Houston’s Gay Community Hopes To Make History With Parker
November 5, 2009

As she heads into a runoff  with Gene Locke,  Annise  Parker is getting a lot of   help  from the LGBT community in Houston and across the country. 

In urgent messages being emailed across the nation,  The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community is urging people to donate and vote for  Parker so they can be a “part of  making national strides in equality across the United States,” according to the message.

If   elected,  Parker would become Houston’s first openly gay mayor, and the LGBT community wants to make history in this election.

Both Locke and Parker have very little time to campaign, but need a lot of  money to go back up on TV and pay for a field operation  during the runoff ,  so this a huge advantage for Parker.

Both campaigns have passionate supporters and a base of  voters who will return to the polls on Saturday, December 12th.

But,   when it comes to the chance at  making history,  Parker has a huge advantage with the  LGBT  community contributing money and manpower.

This is the text of  the email:

This email might be a bit long, but it’s incredibly important.

WE DID IT! We came in FIRST PLACE last night!  Annise said to us, “Thank you
from the bottom of my heart for your contributions, support, encouragement
and friendship. I will never forget it.”

And now, I’m emailing you with important information about the future of the
LGBT community in Houston.  The email also contains an invitation for you to
be a part of making national strides in equality across the United States!

NOW is a critical time.  I am asking you to join me in seeing this campaign
through to the end.  Here is a UNIQUE chance for us to unite and show that
we have a powerful LGBT voice in Houston.  We can put our names together.
When do we ever see this???  Usually it’s Washington DC and other more
progressive states that get to do this type of activity.  You’ve probably
seen that Annise is all over national press and we her friends and
supporters in Houston now have a chance to show that we are her base in this

The run-off won’t be cheap.  Annise raised over $2 million for the general
election over a period of 9 months.  Now she must raise the same amount in
less than 5 weeks.  She needs our help now–and unlike the past 9 months,
you won’t see multiple fundraisers.

I would LOVE for you to join me on the Host Committee for THE event our
community will put on for Annise in the run-off.  The theme of which will be

At the beginning of the campaign, many of us chose to give a small amount to
several different events, anticipating the long haul.  For the run-off it
will be different.  There isn’t the time for many events and the campaign
needs the funds ‘front-loaded’.  In which case, we are hosting an event on
Wednesday November 11th at Jay Jones’ home for our community to PERSONALLY
MAX OUT!  We all max out at different levels.  Some at $50, some at $500,
some at $5,000. Whatever our personal maxing out is, we need to give at that
level immediately.

The following people have already committed and given their name to the

David Arpin and Alex Martinez
Bill Brooker
Robin Brown
Bob Burress and Tom Seymour
Tony Carroll and Bruce Smith
Mike Copenhaver
Fiona Dawson
Elaine Decanio
Trevor Eade
Jennifer Eaves and Darcy Reeves
Stephen Goldberg and Tim Kollatschny
Jan Harrell
Bryan Hlavinka and David Theisen
Pam Holder and Carole Hunt
Alan Hurwitz
Greg Jeu and James Hurst
Jay Jones
Rick Kammerer and Tim Cagle
Jim Kovach and Ben Montalbano
Gregg Ledford and O Hoang
Kenneth Lester, DC and Richard M. Layman, MD
Ryan Levy and Ian Eastveld
David Muck and Cole Martelli
H. Joe Nelson
Clay Rogers
Mike Ryan
Ross Smith and Tony Shelton
Steven Wagner
Geoffrey Westergaard
Bill Williams

This fundraising event is important for two reasons:

1. To quickly raise money to support Annise through December 12th (the date
of the run-off) and elect her Mayor that night
2. To demonstrate that our community – LGBT and allies – is a powerful force
to be reckoned with.  When have you seen the Houston LGBT rally united
around a cause, an issue, a statement???  NOW is OUR time to be a part of
this incredible moment in the United States LGBT movement for equal rights.
I didn’t give up my rights to become an American citizen to sit back and do
nothing to make it better!  And I want to you help me.

Although we are fortunate that each of the major candidates have been
supportive of our community’s struggle for equal rights, this election is
not simply about that.  Annise Parker is hands down the most qualified
candidate. However, for our community this election is also about a

Annise’s election can provide hope for that gay 12 year old from The
Woodlands who is living in a home and attending a school at which they are
ostracized.   It can show a community leader in Mississippi that it is
possible through honesty and competence to be elected to public office in
the South.   It is also about loyalty to a member of our community who took
the personal risk and made the extraordinary effort to lead the way as an
open and honest LGBT public official.  In her 8 previous runs for office and
her 12 years of public service to our City, Annise Parker has served
diligently and with excellence, has been recognized for her leadership
abilities and has never been tainted in any way by public scandal.  She has
been a role model not only for our community–but to the community at large.

I am asking you to join me on the Host Committee for this event.  Host
Committee Members will commit to giving OR raising a minimum of $1,000 by
November 11th.   That is just $100 each from 10 friends.  We can do this!

You will have two important tools:

1.  You will be able to set up a personal fundraising page through the
campaign website.  The link for this page can be included in an email you
send to your friends–allowing them to click through to make the donation at
your personal fundraising page.  You can also track your progress through
the week–as can your friends–from a thermometer which will appear on your
site.  You can see my page at


2.  You can provide a list of email addresses for people you want to contact
and the campaign will send an email–which will appear to come from
you–with a colorful standard layout and wording.  The recipient will be
able to click through from this email and make a donation.  If you select
this method you (and the link) will be assigned a code, from which we  can
track donations that result from your email.  The difference between this
option and the first option is that “look” of the email your friends receive
in this option will be much more ‘finished’ and ‘professional’ looking.

On December 12th, we have the opportunity to make history by electing Annise
Parker Mayor of Houston, Texas–representing more constituents than
Governors of 16 states!

Will you be a part of the leadership of the LGBT community who made this
happen?  I sincerely hope so!


Please respond to this email and say either, “Yes!  Count me in!  Tell me
what to do next” or “No, I can’t commit to raising or giving $1,000”.  If
you respond with the later, you can still give what you can on my personal
fundraising page at:
http://parker.helpmycampaign.com/fionajdawson/myfundraising and come to the
event.  However, wouldn’t it be great to have hundreds of people of the LGBT
community to make a united statement by putting their names together and
saying, “Yes!  We Can!” (to steal someone else’s phrase…:-)

With love and yours in equality,

Your friend,