M.J. Khan Launches TV Ad In Race For City Controller
October 12, 2009

On Monday, the M.J. Khan for City Controller Campaign launched its first television ad, and if you believe the message, there are a lot of  voters across Houston who really want  Khan to be the next controller.

The title of the ad is, “I Want M.J. Khan.”

According to a news release sent to 2 On The Beat, the ad is designed to “highlight how council member Khan will bring fiscal responsibility to the controller’s office and how he has established a strong record of fiscal management while on city council.”

It also has a lot of people featured in the ad saying, “I want M.J. Khan.”

“I believe that this ad will aid to inform voters about my record of fiscal management, as well as my experience and qualifications to lead Houston through these touch economic times,” said Khan in the release.

Late Monday I spoke with Andre Castro, Khan’s campaign manager. He told me that the campaign bought time on  all local network stations and some cable stations. Khan should have a heavy television presence leading up to early voting and election day.

Last week controller candidate Pam Holm announced that she was releasing a TV ad.

When I saw her last Thursday she indicated that her campaign had not purchased any time on local television stations, but that the ad was available on her campaign website, youtube and facebook.  I’m not sure if anything has changed since our last conversation.

Meanwhile, the third candidate in the controller’s race is  city council member Ronald Green.  His campaign spokesman told me that Green has no immediate plans to go up on television between now and election day.

Green was just endorsed by the Houston Chronicle, and has a history of running and winning elections citywide.

Will the lack of  paid television commercials hurt Green . as his two major opponents rely on the airwaves to help spread their messages?

The controller’s race has been very low key, but as we move closer to early voting more people are beginning to pay attention and choose a candidate.

City Controller’s Race Heating Up
October 8, 2009

The city of Houston Controller is the chief financial officer. Some also describe that role as  “the taxpayer’s watchdog.”

It’s a race that hasn’t generated a lot of excitement, but it is an important position that has three experienced leaders vying for your vote on election day.

All of the candidates currently serve on Houston city council, and their campaigns are starting to heat up.

On Tuesday, candidate Pam Holm released her first TV political commercial . On Wednesday night,  candidate Ronald Green attended a fundraiser to help his campaign reach more voters.

city 002city 015

Green was the star attraction at the fundraising event dubbed 100 Women for Green.  The successful and fashionable women in attendance vowed to open their checkbooks and roll up their sleeves to help Green get elected controller. 

Controller candidates Green, Holm and M.J. Khan recently faced off  in a political forum hosted by KPRC Local 2 and The League of  Women Voters.  Investigative Reporter Amy Davis served as  moderator of the discussion.  You can watch the debate on line @ http://www.click2houston.com/video/21201251/index.html

forum 009

Meanwhile, Green’s campaign manager told me that they will not invest in any TV political commercials leading up to election day.   Keir Murray says that Green has high name identification with voters after running three successful races for the city council at-large seat he currently holds.  Murray says Green will focus on face to face voter contact, through  door to door campaigning and direct mail.

You can expect to see a TV political commercial from M.J. Khan.  Khan’s campaign manager told me that the controller candidate will launch a TV commercial in the next few days.  Andre Castro says that Khan has already taped the commercial , and it is currently being edited in post production.

Pam Holm Releases First TV Ad In Race For Controller
October 6, 2009

City of  Houston Controller candidate Pam Holm today released her first TV commercial.

I don’t  know how much of an ad buy her team has made, but the message is very strong and the spot is nicely produced.

Currently the AD is posted on her campaign website, you tube and facebook.

According to a news release sent to 2 On The Beat, Holm is trying to paint herself as the “candidate who has the best proven experience to be the kind of watchdog the city of  Houston needs in its next Controller.”

Holm is running for the position against her fellow city council members, Ronald Green and M.J. Khan.

The latest campaign contribution report shows that Holm has raised an impressive amount of  money, but as a district council member , she has never been elected citywide. 

That could be a tough hill for her to climb on election day.

Green has won three citywide elections and possibly has better name ID with the voters.

