Did the Women’s Health Program Get More Time?
March 15, 2012

There is conflicting information coming out of  Governor Perry’s office in Austin and the White House.

While federal funding for the Women’s Health Program was supposed to end this week, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee announced a compromise with the Department of Health and Human Services which  will continue funding the program for a while.

If you are following the political issue, the battle is over federal funding for the woman’s health program, which provides cancer screenings and birth control for more than 100,000 Texas women.

The Texas Legislature passed a law that bans money being used for any program affiliated with Planned Parenthood or any facility that provides abortion services.

Public money is never used to pay for abortions.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s administration said the law was a violation of the rules for Medicaid.

I’m checking with the governor’s office, but I’m posting the statement released by the governor’s office. It’s followed by the statement by U.S. Representative Jackson – Lee. (D-18)

From Governor Perry’s Office

“It is the height of political posturing for the Obama Administration to put the interests of abortion providers and their affiliates, like Planned Parenthood, over the well-being of more than 100,000 low-income Texas women. I will not stand by and let this Administration abandon these Texas women to advance its political agenda; Texas will fund these services with or without the federal government.

“Texans send a substantial amount of our tax dollars to Washington, D.C., and it is unconscionable that the Obama Administration has essentially told Texas it will send our tax dollars back to fund this program only if we violate state law and include its pro-abortion allies. I will continue to fight this egregious overreach and defend life, our state’s laws and the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

From Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

“This is great news for those in need of health care and for those who cannot afford to have their health care denied on any level. This decision by HHS did not come easy. I personally worked with officials of HHS and the State of Texas to see that the program be extended for 3 months. During those 3 months we will continue to have more talks and negotiations about the program. At the end of 3 months HHS will be open to extending the benefits for another 3 months but a phase out will be in effect.

“However, this extra time gives me and other state representatives more time to find alternative methods and for the State to seek other areas that will not cut off minority women and children from groups like Planned Parenthood where some seek their health care needs. I hope the state will come to its senses to ensure that the health of women and healthy children will always be afforded to them as citizens of the state of Texas.

“During my time in Congress I have worked to improve the lives of women and advance gender equality. The status of women and girls is a key indicator of a community’s well-being. Whether we are working on addressing the 77 cents that women make for every dollar earned by a man or reducing health disparities women face, I have made improving the lives of women a top priority in my work.

“Women are among those who benefit most from the recently enacted health insurance reform legislation. Previously, women were often charged higher premiums solely on the basis of their gender. Women also disproportionately lack the option of obtaining health coverage from their employer. Reforms will ensure that nearly every American woman receives adequate health insurance.

“I convened a Women’s Health Summit earlier this week with state Rep. Garnet Coleman where we were in negotiating with U.S. Health and Human Services in hopes of finding alternative funding for the program, which provides health screenings and contraceptive services to 130,000 Texas women on Medicaid. We are glad a temporary solution has been found.”

What Governor Perry is Saying About New Hampshire Results
January 10, 2012

Governor Rick Perry decided to skip New Hampshire after polling in last place, but he and his campaign are obviously keeping their eye on the results and the next battle in South Carolina.

Here’s the statement, just in from the campaign. It was sent from South Carolina, the next primary battleground and the place Perry hopes to salvage his bid for the White House.

“Tonight’s results in New Hampshire show the race for ‘conservative alternative’ to Mitt Romney remains wide open. I skipped New Hampshire and aimed my campaign right at conservative South Carolina, where we’ve been campaigning hard and receiving an enthusiastic welcome. I believe being the only non-establishment outsider in the race, the proven fiscal and social conservative and proven job creator will win the day in South Carolina.

“South Carolina is the next stop. I have a head start here, and it’s friendly territory for a Texas governor and veteran with solid outsider credentials, the nation’s best record of job creation, and solid fiscal, social and Tea Party conservatism.”

Gov. Perry Grants Clemency to Eight
December 22, 2011

— Gov. Rick Perry has granted clemency to eight individuals after each case was favorably recommended for clemency by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Full pardons were granted to:

Maria Isabel Colmenares-Rodriguez, 58, of Pembroke Pines, Fla., was convicted of shoplifting in 1974 at the age of 21. She was sentenced to pay a $50 fine. ·

Tommie Emerson Elder, 57, of Houston, was convicted of burglary of a motor vehicle in 1976 at the age of 22. He was sentenced to three years in jail, which was probated for three years. ·

Beverly Troupe Enoch, 33, of Houston, was convicted of assault with bodily injury in 1996 at the age of 18. She was sentenced to 20 days in jail, and paid a $100 fine. ·

Marilyn Jean Hensley, 73, of Lewisville, was convicted of theft by check between $20 and $200 in 1982 at the age of 44. She was sentenced to 12 months in jail, which was probated for 12 months, and paid a $50 fine. ·

