District H Runoff Set
May 19, 2009

Ed GonzalezMaverick Welsh

The date has bee set for the final election showdown between Houston Police officer Ed Gonzalez and Former teacher   Maverick Welsh.

A  June 13,  2009 runoff   has been scheduled to fill the District H Seat  on Houston City Council, that has been vacant ever since  former councilman Adrian Garcia was elected Harris County Sheriff.

Gonzalez and Welsh finished first and second out of nine candidates who ran in the May 9th special election.

It’s an interesting district that combines historically Hispanic neighborhoods with areas of   the Heights that have seen an influx of  more affluent Anglo residents.

You can learn more about the candidates by visiting their websites.

Ed Gonzalez is @ http://www.edforh.com/

Maverick Welsh is @http://maverickwelsh.com/

Meanwhile, if you just need more information about the early voting locations or your precinct on election day, visit the Harris County Clerk’s website @ http://www.harrisvotes.com/