Gov. Perry Brings “Fed Up!” Book Tour to Houston
November 10, 2010

After a whirlwind national book tour that took him from the set of  NBC’s Today Show to Comedy Central’s Daily Show,  Governor Rick Perry made a stop in Houston on Tuesday.

After sitting down for quick interviews with local news media and a few bloggers, the Governor signed copies  of  his book for a rather large crowd, which included a bunch of regular folks along with many familiar republican party  and community leaders.  

I’ll try to post the entire unedited interview I did with the governor prior to the start of the event at Minute Maid Park.

We discussed a wide range of issues from the book (about federal intrusion into the lives of Americans) whether he plans to run for President (he’s repeatedly said no – so I’ll take him at his word.) and the upcoming legislative session (there will be more cost cutting at state agencies and he supports some of  the immigration bills that have been filed)

Copies of Gov. Perry’s New Book Released Election Night
November 2, 2010

Some supporters of  Governor Rick Perry are in for a surprise at his election night party tonight.

Those gathering at the Exotic Game Ranch will also get an advance copy of  Perry’s new book,  “Fed Up!  Our Fight to Save America From Washington.”

We’ve been hearing a lot about this new book in the final days  in the race for Governor of  Texas.

Democrat Bill White has accused Governor Rick Perry of  ignoring the problems facing the state to focus on  his national book tour which begins the day the day after the election.

KPRC got an advance copy of  Fed Up! late Tuesday afternoon.

It contains many of the anti-Washington and anti-President Obama messages that were common in Perry’s stump speeches on the campaign trail.

In it the Governor writes, ”  Democrats aren’t close to representing the beliefs  and values of most  Americans, but Washington Republicans  haven’t been willing to stand up and fight.  And that’s what the people are fed up with.”

The  Governor also writes,  ” Our fight is clear. We must step up and retake the reins of our government from a Washington establishment that has abused our trust.”

 We’ll keep reading the pages and update you later this evening. 

Mark Miner, Gov. Perry’s campaign spokesman, denied that Perry is using this book as a platform to begin a presidential bid.  “He’s been very clear that he has no intention whatsoever of running for president, but he will continue to talk about the issues that matter to Texans that matter to Americans.”

Perry’s book will be available in stores on November 15, but he will immediately launch a book tour.