Galveston Gears Up for Lonestar Rally
October 25, 2010

It’s one of the biggest events held every year in Galveston.

Thousands of motorcycle riders are expected to cruise over the causeway from November 4-7 for the Lonestar Rally, which is billed as the largest of the Texas bike rallies. 

This year, comedian and actor Carlos Mencia will serve as “GRAND MARSHAL”  of  the thundering event.

Mencia is one of the owners of  the new Maggie Rita’s Mexican Grill and Bar on the island. 

He is scheduled to host a “meet and greet” at the restaurant and display items from his  personal motorcyle collection.

For more information on the Lonestar Rally:

Galveston Islander By Choice
August 29, 2010

The next time you are in Galveston take a few minutes to visit Nautical Antiques, one of  many businesses that is back open after suffering extensive damage when Hurricane Ike struck the island in 2008.  

The owners, Mike and Adrienne Culpepper, are also part of  a group that is selling cool t-shirts  to promote the pride and passion many feel about living in Galveston.

(you can learn more by visiting


The t-shirts are great for residents of the island and tourist who enjoy everything Galveston has to offer.

I think that both the antique shop and the t-shirt venture are two good examples of  why Galveston shouldn’t be considered one of  the top ten “dead cities” in America.

As I reported a few  days ago, 24/7 Wall Street put Galveston on the list which also includes Detroit and New Orleans.

Sure, Galveston continues to rebuild in the aftermath of   Hurricane Ike.

But, many of the people who live and work on the island  won’t abandon their dreams of making  their community stronger and better.

 They are Islanders by Choice!

Sandcastle Competition
June 7, 2009

galveston 007galveston 004

Forget the sandcastles you built on the beach when you were a kid.

The teams that competed in Saturday’s annual sandcastle competition on Galveston Island, designed and constructed some really creative “sand art.”

(you can read the Galveston Daily News Story here:

galveston 009galveston 011

The design themes  ranged from the humorous to the political.   Several teams focused on the economy: bailouts and failing banks, and others  poked fun at the “octomom.”

At least one focused on Hurricane Ike and another commemorated D-Day.

galveston 014galveston 015

galveston 025galveston 035

 galveston 033galveston 028

galveston 005galveston 023