News Anchor Barbie Reporting Live From The Scene…..
September 25, 2010

We’ve all heard the jokes about TV stations hiring anchors who resemble  “Ken and Barbie”  dolls  to read the news.   

Thanks to toy company Mattel for finally designing a real “News Anchor Barbie” doll. 


News Anchor Barbie  

Rather than be offended, most of  my female colleagues in
the news media are anxiously awaiting her debut. 

Sure, news anchor Barbie doesn’t look or dress like me, and

I’ll never achieve her perfect  body proportions,

but I am thrilled to hear that Mattel is releasing an African-American

version of   the doll.

(Guess who will buy one for herself, her niece and few friends 🙂

Barbie has been an astronaut, doctor and engineer.

Why shouldn’t she be a news anchor? 

After all, we’re all about saving the world and trying to look

good while doing it!

According to the Mattel news release, News Anchor Barbie has ”

a flair for journalism and power pink”  and she will carry

her own microphone,

camera and a pink reporter’s notepad.