,000 to $700,000 a week on its ad campaign. The latest poll in Texas, conducted by Blum & Weprin Associates for a consortium of Texas newspapers, gave Perry a seven-percentage-point lead, 46 percent to 39 percent. The poll was published on Sunday. Perry’s lead was consistent with other surveys taken in September. The public poll showed White and Perry running about even in the Houston area, where White is well known. But Perry held a solid lead in the Dallas area.

The DGA hopes its ad campaign will cut into that margin there, which could be the key to White’s hopes of winning. Perry became governor in December 2000 after then-governor George W. Bush resigned to become president. He has been reelected twice to four-year terms and is now the longest-serving governor in the state’s history. In a year in which incumbents of both parties have found themselves on the defensive, Democrats hope to turn Perry’s long tenure against him. The ad concludes by saying, “Twenty-five years as a politician has changed Rick Perry alright – for the worse.” A copy of the ad was made available to the Post before it went on the air. The ad attacks Perry on several fronts. Among them are ordering 11- and 12-year-old girls to be vaccinated against a virus that causes cervical cancer and proposing a mammoth Trans-Texas highway corridor that would have taken land from many private property owners. Both proposals eventually were blocked, but Republicans and Democrats have continued to criticize Perry for his actions. Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R ) included both in her primary challenge to Perry last spring but fell far short in her bid to unseat him. Democrats face substantial losses in governors’ races this fall, with Republicans looking to finish the elections with at least 30 of the 50 governor’s mansions. But Democrats are running competitively in three of the nation’s most populous states, all of which elected Republicans governors four years ago.

In California, Democratic attorney general and former governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jr. holds a narrow lead over Republican Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay. In Florida, Democrat Alex Sink, the state comptroller, is running even with businessman Rick Scott, who was the upset winner or the GOP primary in August. An upset in Texas could provide an improbable sweep of the big Sunbelt states, although defeating Perry is seen as the most difficult of the three. Democratic officials believe it is worth an additional investment in White’s candidacy to see how vulnerable the incumbent may be.


Obama Bailing Out Bill White’s Failing Desperate Campaign

After wasting $2 million with direct contributions to White, the Obama attack machine now taking over campaign and creating own negative attack ads

With Gov. Perry holding a commanding 30-point lead over Bill White in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, according to a recent newspaper poll, President Barack Obama and his Washington Democrat attack machine are hoping to bail out Bill White’s failing campaign by funding negative attack ads in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

The Washington Post is reporting: “In a surprise move, the Democratic Governors Association has decided to up the ante in Texas, with plans to launch an attack ad against Gov. Rick Perry (R) that assails him as a career politician who has lost touch with the people of the Lone Star State.  … The DGA has already contributed $2 million to White’s campaign. The new ad buy, which is scheduled to begin running in the Dallas area Tuesday, represents an independent expenditure on behalf of White. A Democratic strategist said the DGA would spend about $650,000 to $700,000 a week on its ad campaign.” [1]

“After wasting $2 million on Bill White’s anemic campaign, the Obama attack machine is now taking matters into its own hands,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Considering Bill White and President Obama share the same liberal philosophy, it’s not surprising that the president’s political team would step in and take over Bill White’s campaign. Governor Perry will continue talking about creating jobs, the economy, border security and other issues that truly matter to Texans.”

Following the release of a recent poll commissioned by Texas newspapers, the Associated Press reported, “According to the survey, Perry leads by more than 30 percentage points in Dallas-Fort Worth.” [2]

President Obama has raised at least $500,000 for the DGA this election cycle. [3]

Last week, the Dallas Morning News reported, “Texas trial lawyers have given $1 million to White through the Democratic Governors Association.” [4]

In August, President Obama headlined a fundraiser in Austin whose invitation said, “Some of the proceeds will remain in Texas to help elect Democrats in Texas, including Bill White as our next governor.” [5]

Bill White is also employing many of the same campaign handlers that President Obama uses: The Strategy Group (direct mail), Revolution Messaging (communications), The Tyson Organization (grassroots), Blue State Digital (internet), and Benenson Strategy Group (polling). [6]


Harris County Deputies Organization Endorses Gov. Perry
September 20, 2010

The Harris County Deputies’ Organization, which represents nearly  two thousand law enforcement officers,  has endorsed Governor Rick Perry for re-election.

Governor Perry stood with members of the group during  a news conference at a downtown Houston hotel on Monday and called the endorsement, “significant and a big deal.”

 “The sacrifice and service the men and women of law enforcement provide our communities ensure Texas remains a great place to live and raise a family,” said Governor Perry.

“Bill White oversaw a sanctuary city and cooperated little with law enforcement.  We can’t allow this to happen to our state,” said  Bob Goerlitz, president of the organization.

Later  in the afternoon, during a news media availability, the former Houston Mayor  called the sanctuary city claim baseless.  “We didn’t make Houston a sanctuary city. We went after non citizens who committed crime. We arrested a lot of those folks,” said White.

White also noted that he has been endorsed by numerous law enforcement groups and sheriffs across the state, including Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Perry and White Make Houston Campaign Stops
September 20, 2010

Governor Rick Perry and former Houston Mayor Bill White spoke to Arab American voters in Houston Monday night at a political event that was organized by former  candidate and hair care magnet Farouk Shami.

The candidates appeared on the same stage, but spoke more than one hour and half apart from each other.

During his speech, Gov. Perry touted the state’s strong economy and told the crowd, “Voters will look at the economy and realize that Texas is better than any state in the country,” said Perry. 

Later, White told the crowd that it was time for a change. “If you want somebody to do reality based politics, if you believe we deserve better than a soundbite, then I’m asking for your support.

White answered  questions from the crowd while Perry left after his speech.

Farouk Shami, who ran in the  democratic party gubernatorial  primary, told 2 On The Beat that he hasn’t decided if  he will endorse either candidate before the November 2nd election.