Americans Detained in Haiti Will Get Help From Houston Leaders
February 8, 2010

Ten Americans accused of  illegally try to take a group of Haitian children out of the earthquake ravaged country will get some help from some Houston leaders.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of the 18th Congressional District in Texas is reaching out to offer assistance to the Americans arrested recently in Haiti.

Jackson Lee reports that Pastor George Foreman of Houston has offered to pay any fines the Americans may face following their arrest with some Haitian children.

The Congresswoman and Pastor Foreman, the former heavyweight boxing champ, have the utmost respect for the Haitian justice system and hope that they will be able to help resolve the situation to everyone’s benefit.

The Baptist church members are from Idaho, but there is at least one Texan in the group.  They were allegedly trying to take the children across the border into the Dominican Republican without proper documents.

The group was taking part in the Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission.

They have been jailed since the end of January.