New Ads In the Race For Governor
October 29, 2010

Bill White and Rick Perry have released new television ads that will run statewide in the  final days of the campaign.

The latest polls suggest Perry is holding a strong lead over White, but the ads could be considered the candidates closing arguments  or their last shot at swaying any undecided voters.

White’s ad is called “A New Governor” and it sums up the choices that voters have in this election: a career politician or a businessman, according to the White campaign. The ad mentions Perry several times.

 Meanwhile, Governor Perry has released a new ad called “A Clear Choice”

Perry, already the state’s longest-serving governor, is asking voters for an unprecedented third term.

 The ad is warm and to the point.

It never mentions White by name and Perry is clearly looking ahead to after election day.

Bill White Fires Back In New TV AD
October 26, 2010

(From the White campaign)

HOUSTON – Bill White today released a new ad, “Ten Years,” hammering Perry for cleaning the records of convicted sex offenders who were deported from the United States and allowing deported criminals to keep valid drivers licenses.


The ad airs in select markets statewide beginning Tuesday and is available online at:


“For 10 years, Perry has failed law enforcement and failed to secure the border. Criminals don’t parachute into cities, they come over that border Perry only visits during election season. He’s too busy looking out for himself to pay attention to what matters for public safety,” said Bill White.


The ad comes on the heels of a false attack by career politician Rick Perry in which he exploited a tragic death and a widow’s grief.


Learn more and view sourcing at:

Democrats go after Gov. Perry in Texas
September 28, 2010

I’m posting this election story from the Washington Post, which like  KPRC Channel 2,  is owned by the Washington Post Company. 

It’s about the Democratic  Governor’s Association’s decision to spend money targeting Governor Rick Perry’s bid for relection against democrat Bill White.

Perry’s campaign has also responded to the article, and I’ve posted the statement after the article.

Dan Balz Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, September 27, 2010; 11:07 PM

In a surprise move, the Democratic Governors Association has decided to up the ante in Texas, with plans to launch an attack ad against Gov. Rick Perry (R ) that assails him as a career politician who has lost touch with the people of the Lone Star State. The audacious action comes in a state that has been a Republican stronghold for more than a decade. But Democrats have concluded that, even in a year that tilts strongly toward Republicans, Perry is more vulnerable than he has appeared in his race against Democrat Bill White, the former mayor of Houston. The DGA has already contributed $2 million to White’s campaign. The new ad buy, which is scheduled to begin running in the Dallas area Tuesday, represents an independent expenditure on behalf of White.

A Democratic strategist said the DGA would spend about $650,000 to $700,000 a week on its ad campaign. The latest poll in Texas, conducted by Blum & Weprin Associates for a consortium of Texas newspapers, gave Perry a seven-percentage-point lead, 46 percent to 39 percent. The poll was published on Sunday. Perry’s lead was consistent with other surveys taken in September. The public poll showed White and Perry running about even in the Houston area, where White is well known. But Perry held a solid lead in the Dallas area.

The DGA hopes its ad campaign will cut into that margin there, which could be the key to White’s hopes of winning. Perry became governor in December 2000 after then-governor George W. Bush resigned to become president. He has been reelected twice to four-year terms and is now the longest-serving governor in the state’s history. In a year in which incumbents of both parties have found themselves on the defensive, Democrats hope to turn Perry’s long tenure against him. The ad concludes by saying, “Twenty-five years as a politician has changed Rick Perry alright – for the worse.” A copy of the ad was made available to the Post before it went on the air. The ad attacks Perry on several fronts. Among them are ordering 11- and 12-year-old girls to be vaccinated against a virus that causes cervical cancer and proposing a mammoth Trans-Texas highway corridor that would have taken land from many private property owners. Both proposals eventually were blocked, but Republicans and Democrats have continued to criticize Perry for his actions. Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R ) included both in her primary challenge to Perry last spring but fell far short in her bid to unseat him. Democrats face substantial losses in governors’ races this fall, with Republicans looking to finish the elections with at least 30 of the 50 governor’s mansions. But Democrats are running competitively in three of the nation’s most populous states, all of which elected Republicans governors four years ago.

In California, Democratic attorney general and former governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jr. holds a narrow lead over Republican Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay. In Florida, Democrat Alex Sink, the state comptroller, is running even with businessman Rick Scott, who was the upset winner or the GOP primary in August. An upset in Texas could provide an improbable sweep of the big Sunbelt states, although defeating Perry is seen as the most difficult of the three. Democratic officials believe it is worth an additional investment in White’s candidacy to see how vulnerable the incumbent may be.