Shelanda Renee Jackson, 42, of Houston, was convicted of unlawfully carrying a weapon in 1988 at the age of 18. She was sentenced to three days in jail, and paid a $500 fine. ·

Annup Raj Joshi, 39, of Tallahassee, Fla., was convicted of theft of property between $50 and $500 in 1997 at the age of 25. He was sentenced to six months in jail, which was probated for two years, and paid a $500 fine. ·

Michael Curtis Owings, 67, of Bay St. Louis, Miss., was convicted of burglary of a coin-operated machine and breaking and entering a coin-operated machine in 1964 at the age of 20. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

Cheri Hope Williams, 47 of College Station, was convicted of shoplifting in 1983 at the age of 19. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail, which was probated for 180 days, and paid a $300 fine. # #

Perry Campaign Releases New Ad Attacking Pres.Obama
December 7, 2011

As Governor Rick Perry tries to reboot his presidential campaign, he has released a new ad called: “Strong” Defending Faith Against Obama Policies

The 30- second television ad attacks gays in the military and the ban on prayer in schools and what Perry calls President Obama’s “war on religion”

Here’s the text of the ad: Gov. Perry: “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian, but you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.”

“As President, I’ll end Obama’s war on religion. And I’ll fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage.”

“Faith made America strong. It can make her strong again.”

I’m Rick Perry and I approve this message. Text: Approved by Rick Perry and paid for by RickPerry.org, Inc.

What Governor Perry is Saying About Herman Cain
December 3, 2011

By now you know that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has suspended his campaign following allegations that he had a thirteen year affair with a Georgia woman.

Gov. Rick Perry today released the following statement regarding Cain’s announcement:

“I know this was a difficult decision for Herman Cain, his family and his supporters. He helped invigorate conservative voters and our nation with a discussion of major tax reform. Anita and I wish him and his entire family all the best.”

Some experts are speculating that Perry could benefit from Cain’s political problems.

Gov. Perry Unveils “Uproot and Overhaul Washington” Plan
November 15, 2011

(News Release from Perry Campaign posted with full details)



Calls for part-time Congress, ending lifetime appointments for federal judges, elimination of agencies and privatizing TSA, Fannie and Freddie


BETTENDORF, Iowa – Gov. Rick Perry today unveiled his Uproot and Overhaul Washington plan to fundamentally reform the three branches of government and review all federal departments, agencies, and spending programs from the top down. 

The governor’s Uproot and Overhaul Washington plan includes establishing a part-time, citizen Congress, cutting congressional salaries, ending lifetime appointments of federal judges, issuing an immediate moratorium on new and pending federal regulations, and dismantling wasteful, redundant federal agencies, Gov. Perry announced his plan at the Schebler Manufacturing Facility in Bettendorf, Iowa. 

Gov. Perry’s full plan can be viewed at  http://www.rickperry.org/uproot-and-overhaul-washington-html/

“Washington is too broken to be fixed by tinkering on the margins,” said Gov. Perry. “I do not believe Washington needs a new coat of paint, it needs a complete overhaul. We need to uproot, tear down and rebuild Washington, D.C. and our federal institutions.  

“Washington is so broken, Americans will accept nothing less than a complete overhaul of the way business is done in America. We need new leadership. We need a new builder. We need a Washington Outsider. Unique to the Republican field, I have never been an establishment figure. My career has been that of a Washington outsider.” 

Gov. Perry’s plan will reform the federal judiciary by ending lifetime appointments of all unelected federal judges. He will champion a constitutional amendment to prospectively institute 18-year terms for the Supreme Court, staggered every two years, so that justices are replaced in order of seniority every other year. This will instill regularity to the nominations process, discourage justices from choosing a retirement date based on politics and put an end to the ever-increasing tenure of justices.

Second, the governor’s plan calls for fundamental reform of the legislative branch by establishing a part-time, citizen Congress that cuts in half their salaries, office budgets and time in Washington. Additionally, if Congress cannot balance the budget by 2020, as the governor has previously called for, their salaries should be cut in half again. Gov. Perry will also work to freeze Congressional and federal civilian salaries until the budget is balanced, holding Congress accountable to the American people. 

“Congress is out of touch because Congressmen are overpaid, over-staffed and away from home too much,” said Gov. Perry. “It’s time to create a part-time Congress where their pay is cut in half, their office budgets are cut in half, and their time in Washington is cut in half.  And if they do not submit a budget that balances by 2020 as my plan calls for, we should cut their pay in half again.” 

Gov. Perry also noted recent abuse by Congressional members of insider information that has been used to enhance their stock portfolios, and is calling for the criminalization of such insider trading by members of Congress. Not only will that be a part of the governor’s government reform plan, but he is also calling on Congress to pass such a law immediately (watch Gov. Perry’s video calling for an end to this practice at  http://bit.ly/uj73gl).

