Meet The Candidates For Governor of Texas
February 24, 2010

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, you have plenty of opportunity to meet the candidates for Governor of  Texas over the next few days.

Today through the weekend all of the candidates will make a stop in Houston to campaign during early voting and before the March 2nd primary election day.

Democrat Bill White will have lunch and greet voters at the Breakfast Klub on Travis Street about Noon Today/ Wednesday.  You can meet him and hear his ideas about reforming education and boosting the state’s economy.  You can also find out if  White eat wings and waffles at the Breakfast Klub. 

Later this evening you can meet all three candidates running for the Republican Party nomination for Governor.

TX Candidates for Governor, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Rick Perry, Debra Medina

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Governor Rick Perry and former Wharton County GOP Chair Debra Medina will attend the 2010 Lincoln- Reagan Day Dinner.  It’s officially sold out, but maybe you can catch them going in?  The Harris County Republican Party is sponsoring the dinner at the J.W. Marriott Hotel across from the Galleria. It starts about 6:30.  There won’t be any wings and waffles on the menu. 

Finally, on Saturday, Houston Businessman Farouk Shami is holding a “Get Out The Vote” Super Rally.  The event will be held at 5445 Almeda, from 4-7 p.m.  That event is promising food, drinks, a Baptist church choir and a Greek Step Show.  I think it’s worth just showing up to see if Shami knows how to dance.

Farouk Shami Applauds President Obama’s State of The Union
January 28, 2010


Farouk Shami’s Response to the State of the Union Address

Democratic Candidate for Governor Farouk Shami Commends President Obama’s Goal to Repeal the Military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

HOUSTON-“Tonight we heard the President speak about the State of the Union.  I commend him for setting the goal of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and believe he is doing the absolute right thing.  The State of Texas is completely broken and things are seriously off track and headed in the wrong direction.  Career politicians have played politics as usual and talked a lot without any serious action.  I’m running for governor because I firmly believe we need someone to step in and solve our problems.  I urge you to look over the policies on my website and see real solutions to our problems.  I am not beholden to any special interests but yours, which is why I’m funding this race out of my own pocket.  I will never give up fighting for the people of Texas and look forward to working together to fix our broken state.”

Farouk Shami Outlines New Campaign Policy – Challenges Bill White
January 21, 2010

 With no announced plans for a debate between the two democratic gubernatorial candidates running in the March 2010 Primary, I guess voters can only look to campaign statements and news releases for information.
Today Hair Care Executive Farouk Shami issued a policy statement important to gay Texans. Shami also challenged White to debate this and other issues.

January 21, 2010
HOUSTON-Farouk Shami’s campaign released a comprehensive and inclusive LGBT policy, calling for equal rights and protections for the LGBT community.  Farouk believes that all people of Texas deserve to be treated equally.
“Discrimination has no place in Texas, LGBT Texans are Texans and we need someone in Austin to stand up for them,” Shami said. Shami’s LGBT policy calls for same-sex civil unions, proposes including LGBT in protections against employment and insurance discrimination and establishing authority for same-sex couples to make medical decisions on one another’s’ behalf.
Farouk publicly challenges democratic candidate Bill White to endorse this same policy for the LGBT community. “The Stonewall Democrats have asked Bill White to be their keynote speaker at an event, we challenge him to show the community he is a true advocate for the LGBT community. He should earn his endorsement,” Farouk said issuing the challenge. “I am prepared to stand up for the LGBT community. Are you, Bill White?” Shami asked.
Farouk Shami also made a public challenge for Bill White to debate “anytime, anyplace.” The Shami campaign says he is ready to debate Bill White. “If you claim to be an advocate for the LGBT community, prove it.” Shami said.

– 31 –

Click here for LGBT Policy


Democrat Farouk Shami Reacts To Republican Debate
January 14, 2010



January 14, 2010

Statement from Farouk Shami’s Campaign on Tonight’s GOP Debate

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Farouk Shami says it’s time to end politics as usual and bring about real change in Texas.

HOUSTON-Responding to tonight’s debate between Governor Rick Perry, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Debra Medina, Farouk Shami’s campaign says that the debate was “a childish squabbling match to see who can be the most far right reactionary candidate.”

Despite the argumentative nature of the debate with regard to Perry and Hutchison’s voting records and prior communication, it appears that the three Republican candidates agree on most issues. For instance, all three candidates endorsed the same failed border policy, which has proven to be an unmitigated disaster. What we need is a candidate with a new approach that embraces an economic partnership with Mexico while cracking down on drug trafficking and gang violence.

Farouk Shami has stated previously, “things in Texas are heading in the wrong direction. The cost of health care and health insurance are out of control, the quality of basic public education is falling, and our air, land and water are under constant threat from polluters. We simply can’t settle for more business as usual.” Tonight’s debate was more business as usual.

What really matters to the average Texan is the state’s economy, whether or not they will have a job next month or next year, where their mortgage payment will come from, or what they’re going to do when their unemployment benefits run out. Some 800,000 Texans are currently unemployed. We heard from one of them tonight during the debate. Farouk Shami has pledged to bring 100,000 new jobs to the state of Texas during his first two years of office, and he’s backing up that pledge with 10 million dollars of his own money. Tonight, none of the Republicans offered a real solution to our record unemployment.

“After tonight’s debate, I now feel that it is more important than ever for the other Democratic candidates for Governor to have the opportunity for meaningful dialogue,” says Shami. “I hope Bill White will rethink his decision to not debate the other candidates in a public forum.” 

