Prop. 1 Campaign Issues Apology to Council Member Adams
October 20, 2010

 Is saying sorry enough to stop the outrage over a controversial email sent to city council member Wanda Adams by a leading supporter of the Proposition 1/ReNew Houston campaign?

As I blogged earlier, several prominent community leaders and elected officials plan to speak out later today against the email written by engineer Bob Jones.

Adams, has joined with the three other African-American council members to oppose Prop. 1, out of fear that it will hurt non-exempt houses of worship, school districts and their constituents.’

In addition to questioning Adams’ leadership in the email, Jones also accused her of putting her personal and political goals above the community needs.


Today, we learned that one of  our supporters sent an email to Councilmember Wanda Adams containing inappropriate remarks that in no way represent our campaign.
We apologize to Councilmember Wanda Adams and her colleagues, and to the entire community for the email.
We respect the opinions and leadership of all members of City Council and believe each of them is doing the best job possible representing Houstonians. Even when – especially when – people disagree on important issues, they deserve our utmost respect.
Despite differences of opinion about Proposition 1 and its approach to streets and drainage, we have and will continue to work with all Houstonians to find solutions that are fair and beneficial to everyone.