The governor added, “Congress has proven it can’t be trusted to watch our money, and now its clear they can’t be trusted with theirs. Any Congressman or Senator that uses their insider knowledge to profit in the stock market ought to be sent to jail – period.” 

Third, Gov. Perry’s plan will reform congressional spending, through measures that include:


  • Ending bailouts and earmarks, and veto of any legislation containing such measures
  • Passing a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • Ending federal funding of Planned Parenthood
  • Vetoing legislation that places new, unfunded mandates on states, local communities or schools
  • Supporting legislation requiring a two-thirds majority to pass tax increase
  • Capping federal spending to 18 percent of GDP (average amount over last 50 years)

Lastly, Gov. Perry called for the dismantling and rebuilding of federal bureaucracy, including the privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the elimination of agencies that perform redundant functions.

“No longer will we prop up failed entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were at the heart of the economic collapse because of mortgage financing policies that gave false confidence to homebuyers who have now defaulted or are under water,” said Gov. Perry. “We will privatize Fannie and Freddie so politicians can no longer politicize them, and taxpayers will no longer be fleeced by them.”

The governor’s plan will also eliminate the departments of Commerce, Education and Energy, moving key programs, like National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Nuclear Security Administration and civil rights programs, among others, to more appropriate federal departments. The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Homeland Security will be completely restructured and reformed, and the Transportation Security Administration will be transitioned to a public-private partnership. 

“We will perform a full audit of the federal government, and there will be no sacred cows, including wasteful spending at the Department of Defense, where every dollar we spend should support our warfighters around the world,” Gov. Perry said. “And we will say to every bureaucrat: no salary increases until the federal budget is balanced. And because a president must lead by example, we should cut his salary in half until the budget is balanced.”

Additionally, the governor reiterated his call for a moratorium on all pending federal regulations, an audit of every regulation promulgated since 2008 and subsequent repeal of any regulations that are not found to be affordable, effective and compatible with job creation.

Gov. Perry’s plan is the third in a series of key policy initiatives Gov. Perry has unveiled in the last several weeks, including his Cut, Balance and Grow plan and his Energizing American Jobs and Security plan. Cut, Balance and Grow cuts personal and business tax rates to a lower, flat 20 percent rate, cuts federal spending, ends earmarks and corporate loopholes and calls for a federal Balanced Budget Amendment. Energizing American Jobs and Security will create up to 1.2 million jobs in every sector, reduce our nation’s dependence on hostile foreign oil, revitalize manufacturing and help contain the cost of electricity and fuel. 

To view Gov. Perry’s full plan, please visit  http://www.rickperry.org/uproot-and-overhaul-washington-html/.  

To view the governor’s remarks announcing his plan, please visit  http://www.rickperry.org/news/text-of-gov-perry-uproot-and-overhaul-washington-speech/

For more information about Gov. Perry’s record, presidential campaign and plan to get America working again, please visit:  www.rickperry.org.


Perry Watch: The Governor Responds to “Ni****Rock” Controversy
October 3, 2011

Governor Rick Perry’s campaign is blasting a Washington Post report that claims the GOP presidential candidate and his family maintained hunting grounds with a racially offensive name.

(KPRC Local 2 is owned by The Washington Post Company)

The newspaper reported the word “Niggerhead” was the site’s official name and the racist epithet was painted on a rock at the entrance to the property near Perry’s hometown of Paint Creek.

At least one of Governor Perry’s political rivals, Hermann Cain, made it an issue Sunday.

The Perry campaign released the statement below:

AUSTIN – Perry Campaign Communications Director Ray Sullivan today released the following statement regarding Herman Cain’s comments this morning on Fox News Sunday:

“Mr. Cain is wrong about the Perry family’s quick action to eliminate the word on the rock, but is right the word written by others long ago is insensitive and offensive. That is why the Perrys took quick action to cover and obscure it.”

The Post story acknowledges the rock had been painted and turned over. The Perrys did not own, name or control the property, they simply rented hunting rights to 1,000 acres of the ranch.

As Gov. Perry told the Washington Post, “The old name has its origins from another time and era when unfortunately, offensive language was used to name some land formations around the country. When my dad joined the lease in 1983, he soon painted over the offensive word. It is my understanding that the rock was also turned over to further obscure what was originally written on it.”

Rick Perry has a long and strong record of inclusiveness and appointing African Americans to key state posts, including Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, his former chief of staff and general counsels, university regents, parks and wildlife commissioner and other high profile posts.