Khan is also a district council member, but he has more personal money to spend in the race.

I will check with Green and Khan to find out if they also plan to release TV political commercials before the start of early voting on Monday, October 19th.

FBI Asked To Investigate Email
September 14, 2009

I  wrote this weekend about  the mysterious and mean- spirited email that was circulating in the community, targeting candidates in the race for Controller of  the City of Houston.

I wanted to share an email that was sent to me today.

HoustonWorks USA CEO Target of Slanderous Email Campaign
Larry V. Green Working With FBI to Solve Mystery


HOUSTON (September 14, 2009)– On Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 9:34 P.M., a bogus email from “Larry Green” at “sunnysideprecinctjudges@gmail.com” containing racial and religious slurs targeting candidates running for City of Houston Controller. Larry V. Green, Esq., CEO of HoustonWorks USA unequivocally denies any association with this activity and is working with the Houston Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Cr hteime Center (NW3C) to bring those responsible to justice.


“As soon as I heard about this email I was in contact with authorities,” said Larry V. Green, Esq., CEO of HoustonWorks USA. “I am the CEO of a nonprofit organization whose sole basic role is to make life better for people who are ‘down-on-their-luck.’ The hallmark of HoustonWorks USA for the past 25 years is the diversity of our employees—I encourage everyone to view our Web site—highlighting our diversity and our culture is well documented. I am looking forward to finding out who is responsible for this slanderous attack on me and prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.”


Larry V. Green has reached out to Pam Holm, MJ Khan and Ronald Green (no relation), the three candidates running for Houston Controller to express his outrage regarding the email being sent erroneously under his name from an organization, “Sunnyside Precinct Judges” that doesn’t exist. Larry V. Green is not endorsing any candidate running for office.


HoustonWorks USA own IT department launched an internal investigation and was able to determine that the email in question came from an anonymous Gmail account. HoustonWorks USA is working closely with Google the operators of Gmail in hopes of finding the original IP address where the email was sent.


About HoustonWorks USA:

Founded in 1984, HoustonWorks USA is the leading provider of services focusing on job placement, continuing education and vocational training. Serving more than 900,000 annually, HoustonWorks USA provides job seekers with a variety of workshops including job search techniques, interviewing skills and resume writing, or use of the resource library with Internet access and postings of local, state and national job openings. Training is also available in career fields such as healthcare, business, computers and education. HoustonWorks USA manages several of the largest Workforce Solutions offices in Houston and the surrounding region for the Houston Galveston Area Council. These offices offer a wide range of services for job seekers as well as employers looking for trained workers. HoustonWorks also provides numerous youth programs including internships, scholarships, summits and summer camps. HoustonWorks is a 501(c) 3, tax-exempt organization. Visit www.houstonworks.org for additional information.

Ugly Politics In The Race For City Of Houston Controller
September 13, 2009

An email that many are calling racist and hurtful was circulated late Saturday  night, and it was allegedly sent by a supporter of one of the candidates in the heated race for City of Houston Controller.

(You can read the email below)

It is shocking that anyone would stoop to such a sleazy level to try to smear candidates Pam Holm and M.J. Khan, while  claiming to support their opponent and fellow  city council member , Ronald Green.

But, 2 On the Beat received an email from Larry Green, who is  listed as the author of  letter.  He denied sending it, called it repulsive and vowed to find out who is responsible. 

“Someone is playing dirty tricks, and it’s definitely not me,” said Green, who is no relation to the city council member and controller candidate.

“Someone  has used my name,  and I have not and will not endorse any candidate in the Controller’s race or any race,” said  Green , who is the director of Houston Works.

I also spoke with  Keir Murray, Green’s campaign manager, and he said they have no idea who sent the offensive email, or why anyone would send it out:

From:Larry Green [mailto:sunnysideprecinctjudges@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2009 8:35 PM
To: Sunnysideprecinctjudges@gmail.com
Subject: We must go green controller

Dear Friends,

We hope this email finds you in great health. Our families would like to take a moment to say that we must never forget what happened in New York City on yesterday 8 years ago. Our hearts go out to the families that lost loved ones and to our service men and women who have served our country so valiantly. Here is an excerpt of what happened on that gruesome day.

