Washington Walks, But Will There Be a Civil Lawsuit?
July 21, 2009


Houston attorney and former U.S. Congressman Craig Washington avoided going on trial Monday after accepting a deal for pre-trial diversion.

But could the teenagers who were in the car that Washington is accused of shooting at, decide to  seek justice in a  civil rather than criminal courtroom?

Washington was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weopon. 

He was accused of shooting at a car carrying two teenagers who were parked illegally at his downtown law firm.

If   Washington stays  out of trouble and performs 60 hours of community service, the charge will be dismissed in two years.

Meanwhile, the teenagers who were in the car that Washington shot at told  the media that they are disappointed with the outcome.

“It’s a slap in the  face,” said one of the teens.


Taylor Brooks and Evan McAnaulty, who are both attending college now, say they don’t think that Washington’s punishment fits the alleged crime.

The teens and their mothers spoke to reporters at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center a few hours after Washington’s deal was announced.

When asked if they plan to file a civil lawsuit, the teens and their parents said they didn’t know. 

They said they would possibly have more to say on that issue later.

2 on the Beat will keep you posted.