Gov. Perry Grants Posthumous Pardon for Innocence to Tim Cole
March 1, 2010


AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today granted a posthumous pardon for innocence to Tim Cole after receiving a recommendation from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

“I have been looking forward to the day I could tell Tim Cole’s mother that her son’s name has been cleared for a crime he did not commit,” Gov. Perry said. “The State of Texas cannot give back the time he spent in prison away from his loved ones, but today I was finally able to tell her we have cleared his name, and hope this brings a measure of peace to his family.”

Cle was serving a 25 year sentence for aggravated sexual assault of Michele Jean Murray when he died from an asthma attack in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice on Dec. 2, 1999. DNA testing later proved he was innocent. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted unanimously to recommend the posthumous pardon for innocence. Additionally, Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney Matthew Powell and Lubbock Chief of Police Dale Holton have written letters in support of a posthumous pardon. The victim has also supported Tim Cole’s family in obtaining his exoneration.

The authority for a governor to grant a posthumous pardon was uncertain until Jan. 7, 2010, when Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issued an opinion stating that a governor may grant a posthumous pardon.

Sarah Palin To Campaign For Governor Perry in Houston
January 20, 2010

Super Sunday with Sarah
Sarah Palin to Campaign with Gov. Perry

Palin and Perry(photo is from the Perry Campaign Website)
AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry will be joined by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally in support of his re-election campaign on Sunday, Feb. 7 in the Houston area. More details will follow closer to the event.

“I look forward to standing with Sarah to promote our shared conservative values of limited government, low taxes and individual freedom,” said Gov. Perry. “Gov. Palin is a true conservative leader whose priorities and message resonate with Texans, and I am honored to have her in Texas supporting my campaign.”

Gov. Palin will campaign with Gov. Perry to highlight the positive momentum Texas is experiencing through conservative leadership that has cut taxes, created jobs, strengthened education and secured our border.

Visit to register for free tickets.

Governor Perry Blasted For Rejecting Race To The Top Funds
January 13, 2010

Rep. Coleman Statement On Rick Perry Refusing To Compete For Race to the Top Funds


(Houston)- Representative Garnet F. Coleman (D-Houston) released the following statement in response to Governor Perry’s refusal to allow Texas to compete for education dollars:

“It’s shocking that Governor Perry doesn’t even want to let Texas compete with other states for Race to the Top funds.  His argument against applying boils down to the fact that he doesn’t like the teacher that will grade his test.  This is an application that even awards points for his own pet policies – teacher incentive pay and charter school expansion.  He used $10 million in federal funds to create his own teacher incentive pay program in 2005, but he’s willing to go back on his own principles in an effort to score political points.

Maybe Governor Perry should take his own advice and not bother competing for reelection.  At least then Texas schoolchildren would have a fighting chance at a decent education.”

Attached, please find a letter that Representative Coleman sent Governor Perry prior to this decision.  In the letter, Representative Coleman wrote:

“While I disagree with some of the policy stances, they are but two of the many ways to receive points in the scoring matrix.  I believe you may take issue with some of the policy provisions that can receive points.  However, it is important to note that they are not all needed to receive possible grant funds.  Submitting the application for Race to the Top Funds will allow our state to compete with other states for grants.  Race to the Top is not like unemployment insurance stimulus funds, which you turned down because of possible “strings attached”.  This is a competitive program where states that do better will receive larger allocations.

It would be unwise to not let our state compete for funds that could benefit schoolchildren, especially in these tough economic times.  Race to the Top funds could be used for many different programs, like increasing student achievement, decreasing achievement gaps, and increasing the rate which students graduate from high school prepared for college and careers.”

Senator Hutchison Attacks “Slick Rick Perry”
December 14, 2009

U.S. Senator and Gubernatorial Candidate Kay Bailey Hutchison has released a new political ad that uses both  the images of  Houston Mayor Bill White and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The ad starts out looking like an attack on Mayor White, but then turns into more of  an assault against Governor Perry’s record in office. 

It’s an interesting approach. 

The ad uses the same themes against Perry that were used against Mayor White by the Texas Republican Party. 

