City of Houston Announces Inauguration Plans
December 29, 2011

Seven new faces will join city of Houston government next week when they are sworn in as city council members.  Council members-elect Larry Green, Andrew Burks, Jack Christie, Helena Brown, Ellen Cohen,  Jerry Davis and Mike Laster  will join Mayor Annise Parker and other city leaders at the inaugural festivities, which are open to the public.

Houston city council member elect

The State of Texas
You are cordially invited to the inauguration and swearing in of the Mayor of the City of Houston, the City Controller and the City Council
Tuesday morning, January 3, 2012
commencing at 9:30 a.m. sharp
at the
HOBBY CENTER for the Performing Arts
800 Bagby – Downtown Houston
The Honorable Annise D Parker
The Honorable Ronald Green
City Controller
The Honorable Helena Brown
City Council District A
The Honorable Jerry Davis
City Council District B
The Honorable Ellen Cohen
City Council District C
The Honorable Wanda Adams
City Council District D
The Honorable Michael Sullivan
City Council District E
The Honorable Al Hoang
City Council District F
The Honorable Oliver Pennington
City Council District G
The Honorable Ed Gonzalez
City Council District H
The Honorable James Rodriguez
District I
The Honorable Mike Laster

District J

The Honorable Larry Green
District K
The Honorable Stephen Costello
At Large Position 1
The Honorable Andrew Burks Jr
At Large Position 2
The Honorable Melissa Noriega
At Large Position 3
The Honorable C.O. Bradford
At Large Position 4
The Honorable Jack Christie
At Large Position 5
Immediately following the Inaugural ceremony, the Mayor, Controller and City Council will retire to Council Chambers located across Bagby on the 2nd Floor of City Hall for the 1st official meeting of the new council for 2012 beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Ronald Green Responds To Mysterious and Mean-Spirited Email
September 13, 2009

No one has  been able to determine who is responsible for circulating the repulsive email in the race for  City of  Houston Controller.

(read previous post:

Controller Candidate/Council member Ronald Green has issued a statement denouncing the letter,  and the ugly attacks against his two opponents and fellow city council members Pam Holm and M.J. Khan.

Here is Green’s Statement that w as sent to 2 ON THE BEAT:

Yesterday someone using an asssumed name and purporting to support  my candidacy for City Controller, sent an email disparaging my opponents in the a particularly bigoted and mean-spirited way, and falsely claimed its contents were endorsed by a number of elected officials and community leaders.

This email is a fraud and an affront to all who received it and were referenced in it.  I UNEQUIVOCALLY REJECT IT!!! My work, as an At-Large Council Member for the last 6 years, and my campaign for City Controller are about bringing Houstonians of all backgrounds together to move our great city forward. The hateful messages in this email have no place in our political discourse.



I also received an email from Larry Green, who is listed as the author of the email.  As I reported earlier,  he denies having any knowledge of who sent it.

Fellow Houstonians,

It has recently come to my attention that a slanderous email issued the name of   Larry Green was distributed to the Southeast precinct judges, and god knows whoever, stating vile and racist comments about members in the race for Houston City Controller.  You should know that I,  Larry V. Green, did not write this email and would never write such ridiculous propaganda.  I am not endorsing anyone  in the  Controllers race or any race for that matter and my position as a leader of a major non-profit precludes me from doing so.  Someone is playing politics and I do not appreciate being thrown in the middle.  If anyone knows the origin of this tainted piece of scum email, please contact  me immediately.  I am turning this matter over to the local authorities for a full investigation and prosecution.  This email is repulsive and I DID NOT write it and whatever politico did and I find out will be sued.

Larry V. Green,  Esq.

Ugly Politics In The Race For City Of Houston Controller
September 13, 2009

An email that many are calling racist and hurtful was circulated late Saturday  night, and it was allegedly sent by a supporter of one of the candidates in the heated race for City of Houston Controller.

(You can read the email below)

It is shocking that anyone would stoop to such a sleazy level to try to smear candidates Pam Holm and M.J. Khan, while  claiming to support their opponent and fellow  city council member , Ronald Green.

But, 2 On the Beat received an email from Larry Green, who is  listed as the author of  letter.  He denied sending it, called it repulsive and vowed to find out who is responsible. 

“Someone is playing dirty tricks, and it’s definitely not me,” said Green, who is no relation to the city council member and controller candidate.

“Someone  has used my name,  and I have not and will not endorse any candidate in the Controller’s race or any race,” said  Green , who is the director of Houston Works.

I also spoke with  Keir Murray, Green’s campaign manager, and he said they have no idea who sent the offensive email, or why anyone would send it out:

From:Larry Green []
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2009 8:35 PM
Subject: We must go green controller

Dear Friends,

We hope this email finds you in great health. Our families would like to take a moment to say that we must never forget what happened in New York City on yesterday 8 years ago. Our hearts go out to the families that lost loved ones and to our service men and women who have served our country so valiantly. Here is an excerpt of what happened on that gruesome day.

 At about 9 a.m., investment banker Richard Egües, 34, emerged from the downtown 2 subway line to walk toward his office at the World Financial Center. On the street I saw crowds of people looking south. I looked up and saw gaping holes in both towers. As you looked more closely you began to see little things flying down, and then you realized they were bodies of people who had jumped from the building. I saw the somersaults, the floating bodies. It was like they were in slow motion, sort of turning around. You had to think there must have been such total desperation.

An important day is coming up soon: Election Day. We have a group of distinguished candidates. We have one man that has always been in this city’s corner. This man we speak of is Councilmember Ronald C. Green; he has served the city well as an At-Large Councilman and a devoted father and businessman.

Ronald has been endorsed by a very diverse group of individuals and groups throughout the city of Houston. He has been endorsed by the Harris County Democrats, Harris County AFL-CIO, Harris County Tejano Democrats, the Houston GLBT Caucus and the Houston Firefighters Union. This race is important because we must continue to capitalize upon the progress made in 2008.

Ronald is running a tough race against Pam Holm, a member of the Republican Party of George W. Bush who was responsible for James Byrd’s dragging, but even worse M.J Khan a known Muslim.

This really disturbs us because we must never forget 9/11. Just this year in Buffalo, New York, a Muslim executive beheaded his wife after she filed for divorce.

While we are not saying that he will be head his wife: we are highlighting the fact that he believes in such atrocious activities. Here is an excerpt from the book which MJ worships from: “Believers (Muslims), take neither Jews nor Christians to be your friends….- Sura 5:51

We cannot entrust Houston’s finances to MJ Khan. The only safe choice for Controller is Ronald C. Green. Please join our leaders in Going Green for Controller!


Larry Green

in Going Green for Controller!



2 ON THE BEAT omitted the names of the numerous business, community and political leaders who were also listed on the email as endorsing Ronald Green.  Several of  them, including State Representative Sylvester Turner,  have issued statements rejecting the ugly tone of  the message, and also stressing that they knew nothing about it.