As the governor also told the Post, “I judge folks by their character and ethics. As governor, I represent a big, fast-growing and diverse state. My appointments and actions represent the whole state, including our growing diversity, such as appointment of the first African-American Supreme Court Justice – whom I later appointed Chief Justice – and the first Latina Secretary of State.”

President Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett Plans Trip To Houston
September 27, 2011

While Texas is considered republican and Governor Rick Perry territory, President Barack Obama and his supporters are enthusiastic and energetic about the upcoming election.
Next month, presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett will make a visit to Houston. (I had difficulty getting the invitation to print, but you can click the link)
J GOODWILLE PIERRE | 1102 Pinemont Dr. | Suite B | Houston | TX | 77018

Perry Watch: What Gov. Perry Has to Say About Pres. Obama’s Jobs Speech
September 8, 2011

(News Release)

Statement by Texas Gov. Rick Perry on President Obama’s Speech

Gov. Rick Perry today released the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress:

“President Obama’s call for nearly a half-trillion dollars in more government stimulus when America has more than $14 trillion in debt is guided by his mistaken belief that we can spend our way to prosperity.

“Like the president’s earlier $800 billion stimulus program, this proposal offers little hope for millions of Americans who have lost jobs on his watch, and taxpayers who are rightly concerned that their children will inherit a mountain of debt.

“America needs jobs, smaller government, less spending and a president with the courage to offer more than yet another speech.”

Wildfires Force Gov. Perry to Leave Campaign Trail and Return to Texas
September 5, 2011

After taking part in several presidential campaign events, Governor Rick Perry announced he is returning to Texas to oversee the state’s response to the devastating wildfires near Austin.

The flames have consumed three hundred homes and scorched more than fourteen thousand acres.

Governor Perry did cancel one appearance he was scheduled to make with several of his GOP challengers and South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

The governor’s office released this statement a little while ago:

Gov. Perry: All Necessary State Resources Made Available to Protect Lives, Property

Urges Texans to Heed Warnings of Statewide Wildfire Threat

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry continues to closely monitor the ongoing wildfires with updates from his staff and State Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd. He will return to Texas this afternoon. The governor is urging all Texans to closely monitor conditions and reports, and heed all warnings from local officials as extremely dry and windy conditions are expected to continue fueling wildfires that continue are raging across the state.

“The wildfire situation in Texas is severe and all necessary state resources are being made available to protect lives and property,” Gov. Perry said. “I urge Texans to take extreme caution as we continue to see the devastating effects of sweeping wildfires impacting both rural and urban areas of the state. Our thoughts and prayers are with the first responders who are working around the clock to keep Texans out of harm’s way, and with the families across our state who are threatened by these wildfires.”

Over the weekend, the Texas Forest Service (TFS) responded to 63 new fires that have burned approximately 32,936 acres, including new fires in Bastrop, Travis, Henderson, Limestone, Caldwell and Colorado counties, among others. TFS also continues to battle existing wildfires, including major fires in Palo Pinto, Briscoe, Coryell and Montague counties.

Additional state resources assisting with wildfire response include:

· Texas Forest Service, with 15 single-engine air tankers, 12 helicopters, and 13 aerial supervision aircraft assets deployed to multiple fires;
· Texas Military Forces, with 2 CH-47 Chinook Aircraft and 2 UH-60 Blackhawks staged in Austin to fight central Texas fires, 2 UH-60 Blackhawks in San Antonio assisting with the fires in Colorado County, and 3 ground wildfire support packages consisting of 4 dozers and 16 personnel each;
· Texas Department of Public Safety emergency management personnel, highway patrol troopers, air assets and a mobile communications center deployed to Bastrop County; and
· Texas Department of Transportation is providing personnel, equipment, and fuel to responders.

Additionally, the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS), a network of Texas fire departments willing to provide emergency resources to neighboring communities during the threat of disaster, is activated. TIFMAS resources deployed statewide include 13 command vehicles, 50 fire engines and 121 personnel (Central Texas resources specifically include five command vehicles, 19 fire engines and 47 personnel).

Since the beginning of wildfire season, local and state firefighters have responded to more than 20,900 fires that have destroyed more than 1,000 homes and burned more than 3.6 million acres. Gov. Perry has reissued his disaster proclamation nine times this wildfire season; it was originally issued on Dec. 21, 2010.

In addition to the state proclamations in April, the governor sent a letter to President Obama requesting a Major Disaster Declaration, which would have made the state eligible for Direct Federal Assistance and Emergency Protective Measures from the federal government. The Obama Administration denied this request on May 3. Gov. Perry appealed the president’s decision on May 26, and received partial approval of relief on July 1. A request to expand the scope of federal relief is still pending.
To view the governor’s renewed disaster proclamation, please visit


For more information on preparing for wildfire threats, please visit http://governor.state.tx.us/wildfires.