The latest on “Lois” The Corpse Flower
July 20, 2010


(picture from Museum of Natural Science)

While she’s still teasing us, Lois has opened about 3” over the course of the day.  While we are not saying that Lois has started the blooming process, we do want to say that Lois has made significant progress today and has taken one more step in the right direction.  The museum is going to stay open 24 hours to give people an opportunity to see this next stage.  We will also be posting photographs on our blog shortly. 

Please note that this progress cannot be seen on the webcam as she has opened up on the other side.  We can see dark purple and some red on the inside of the spathe – much more than was previously possible.

 Latha Thomas – VP Marketing Houston Museum of  Natural Science

Corpse Flower – It’s Time To Bloom or Bust!
July 19, 2010

The world is still waiting for the Corpse Flower to bloom at the Houston Museum of  Natural Science.  This morning 2 On The Beat received the note below.   It explains what the staff is doing to nudge “Lois”  along to fully blooming.

To nudge Lois along, we are making it even hotter in the Cockrell Butterfly Center.  We are keeping the temperature upwards of 80 degrees in there to ensure it doesn’t stunt her growth.  The temperature is being raised; we have kept the plastic on the doors, added lights and a humidifier.  While this does seem wild – especially since it is pretty hot outside already and we are making it even hotter inside – we want to do everything we can to help Lois.  – Latha Thomas VP, Marketing and Communications

Corpse Flower Has New Fashion Line
July 15, 2010

While Houston and the rest of the world  anxiously wait for the corpse flower to bloom, the Houston Museum of  Natural Science has just launched a new “Lois” fashion line that includes buttons and t-shirts.

As you know by now,  the corpse flower is unpredictable and could bloom any day.  The rare and exotic plant is expected to smell like rotting meat when she fully opens.

This will be only the second documented blooming in Texas and the 29th in the country.  The museum has remained opened 24/7 in the past week to give everyone an opportunity to stop by for a chance to see and smell the corpse flower.

Her unique aroma will last for twelve hours after she blooms.

While you are waiting, why not buy a button and t-shirt and help support the programs at the museum.

Museum Prepares For Blooming of Rare, Exotic and Stinky Flower
July 8, 2010


The Museum of  Natural Science has decided to remain open 24/7 to accommodate everyone who wants to see the Corpse Flower. At last check this afternoon, “Lois”  was meeting all expectations.  She had stopped growing, was turning purple and smelled like a dead rat up close, said horticulturist Soni Holliday.  The museum staff is now predicting the corpse flower will fully bloom Monday night or Tuesday.  

On Wednesday I had the fun opportunity to visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science and meet the great people who are taking care of  an Amorphophallus titanum plant, better known as the “Corpse Flower.”  

When fully open, the flower will produce a smell similar to rotting meat or a dead body(corpse).  The strong odor attracts natural pollinators, like carrion-eating beetles, according the museum, and will last for less than 24 hours.

According the Museum, the blooming of this flower is a rare occurence. It’s  been documented only once before in Texas and 28 times in the entire United States.

The Corpse Flower is expected to bloom on Friday or Saturday.

It will be a sight and smell you don’t want to miss!