I don’t know if the political ad is only being used on the Senator’s campaign website and you tube, or whether she has any plans to air it on cable or network television.

Both Perry and Hutchison have launched TV and radio ads leading up to the March 2010 GOP primary.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post recently published an insightful story that examines the matchup.

The Battle For The Heart And Soul Of The Republican Party
November 17, 2009

Social conservatives could decide the outcome of the March 2010 GOP Primary for Governor  of  Texas.

Governor Rick Perry has always held the advantage with that side of the republican party, but now Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is getting some big help from a solid conservative.

Calling her  “The Real Deal”, former Vice President Dick Cheney endorsed Senator Hutchison for Governor of  Texas on Tuesday.

The former vice president flew to Houston to  make the announcement in front of a crowd of about 200 people. 

He later attended a campaign fundraiser for Hutchison at the River Oaks area home of  a Houston energy executive.

Tuesday’s event  took place days after Senator Hutchison decided not to step down and focus fulltime on her campaign for  governor.

That means she will juggle her Senate responsibilities with her political schedule

In fact, the campaign says the endorsement and rally were pushed back in order to accomodate Senator Hutchison’s schedule on Tuesday. She was needed in Washington to help pass a bill that she authored, which gives more funding to the Veterans Cemetary.

Meanwhile,  the Perry  campaign  issued a release downplaying the significance of the endorsement.  Sources have also told 2 On the Beat that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will travel to Texas for a campaign event endorsing Perry.

Statement from Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner:

“Today’s appearance is not surprising considering the Washington establishment usually sticks together. Governor Perry is proud to have the endorsement of dozens of conservative groups, individuals and trade associations representing millions of Texans. They agree that he is the only true conservative in this race, and that his record of cutting taxes, balancing budgets and reducing spending has positioned Texas to have one of the strongest economies in the nation.”

Senator Hutchison Won’t Resign Until After March Primary
November 13, 2009

Senator Kay Baily Hutchison has announced that she plans to remain in the U.S. Senate through the March 2010 primaries.

The Senator, who is challenging Governor Rick Perry for the GOP nomination, will formally outline her plans in Galveston Saturday morning.

2 On The Beat received excerpts from the Senator’s speech, and she reiterates her committment to run and win the race for Governor of  Texas:

“I have said before that I intended to resign this fall after I worked to defeat the Obama health care bill. I have not said the exact date for resignation because we were waiting for the Democrats to schedule the Senate debate.“But the bill has now passed out of the House, taking us one perilous step closer to a government takeover of nearly one-third of our economy. We are a step closer to huge tax increases. To the loss of countless jobs. And the end of patient choice. The Democrats are going to pull out every stop to socialize American medicine. But we will fight it every step of the way. And it could be a long fight.

“I am more determined than ever to become the 48th Governor of the great state of Texas. But at the same time I must put what’s best for my campaign aside and do what is best for our state. That is why I must stay in the Senate while running for the Republican nomination for Governor.”


 The Senator’s decision drew a quick response from Governor Perry’s campaign spokesperson, Mark Miner: 

Statement by Texans for Rick Perry Spokesman Mark Miner on Sen. Hutchison’s Announcement:

“We appreciate that Senator Hutchison has taken the governor’s advice and finally decided to make a decision to stay in Washington. Hopefully this will allow her to be a full-time senator for the people of Texas.”



Women For Kay Bailey Hutchison
October 16, 2009


U.S Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was in Houston Wednesday to attend a “Women for Kay” lunch, one of several events held around the state in support of her bid to become Governor of  Texas.

While she was here to raise money and talk about why she would be a  better Governor than Rick Perry,  Senator Hutchison also answered reporters’ questions about her plans to step down  to devote more time to her campaign for the March 2010 GOP primary.


When asked by 2 On The Beat, Senator Hutchison stressed that her plan has been consistent from the first day she announced her intention to run for Governor.

She says she plans to stay in Washington for as long as necessary to keep fighting for what’s best for Texas. The Senator says she wants to be a voice and a vote against Health Care Reform, Cap and Trade and other bills that, if passed, could have a negative impact on the Lone Star State. 

