Political Dish Spices Up Election Season
October 27, 2010

Some of  Houston’s savviest political minds and top-notch community leaders joined together Wednesday to dish about  the 2010 statewide and Harris County elections. 

The 4th annual pre-election analysis luncheon, sponsored by Klotz Associaties and Fulbright and Jaworski, was held at the Four Seasons Hotel.  The political analysts shared their thoughts on the upcoming election season and the current political climate.

The bipartisian menu included discussion of  the governor’s race (the esteemed analysts predicted Perry defeats White by 5-8 points), predictions about the outcome of  propositions 1-3 (RENEW Houston is in trouble and Red Light Cameras survive the challenge) and insight on the early voter turnout (Republicans are more enthusiastic than Democrats this election)

The panelists included: Jessica Colon, Franklin Jones, Richard Murray, Mustafa Tameez and Bob Stein.

Some of the people in the crowd talking politics included:  Wayne Klotz, Neil Thomas, Cindy Clifford, Jason Fuller, Judge Zinetta Burney,  Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufmann, Constable Mae Walker, Adrian Patterson, Russ Frank, Sonia Soto,  Anthony Hall, Craig Washington, Mini Timmaraju, Argentina James and many more.

Emmett Fundraiser Attracts Diverse Crowd
September 23, 2010

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett is campaigning for re-election as a staunch republican, but a political fundraiser on his behalf  Thursday night seem to live up to its billing, “Everyone’s for Emmett”

Dozens of  people , representing a cross-section of  the community  and political spectrum, showed their support for the incumbent judge who was appointed to the position in March 2007   and elected to fill the unexpired term in November 2008.

Emmett is facing  democrat Gordon Quan, a prominent immigration attorney and former three term member of the Houston city council.

During his brief remarks to the crowd assembled at Americas Restaurant in River Oaks, Judge Emmett confidently declared, “I’m way ahead in the polls and the campaign is going well.” 

However, Judge Emmett  also admitted that the ballot position for the county judge’s race could prove rather challenging. 

 The county judge position will be listed in the middle of  one of the longest ballots in Harris county history.

Voters will have to wade through dozens of  judicial races before reaching the spot where they can cast a ballot for either Emmett or Quan.

Emmett urged his supporters to encourage their friends, neighbors and business associates to vote for the important seat, so that he could continue the job of  making Harris County a, “dominate region in North America, not just in transportation and the economy, but on juvenile justice issues as well.The fundraiser was organized and hosted by Cindy Clifford of  the Clifford Group and attorney Adrian Patterson of  the law firm Fulbright and Jaworski.