Obama Bailing Out Bill White’s Failing Desperate Campaign

After wasting $2 million with direct contributions to White, the Obama attack machine now taking over campaign and creating own negative attack ads

With Gov. Perry holding a commanding 30-point lead over Bill White in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, according to a recent newspaper poll, President Barack Obama and his Washington Democrat attack machine are hoping to bail out Bill White’s failing campaign by funding negative attack ads in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

The Washington Post is reporting: “In a surprise move, the Democratic Governors Association has decided to up the ante in Texas, with plans to launch an attack ad against Gov. Rick Perry (R) that assails him as a career politician who has lost touch with the people of the Lone Star State.  … The DGA has already contributed $2 million to White’s campaign. The new ad buy, which is scheduled to begin running in the Dallas area Tuesday, represents an independent expenditure on behalf of White. A Democratic strategist said the DGA would spend about $650,000 to $700,000 a week on its ad campaign.” [1]

“After wasting $2 million on Bill White’s anemic campaign, the Obama attack machine is now taking matters into its own hands,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Considering Bill White and President Obama share the same liberal philosophy, it’s not surprising that the president’s political team would step in and take over Bill White’s campaign. Governor Perry will continue talking about creating jobs, the economy, border security and other issues that truly matter to Texans.”

Following the release of a recent poll commissioned by Texas newspapers, the Associated Press reported, “According to the survey, Perry leads by more than 30 percentage points in Dallas-Fort Worth.” [2]

President Obama has raised at least $500,000 for the DGA this election cycle. [3]

Last week, the Dallas Morning News reported, “Texas trial lawyers have given $1 million to White through the Democratic Governors Association.” [4]

In August, President Obama headlined a fundraiser in Austin whose invitation said, “Some of the proceeds will remain in Texas to help elect Democrats in Texas, including Bill White as our next governor.” [5]

Bill White is also employing many of the same campaign handlers that President Obama uses: The Strategy Group (direct mail), Revolution Messaging (communications), The Tyson Organization (grassroots), Blue State Digital (internet), and Benenson Strategy Group (polling). [6]


Midnight Deadline Passes: No Debate In Race For TX. Governor
September 16, 2010

Bill White and Gov.Rick Perry both campaigned in Houston on Wednesday, but they were miles apart on the issue of having a debate before the November 2 election.

Perry stood his ground and stuck to the midnight deadline for White to release additional income tax returns covering the years he was chair of the Texas Democratic Party and later served as deputy U.S. Secretary of Energy.

For his part, White accused Perry of playing the people of  Texas by setting artificial conditions for a debate. White, who has released his income tax returns covering the six years he was Mayor of Houston, also said that Perry was disrespecting the people of  Texas.

Both campaigns issued official statements on their rhetorical debate over the debate.  I’ve posted both below:


From Perry’s campaign:  Scandal has followed every time liberal trial lawyer has released some past tax returns

For 192 days liberal trial lawyer Bill White has failed to come clean with the people of Texas about how he has profited while serving the public by refusing to release his tax returns for his years in public service. If by midnight tonight Bill White does not release tax returns he filed while serving as Deputy Secretary of Energy (1993-1995) and Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party (1995-1998), because of his actions to hide his business dealings there will be no gubernatorial debate in 2010.

“When the clock strikes midnight, the people of Texas will unfortunately lose the opportunity to see the candidates debate because of Bill White’s lack of transparency and honesty,” said Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner. “Every time liberal Bill White has released some of his past tax returns, scandal has followed. The tax returns Bill White has released revealed that he profiteered following Hurricane Rita, he earned millions while mayor of Houston serving on the board of a company under investigation by Congress for lying to the EPA, and he was not being honest when he said he hadn’t made a penny from the company he formed to exploit his Washington contacts and do business in the Middle East. Why is Bill White still hiding the truth about his financial activity from the people of Texas?”

From Bill White Campaign

STATEMENT: Rick Perry’s refusal to debate


25-year incumbent hides from debates, editorial boards, tough questions
HOUSTON — Bill White today issued the following statement on Rick Perry’s refusal to debate, meet with editorial boards or answer tough questions about the $18 billion budget hole.