Meanwhile, the lunch featured dozens of  prominent women including Bellaire Mayor Cindy Siegal, Sugarland city council member Jacqueline Bailey Chaumette, Harris County Tax Assessor Beverly Kaufmann, Realtor Martha Turner, former Presidential Advisor Karen Hughes, Courtney Sarofim and socialite Joan King Herring.



Perry vs. Hutchison: Round Two
September 10, 2009

Governor Rick Perry is in Houston today to talk about his plans to beef up border security.

But, it’s his ongoing political beef with U.S.  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison  that’s making bigger headlines.

Secretary of  State Hope Andrade released a letter saying the cost of the special election to replace Senator Hutchison could be as high as $20 Million.

Andrade, who was appointed by the Governor,  also says that a runoff  would cost taxpayers another $10 Million.

The Governor’s campaign released this statement about the Senator’s plans to step down and challenge Perry in the March 2010 GOP Primary.

Statement by Texans for Rick Perry Communications Director
Mark Miner on Hutchison Resignation Cost to Taxpayers

“The Senator’s potential resignation to run for governor amounts to nothing more than another taxpayer funded bailout, only this one benefits one person’s political ambition, leaving Texas taxpayers holding the bill. In addition to the Senator’s delegation-leading earmarks, her vote for a $700 billion Wall Street bailout, and her out-of-control spending habits, the potential cost to Texas taxpayers is $30 million.”


Perry is already the state’s longest serving Governor, and wants another four years in office.

Senator Hutchison said she plans to step down by late October or early November, to prepare to challenge Perry in the March 2010 GOP Primary.

Once she steps down, Governor Perry will set the date for a special election to fill the seat in the U.S. Senate.

Late Thursday afternoon Senator Hutchison’s campaign sent the following response:

“Just because Rick Perry has successfully bullied some University regents  into resigning doesn’t mean he can bully Kay Bailey Hutchison out of this race. If Rick Perry had spent the last nine years doing his job instead of playing political games, mismanaging the state and wasting billions of taxpayer dollars, Texans would not need a new governor to come in and clean up his mess.”

– Jennifer Baker, Communications Director Texans for Kay


Democrats Respond to Governor Perry
March 12, 2009



The Governor’s decision to reject part of the stimulus funds to help unemployed Texans is being criticized by the Texas Democratic Party.  Democrats are accusing Perry of using out-of-work Texans as “political pawns,” and say it shows he is out of touch.

The TDP’s full statement:

(Austin, TX) – Today, Governor Rick Perry, in a move sure to draw legislative opposition, announced that he intends to turn down $555 million in stimulus funds that would provide additional benefits for unemployed Texas job-seekers who are trying to get by in the wake of layoffs caused by the Republican recession.


“First, the Governor compared out-of-work Texans to junkies, and now he’s using them as political pawns to appeal to the talk show bosses that drive the agenda of Perry’s heartless Republican base,” said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie. “We don’t need a right-wing candidate masquerading as Governor; we need a leader who will work with mainstream Texans in a bipartisan effort to rebuild our economy.”


Perry announced his refusal to help Texas families at a hardware store in an affluent area in Houston less than two miles from a branch of the Texas Workforce Commission where Texans were lined up to get unemployment benefits while they actively seek employment.


“Governor Perry’s failed policies have already put our state unemployment fund on the verge of bankruptcy, and now he wants to compound that failure by sending our federal tax dollars to help the unemployed in other states while hardworking Texas taxpayers are losing their jobs,” Richie added. “It’s shameful that Rick Perry would rather play politics to keep his job than help Texans who have lost their jobs.”


Historic Announcement at The University of Houston
February 5, 2009


He’s a Texas Aggie, but Governor Rick Perry quickly learned  how to show some Cougar Pride when he visited the University of  Houston on Thursday afternoon.

The Governor was there to announce the awarding of a five point five million dollar grant to help create a Biomedical Research Institute on the campus.

University President Renu Khator says U of H will partner with Methodist Hospital, and internationally recognized scientist Jan-Ake Gustafsson of   Sweden

His research team will study the use of nuclear hormone receptors as therapies for an array of diseases.