Jason Fuller Gets The VIP Treatment
February 15, 2011

He’s the go-to-guy in the local office of  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison – answering daily calls from the media, community members and other elected officials.


But in honor of his birthday on Sunday, Jason Fuller enjoyed the spotlight and VIP treatment.

The party room at Ciao Bell0 on San Felipe was packed with Jason’s close friends, colleagues and loving family members who were invited to celebrate his 41st birthday.

Hosted by super party planner Cindy Clifford, the party featured a live band, dancing, great conversation and a lot of political gossip!

The menu, of course,  was Italian food while dessert consisted of  cupcakes decorated in the colors and logo of  University of Houston, Jason’s alma mater.

Faces in the crowd:  Judge Ed and Gwen Emmett, Russ Frank, Bill and Melissa King, Janiece Longoria, Corbett Parker, Judge Zinetta Burney, Nick Anderson and many others.

Happy Birthday Jason!

Supporters Celebrate Janiece Longoria’s Reappointment to Port
December 1, 2010

After a long and hard-fought battle to maintain a seat on the Houston Port Authority, newly reappointed commissioner Janiece Longoria took time on Tuesday night to thank her  many friends and supporters.

Dozens of people attended the festive party at Churrascos’ Restaurant;  former Port Commissioner Ned Holmes, State Representative Carol Alvarado, Houston city council members Anne Clutterbuck, Al Hoang, Wanda Adams Sue Lovell and C.O. Bradford, former council member Felix Fraga and countless other civic leaders. 

By now you know the background: Mayor Annise Paker wanted to appoint a representative from the labor community to serve on the seven member commission. But the Mayor’s choice, Dean Corgey,  would have knocked out Longoria,  who is one of two women and the only Hispanic commissioner.   Countless business, political and community leaders rallied behind Longoria. They stressed her experience and  committment to working for the long-term success of the port.  Longoria was reappointed by a 9-6 vote.

Back to the celebration. No one appeared to be gloating, rehashing the bitter politics or criticizing personalities. The focus was on Janiece’s reappointment and her desire to continue serving the port and Houston region for another two years.

(Click here to  learn more about the Port of Houston http://www.portofhouston.com/)

Longoria, a Houston attorney and businesswoman, is also a member of the University of Texas System Board of Regents.

Port of Houston Politics – Not For the Faint Of Heart
November 17, 2010

After weeks of  behind the scenes political arm twisting, Mayor Annise Parker and city council members voted Wednesday on the appointment of a new port of  Houston commissioner.

The heated battle was between current commissioner Janiece Longoria and Dean Corgey, vice president of the Seafarers International Union’s Gulf Coast Region.

Mayor Parker nominated Corgey because she wanted a labor representative to have a seat at the Port’s influential table.   She also wanted to fulfill a campaign promise to union members who supported her campaign.

Longoria, the only Hispanic on the seven member board, was the favorite of many in the legal, business and Hispanic communities.

Council voted 9-6 to appoint Longoria for another two-year term.  In her brief remarks to the Mayor and council, Longoria vowed to continue working hard and she extended an olive branch to the labor community. 

While the appointment has been decided,  the ordeal  has left a bitter taste with some council members.

Wanda Adams, who represents District D, says she was sent threatening text messages and warned she would be defeated in the next election if she did not vote for Longoria.

In a statement issued after the appointment, AFL-CIO Leader Richard Shaw stated, “Labor never gives up and we will be looking for another chance to get someone on the Port Commission from Labor.  Labor has many friends and today it found out who they were.”