 At about 9 a.m., investment banker Richard Egües, 34, emerged from the downtown 2 subway line to walk toward his office at the World Financial Center. On the street I saw crowds of people looking south. I looked up and saw gaping holes in both towers. As you looked more closely you began to see little things flying down, and then you realized they were bodies of people who had jumped from the building. I saw the somersaults, the floating bodies. It was like they were in slow motion, sort of turning around. You had to think there must have been such total desperation.

An important day is coming up soon: Election Day. We have a group of distinguished candidates. We have one man that has always been in this city’s corner. This man we speak of is Councilmember Ronald C. Green; he has served the city well as an At-Large Councilman and a devoted father and businessman.

Ronald has been endorsed by a very diverse group of individuals and groups throughout the city of Houston. He has been endorsed by the Harris County Democrats, Harris County AFL-CIO, Harris County Tejano Democrats, the Houston GLBT Caucus and the Houston Firefighters Union. This race is important because we must continue to capitalize upon the progress made in 2008.

Ronald is running a tough race against Pam Holm, a member of the Republican Party of George W. Bush who was responsible for James Byrd’s dragging, but even worse M.J Khan a known Muslim.

This really disturbs us because we must never forget 9/11. Just this year in Buffalo, New York, a Muslim executive beheaded his wife after she filed for divorce.

While we are not saying that he will be head his wife: we are highlighting the fact that he believes in such atrocious activities. Here is an excerpt from the book which MJ worships from: “Believers (Muslims), take neither Jews nor Christians to be your friends….- Sura 5:51

We cannot entrust Houston’s finances to MJ Khan. The only safe choice for Controller is Ronald C. Green. Please join our leaders in Going Green for Controller!


Larry Green

in Going Green for Controller!



2 ON THE BEAT omitted the names of the numerous business, community and political leaders who were also listed on the email as endorsing Ronald Green.  Several of  them, including State Representative Sylvester Turner,  have issued statements rejecting the ugly tone of  the message, and also stressing that they knew nothing about it.

The Race For City of Houston Controller
September 2, 2009

Three current Houston City Council Members have filed to get on the November  3rd ballot as candidates for city of  Houston Controller.

Ronald Green, Pam Holm, and M.J. Khan


( I don’t know how to edit the size of pictures, so you’re going to have to trust me that I did not intentionally insert a bigger photo of   council member Green)

According to the city’s website , the job of  controller is to balance the fiscal needs of Houston with the politics of popular elections and act as a check-and-balance to the Mayor and City Council.

As we’ve seen recently, that means the Controller and Mayor are sometimes at odds over the budget. 

Houston, like much of the country, is facing some tough economic times ahead. Sales and Property tax revenues are down, and the city needs to hold the line on how it spends tax payer dollars, as well as possibly trimming staff and services.

You can learn more about the candidates for controller by visiting their websites.




As we get closer to the election, 2 On The Beat, and KPRC Local 2 will give your more in-depth information about each of  the candidates qualifications to hold the office, and ideas that each hopes to implement if elected.

The Competition for City Controller Heats Up.
June 10, 2009

Add one more name to the list of term limited city council members planning to run for City Controller.   On  Monday, District F  councilman M.J. Khan made it official. 

 He will be campaigning for the job  against fellow councilman Ronald Green and Councilwomen Pam Holm,  to become the city’s  next fiscal watchdog.Locke 001thursday 001

In a letter to supporters  officially announcing his candidacy, Khan said he is running to, “take my knowledge and message of  responsible fiscal management to the next level.”

While the race for mayor will likely get most of the public attention, the office  of  controller is also important to the city’s economic future.

Check back with the 2 on the Beat blog, and I’ll let you know where you can see and hear the candidates for controller talking about their vision for Houston.