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Farouk Shami Says Stop Asking About Religion
January 12, 2010



January 12, 2010

Statement from Farouk Shami Campaign on Media Sideshow Surrounding Shami’s Religious Beliefs

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Farouk Shami’s campaign issues a rebuke to the Texas media for creating a sideshow out of a story related to his religious beliefs and challenges them to focus on legitimate issues.

HOUSTON-Campaign Director Vince Leibowitz issued the following statement concerning the onslaught of coverage relating to Farouk Shami’s religion:

“With record unemployment rates, skyrocketing utility rates, and all of the other problems facing Texans today, it is beyond our comprehension why the media refuses to focus on actual issues and substantive public policy and instead chooses to swamp an entire media cycle with garbage process stories about whether Farouk Shami practices the religion of Mohammad or William Penn.”

“Instead of focusing on what matters to everyday Texans, such as where their next mortgage payment will come from or if their jobs are about to be outsourced to China or Mexico, the media has made its primary concern something that is intensely private to most individuals, including Farouk Shami,” he continued. “More bandwith and newsprint has been expended on this issue than has been dedicated to any of Farouk Shami’s policy ideas since he got into the race.”

“The economy, job creation, transportation, and the environment are all more worthy issues for discourse. The media, however, shies away from discussing real issues because ‘gotcha’ journalism’ is more amusing. Ask the 800,000 unemployed Texans which is more important: how many times a day Farouk Shami prays or whether we can lift our economy out of the toilet it has been flushed following nearly two decades of iron-fisted, pro-special interest, Republican rule.”

Farouk Shami is an unconventional candidate with new and innovative ideas. The media ignores that in favor of trying to parse statements about his religion. The media has done a disservice to Texas Democrats. Texas Democrats want a meaningful dialogue in this primary, not an election cycle driven by process stories on subjects with no bearing on how Farouk Shami will run the state as Governor. It is enough to make one wonder if Shami’s religious beliefs are the issue here, or if there is something darker and racially motivated underlying the recent media attention to whether or not our candidate is a Christian. “This is the same line of questions and attack people made against Barack Obama during the election for President,” says Leibowitz. “Apparently, if you’re not lily white, some people will require you to pass a religious test in order to run for office in this country.”



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Farouk Shami Campaign Team Shakeup
December 22, 2009

Only one week after officially filing to run in the 2010 Democratic Party gubernatorial primary,  Houston  hair care magnet Farouk Shami has announced that he’s  hired several  new political consultants to manage his campaign.


I’m not personally familiar with his new team members,   but they seem like people who have experience running viable political campaigns in Texas and throughout the country.

It’s clear that  Shami has the money to pay an experienced staff and run a political machine, but  most campaign analysts  consider him the underdog in the primary race against  Houston Mayor Bill White.

Can Shami’s new team help him and his message gain traction and respect with voters throughout Texas?

The following is a news release that I received from the Shami campaign: 

 Shami Campaign Announces New Team

HOUSTON-Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Farouk Shami today announced that he has assembled a top-tier senior staff and consulting team for his primary campaign.

The hires include a new campaign director and senior strategist, new additions to the Shami communications team, and a new media buyer and media buying firm.

“I am very excited about the team we have put together in the last week. I am proud to be working with these men and women. We have all the elements of a winning team,” Shami said.

Vince Leibowitz will join the team as Campaign Director and Senior Strategist. He most recently served as Communications and Policy Director for Hank Gilbert’s gubernatorial campaign, and worked statewide in 2008 as Campaign Director for Dale Henry’s campaign for Texas Railroad Commissioner, in addition to working a number of other races as a staffer and consultant. In addition to the appointment of Leibowitz as Campaign Director, Jamilah Shami was appointed Deputy Campaign Director.

Kelly Love Johnson will join Shami’s campaign as Communications Director through a contract with Austin-based Broad Street Interactive. Kelly recently served as the Communications Director for the Linda Ketner for Congress campaign in South Carolina, and has extensive experience in journalism and new media.

Joining the communications team as Press Secretary for Rapid Response is Charlie Ray, also through Broad Street Interactive.  Ray is widely known as the author of the political blog “Pink Dome,” which had a successful run from 2005 through 2008. Charlie is now CEO of Broad Street Interactive, a digital media agency based in Austin.

Joining the campaign as the media buyer of record for television, radio, and online media, is Fortune Media, headed by founder Ondine Fortune. Ondine is recognized as one of the nation’s top experts in media planning and buying for politics and public affairs campaigns. Fortune Media enjoyed a 41-9 win ratio on behalf of its campaigns in the 2008 election cycle. Nicole Bouda, Vice President of Media Buying for Fortune Media, will also be working with the campaign.

The Baughman Company joined Shami’s campaign last week to handle direct mail. Its previous clients include former presidential candidates Howard Dean and Hillary Rodham Clinton as well as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Strategic Telemetry also joined Shami’s campaign for predictive analytics and microtargeting work. The firm recently performed similar services for President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Also joining the Shami team is Progressive PST, a company founded by longtime netroots activists that offers professional Twitter campaign tools which were recently used by the “No On 1” campaign in Maine to recruit volunteers, donors, and help drive the online debate. Progressive PST’s client list includes Joe Hoeffel’s gubernatorial campaign in Pennsylvania, David Krikorian’s congressional campaign in Ohio, and Lois Herr’s congressional race in Pennsylvania.

The new additions to the Shami team join general consultants Robert Jara and Dan McClung; pollster Ben Tulchin of Tulchin Research; media specialists Tad Devine and Julian Mulvey of Devine Mulvey; and Lone Star Strategies, who handles compliance for Shami’s campaign. The new staff additions join Shami’s existing team including Jessica Gutierrez as Public Relations Director, and Scott Emery as Executive Outreach Director.

Additional team members will be forthcoming between now and December 31.