More Controversy In The Race For Controller
October 27, 2009

(The following is a news release sent to 2 On The Beat. I will try to get a statement from the Green campaign)

Pam Holm Challenges Opponent Ron Green
to Answer Voter Questions about His Malfeasance

Houston CPA Concludes Green Ignored His Income Tax Debts for Years

HOUSTON After skipping a public candidate debate, Ron Green has some explaining to do to Houston voters, according to the Pam Holm for City Controller Campaign.

Since Green admitted last Friday to owing the federal government more than $120,000 for unpaid income taxes and admitting that he had to forfeit his company’s name because did not pay his state franchise taxes for his corporation, Green has not made a public appearance to answer voter questions about his pattern of mistakes in dealing with taxes.

Our campaign challenges Green to come clean, said Bethel Nathan, manager for the Pam Holm for City Controller Campaign. As it stands his more than $120,000 debt gives voters more than 120,000 reasons to question his integrity and qualifications. If he wants to serve the public, he needs to answer to the public.

According to an independent analysis of the IRS tax liens filed against Green, his tax problems have been ongoing while he has been serving on the Houston City Council.

The independent analysis from Donald M. Clanton, CPA, shows Green is dodging the IRS, taking income without reporting it and misleading the public on his ethics disclosure statements, Nathan said.

In the analysis, Clanton writes, the IRS decided to take more aggressive collection steps because Green was not making payments on his overdue income taxes and Green was not filing accurate income tax statements. The full Clanton analysis, the IRS tax liens filed against Green and Clanton’s resume are available,

Green’s behavior is not becoming of a candidate for Houston City Controller, Nathan said. Houston wants and deserves a controller who will honor their responsibilities and who has a record of integrity and ethics. We work for Pam because we know she has integrity, honor and the best intentions for all of Houston. Her record proves it.

Pam Holm Adds A New Co-Chair To Campaign
October 14, 2009

I personally don’t know anything about the working relationship or friendship between City of  Houston controller candidate Pam Holm and Pastor D.Z. Cofield, of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

However, I was surprised to hear today that Pastor Cofield has joined Holm’s campaign as a co-chair. 

Is it simply designed to draw some African American votes away from Controller Candidate Ronald Green?

 I am publishing the news release that I received.  I will try to dig a little deeper and find out the significance of this annoucement, and report back to you.


What a terrific day for our campaign!

Earlier this morning, I announced Dr. D. Z. Cofield will join my campaign for Houston Controller as co-chairman.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Cofield. Having his support is an honor, and together we are building a coalition of voters who want Houston to have a Controller who is a watchdog over city spending.

As you may know, Dr. Cofield is the Senior Pastor at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church. As a preacher, author and community stakeholder, Dr. Cofield brings our campaign a perspective on coalition building through public service.

Here is a gracious statement Dr. Cofield made earlier today at our announcement at City Hall:

The City Controller must be someone who represents what is in the best interests of all Houstonians, making sure people are treated fairly at every level. Pam Holm’s desire to build a better Houston that is inclusive, and not exclusive, is evidenced by her not simply asking for my endorsement, but in asking me to be part of her campaign leadership team, Cofield said. I am honored and humbled to serve as Co-Chair of Pam Holm’s campaign to continue her public service to the city of Houston. In accepting this invitation I will do all I can to help her make Houston even better.

Dr. Cofield will be teaming with our three campaign co-chairs Susan Kellner, Fred Zeidman and Lee Hogan. This leadership team gives me great pride because our campaign has a strong team of leaders who reflect the best of Houston.

Please share this wonderful news with your friends by visiting our campaign Web site, or our Facebook page,

Thank you


More Campaign News
February 19, 2009

With so much recent focus on the race for Mayor of Houston, some of the other political campaigns and candidates seem to have been forgotten.

When voters go to the polls in November they will not only choose a new mayor, but also several city council positions and the office of  City Controller. ( to replace Mayoral candidate Annise Parker.) 

Jessica Colon and Pam Holm

Jessica Colon and Pam Holm

2 on the Beat bumped into  city councilmember Pam Holm on Thursday.

Holm was with republican political strategist Jessica Colon, and confirmed that she is running for controller and will make an official announcement next week.

City council members M.J. Khan and Ronald Green have also been mentioned as potential candidates.

I’ll check with them and update you soon on this race.