New GOP Billboard Targets Black Voters
October 18, 2010

There it was at the corner of 610 and Scott: a new billboard targeting African-Americans.

I admit it caused me to do a double take.  I’m lucky that the billboard didn’t cause me to have a fender bender in heavy traffic. 

At the risk of sounding partisan (and, trust me – I’m not) I don’t know how anyone can make the  claim in 2010 that “GOP is the new Black.”  


The ad is paid for by Raging Elephants, and you can read more at

I realize that the GOP has done limited outreach to African-American voters, and there are some who believe the party’s message of  limited spending, anti-abortion and smaller government.

But in this year of the angry Tea Party, talk of  taking “back our country”  and Rush Limbaugh calling President Obama a jack###, most African-Americans I know are offended and turned off  by the GOP.

Someone please show me proof of  an African-American stampede toward the Republican Party.

I doubt the GOP in Texas will win more than 10%  of the African-American vote.

I’ve always believed that people should vote for the party or political candidates of their choice.

I honestly don’t know how anyone can believe that G.O.P. is the new Black.