A Successful Fundraiser For Mayor Parker
April 7, 2011

As she prepares to launch her campaign for re-election, Mayor Annise Parker got an overwhelming show of support from community and business leaders on Wednesday.

Supporters writing smaller checks and political contributors with deep pockets helped  push the mayor’s first official fundraiser over the $1 Million mark.   Members of  her  financial team tell me that’s actual money in the bank and it exceeded their expectations.

Guests who piled into the political event at the Four Seasons included former mayoral opponent Gene Locke, who issued a statement endorsing Parker on the invitations that were mailed out for the fundraiser.   Former Mayor Bob Lanier and wife Elyse, a Port of Houston Commissioner also showed their support.  

Seasoned political analysts predict this successful fundraiser could help Mayor Parker frighten  well-funded challengers, however, the rumour mill has been buzzing for weeks that prominent Houston attorney Ben Hall and former Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Paul Bettencourt will jump into the race.

We’ll wait and see what happens. In the meantime, Mayor Parker’s re-election campaign if planning to have a public (and free) rally at Discovery Green later this month to officially announce her plans to seek a second term.

(Full disclosure: the fundraiser was closed to the media. photos provided by the Parker campaign)

Former Opponent Endorses Mayor Parker for Re-Election
March 28, 2011

You know the saying, “politics makes for strange bedfellows?”

That thought must be reverberating in the minds of many Houstonians this week as they started receiving invitations in the mail for Mayor Annise Parker’s first re-election campaign kick-off fundraiser.  

The invitation includes a surprising endorsement from the Mayor’s former political opponent, Houston Attorney Gene Locke.

On the surface it seems like an unlikely alliance – considering they faced off in a heated runoff race in 2009

But that was then and this is 2011. 

Over the past several months Parker and Locke have apparently found common ground.

“Annise Parker is bringing Houstonians together to solve our toughest challenges,” states Locke’s endorsement on the invitation.

The invitation also includes words of praise from former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier, who endorsed Locke during 2009 mayoral race.

The April 6th event is expected to help build the Mayor’s already hefty campaign war chest. 

While she has suffered a handful of  bitter losses to city council  during her first term, she’s also scored some impressive victories.

The Mayor seems poised to run on a record of responsible leadership during a time of economic challenges facing the city. Her solutions have included employee furloughs, layoffs and streamlining of all city departments.


Don’t worry if you can’t afford to contribute to the Mayor’s campaign for a second term. Sources in her camp tell me that they are working on plans for a public kickoff event on April 23rd at Discovery Green. Details are still TBA.

Rain Doesn’t Stop Political Rally
April 18, 2009

The threat of flooding and a tornado watch didn’t appear to dampen the spirits of the people who attended the Gene Locke for Mayor campaign rally Saturday morning.


Good thing the  rally was held inside Minute Maid Park at Union Station, otherwise Locke would have been talking to more empty chairs than people.

The rally had a respectable turnout which included a lot of familiar faces,  community leaders, political types and grass roots organizers.


Some of the big names throwing their endorsement behind Locke were:  Astros owner Drayton McLane, former Mayor Bob Lanier and his wife Port Commissioner Elyse Lanier, Constable Victor Trevino, Lobbyist Dwight Boykins, Rusty Hardin, former city council mayor pro-tem Gracie  Saenz, former Kemah Mayor Bill King, Pauline and Jr. Higgins, the Honorable John Peavy,  Artee Jones and a host of others.

City Councilman Ron Green and his wife Justice of the Peace Hillary Green were also at the  rally.  Green, who is running for city controller against Locke’s opponent  and current controller Annise Parker,  stressed that he is remaining neutral.


2 on the Beat arrived late, but witnessed enough to make a few observations:

1. the sound system was terrible

2. Mr. Locke is probably an effective speaker in the boardroom, but he really needs to show some passion and enthusiasm in his campaign speeches.

This is Locke’s first time running for political office, and he faces City Controller Annise Parker (www.anniseparker.com) who is a well known to voters and is having no trouble winning endorsements and raising money, city councilman Peter Brown (www.peterbrownforhouston.com/)  also a formidable  challenger,  and Harris County Board of  Education  Trustee Roy Morales (www.roymorales.com )

Finally, I spotted Parker’s campaign manager Adam Harris at the Locke Rally. (opposition research!) He kindly reminded me that I need to take 2 on the beat and my camera to the next Parker campaign event!