Peter Brown Will Endorse Annise Parker
November 10, 2009

Multiple sources have confirmed to 2 On The Beat that  Peter Brown, who finished in third place on election day, will endorse Annise Parker in the race for Mayor of  Houston.

Parker’s people are thrilled, but it was just last week that the campaign was airing a TV commercial telling voters that Brown couldn’t be trusted.  

But, that’s politics! Don’t take it personally, and don’t  believe the hype.

Now the question is, will Brown’s endorsement help Parker win the runoff?  He won more than 20% of the vote, so if  his supporters return to the polls and follow Brown’s lead, then Parker should be in a good position to beat Gene Locke.

I’ve heard that many of   the Black ministers who endorsed Brown will not endorse Parker because she is openly gay.

But, Parker could pick up a lot of  the conservative voters that Brown managed to win.

If you want to attend the big announcement, here is the information:


Peter Brown will host a press conference, joined by family, friends and supporters, announcing his endorsement in the mayoral runoff.   

WHO: Houston City Council Member and former Candidate for Mayor Peter Brown
WHAT: Peter Brown makes an official endorsement in the mayoral runoff
WHEN: TODAY, November 10th at 1:30 PM
WHERE: Steps of City Hall, 901 Bagby St., facing the reflection pool