Farouk Shami Says Bill White is “Flip Flopping”
February 12, 2010



Bill White: Flip Flopping for Political Gain


In 1979, the city of Houston was under fire from the Justice Department for an election process that was unfair to minorities. As part of a settlement, the agreement was to add 2 districts once the city crossed the 2.1 million threshold. Since 2006, Bill White has acknowledged that Houston exceeded the 2.1 million threshold.  However, as Mayor, he Failed to implement the agreement and flip flopped on his responsibility to the minority communities of Houston. 

“Mayor Bill White’s decision to delay redrawing the boundaries of City Council districts has angered numerous community activists, who say his stance is defying Houston’s charter. Under a 30-year-old legal settlement with the U.S. Justice Department, the number of council members “shall increase” from 14 to 16 when Houston’s population hits 2.1 million. That settlement later was incorporated into the city’s charter.  The mayor, City Council members and officials all acknowledge that the triggering population threshold has been crossed.  (Houston Chronicle, 06/23/09)

Bill White and 287(g): Letter signed by Bill White requesting the federal government to expedite 287(g) which leads to increased instances of racial profiling!


“Houston Mayor Bill White sent a letter this week to a top U.S. immigration official requesting that the federal government expedite Houston’s participation in the controversial 287 (g) program that trains jailers to act as immigration agents. In the letter, dated Monday, White also says he will be urging “other jail custodians” in the Houston region to enter into agreements with the federal government. The rush for a 287 (g) agreement marks a departure from the mayor’s past position that local police should have limited involvement in immigration enforcement. In addition to committing to improve screening at Houston’s jails, White is pressuring the federal government to deport illegal immigrants convicted of crimes after they finish their sentences.” (Chron.com, 03/17/09)

Once 287(g) takes effect, the Houston Police Department can act as Immigration Officials.

“Through the program, city jails would get special training that will allow them to question inmates about their immigration status and hold them for federal agents.” (Houston Chronicle, 07/11/09)

The program under 287(g) basically means legal “racial profiling.”

“Nationally, the 287(g) program has been criticized as being vulnerable to racial profiling and lacking oversight by ICE.” (Houston Chronicle, 07/11/09)

The League of United Latin American Citizens has a problem with Bill White and 287(g)!

L.U.L.A.C. Resolution – 287(g)

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that LULAC District VIII and Texas LULAC denounce Mayor Bill White’s 287(g) proposal and request for the mayor to withdraw his 287(g) proposal and stop it from being implemented.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the LULAC District VIII Director schedule a news conference to inform the general public the consequences this policy would impose on Hispanics and other minority groups.

Approved this 18th day of July 2009.

Rosa Rosales
LULAC National President (lulac.com, 07/18/09)


Once activists confronted White regarding 287(g), he immediately flip flopped on the issue for political gain.

“Mayor Bill White is distancing himself from a controversial federal program that trains local law enforcement to identify suspected illegal immigrants, saying this week that he favors an automated immigration screening program in the city’s jails.” (Houston Chronicle, 10/07/09)


Was running for Senate another reason for the former mayor to flip flop for political gain on his original position?

“White, who is running for U.S. Senate, now appears to be backing away from the program, saying ICE officials were “bureaucratic” in the negotiations. Vincent Picard, an ICE spokesman, declined comment on the Houston negotiations.” (Houston Chronicle, 10/07/09)

Once again, Bill White flipped flopped from his commitment of 287(g), in favor of the lesser controversial program “Secure Communities;” the same program that is frequently deployed together with 287(g), but can be used separately.

“White said this week that he has not eliminated the possibility of participating in 287(g) on the city’s terms, but would prefer to participate in another ICE program instead. That program, “Secure Communities,” gives local law enforcement agencies access to a massive immigration database to check suspects’ immigration history.” (Houston Chronicle, 10/07/09)

However, this would not be Bill White’s last flip flopping maneuver.  Once again, his true intentions were clear when the career politician flip flopped for political gain.  Once it was obvious that Senator Hutchison was not vacating her seat, immediately Bill White switched from the senate race to the gubernatorial race!

White and Shami Prepare for Debate
February 8, 2010

Former Houston Mayor Bill White and Houston Hair Care Executive Farouk Shami have both arrived at a Dallas Fort Worth television station to prepare for tonight’s debate.

We all know that White and Shami have dramatically different personal and political styles. 

That was on display when Shami and his staff  pulled up in a shiny black Cadillac Escalade and White pulled up with his staff in a beaten up old green Toyota 4-Runner. (as a Toyota owner I’m guessing that SUV  was at least 12 years old, if not older)

Of course, both men are wealthy and can afford  to buy the vehicle of their dreams, but I guess White will try to keep up his image as a low-key fiscal conservative during the campaign.

White told 2 On the Beat that he wants to introduce himself to voters who are not as familiar with him and his record as the former mayor of  Houston.

Meanwhile, Shami says he feels good about debating the former Houston mayor. He plans to focus on a message of creating more jobs, reforming education and health care.

The debate begins at 7pm.