“There are 18 billion reasons why Rick Perry has decided not to debate. Debates are a means of accountability for voters, and Perry’s showing his true colors as a scripted professional politician who thinks he’s entitled to re-election,” said White. “I’ll debate him anywhere, anytime.”

“Rick Perry will say anything to get elected, but he won’t say it to Bill White’s face in a debate. He’s hoping to get by in a job interview on little feel-good soundbites,” said Katy Bacon, campaign spokesperson.

Bill White released all tax returns from his years as Houston’s mayor, just as Perry has released tax returns from his years in elected public office. While Bill White built businesses, Perry is a 25-year career politician.

“Bill White has released far more detailed information concerning his income than Rick Perry, and that’s not even a close question,” said Bacon.

Is Rick Perry Too Chicken to Debate or Is Bill White Hiding Something?
August 20, 2010

On Thursday, Governor Rick Perry attended a fundraiser in Houston sponsored by a group of  young professionals.

While he was inside collecting campaign cash, someone dressed up in a chicken suit stood outside the venue making clucking sounds and holding a sign with the message, “Texans deserve a debate.”

Earlier in the day, Governor Perry told me that he isn’t afraid to debate his democrat opponent, former Houston Mayor Bill White.

Perry reiterated his call for White to release his income tax returns from the period covering the time White served as deputy U.S. energy secretary and Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party.

White, who has already released his tax returns covering the six years he was Mayor of  Houston, says  his financial records are an open book and he has  no plans to release anything else. 

If this back and forth continues , it looks like voters will be the real  losers.

There are no debates scheduled between the two major candidates before election day.

White: Perry a failure on border issues
August 9, 2010

 Governor Rick Perry greeted President Barack Obama as he arrived in Austin Monday.

Perry also gave the President a letter outlining his desire to get more federal resources along the Texas-Mexico border.

Meanwhile, former Houston Mayor Bill White, who has been criticized for dodging the President during his visit to Texas, released the statement below.

White is the democratic candidate in the race for Governor of  Texas. 

MIDLAND — Bill White today issued the following statement on Rick Perry’s record of border failure.

“While the federal government has failed in its essential responsibility of securing our borders, Rick Perry has failed too. For ten years, Perry has failed to get the resources we need. For ten years, Perry has failed to be an effective advocate for our state, no matter what party has a majority in Congress, no matter who is President. As governor, I will set politics aside on border issues, and take action. I’ll work with everyone from the President and our Texas congressional delegation to border governors and local law enforcement. We will find a solution so that daily, lawful business across the border thrives and communities remain safe,” said Bill White.

Perry’s record of failure on the border includes his $4 million pet program of border cameras which has yielded only 26 arrests. In April, Perry was slammed by border area congressmen for failing to allocate to the border sufficient federal dollars given to the state. In March, Perry “activated” a secret border plan without consulting local leaders, and elected officials and law enforcement criticized the governor’s approach.

Perry consistently uses false border crime statistics despite being called to the carpet for it and has become infamous for his election year posturing. This month, Perry even went as far as falsely claiming that bombs were exploding in El Paso, harming local businesses and security efforts.

Perry’s pet program of border cameras a failure
Over the objection of the state legislature, Perry spent “$4 million of federal grant money that he controls in the Texas Border Watch Program” to install 29 cameras. The cameras have resulted in “26 arrests and the seizure of about 7,400 pounds of narcotics in two years.” Sheriff Omar Lucio in Cameron County opposed the camera program from the beginning, saying “On a yearly basis here, I confiscate six to seven tons [of narcotics]. I don’t need the cameras. I just need the manpower.”

(Texas Tribune: Border Cameras Produce Little in Two Years, $153,800 per Arrest, 4/20/2010)

Border congressmen ask Perry to stop diverting border security dollars
In April, a group of border congressmen called on Perry to send more of the federal funds given to the state of Texas to Border communities, stating that while “Texas has been awarded an average of $125 million a year over the last four…, the border receiv[ed] as little as 3% of those funds each year.”

(Letter from Congressmen Rodriguez, Cuellar, Reyes, Ortiz, and Hinojosa, 4/8/2010)

Perry’s secret border plan
“Perry announced Tuesday that he implemented the lowest tier of the Texas Spillover Contingency Plan….The announcement came as a surprise to many officials along the border….’We live on the border and have responsibility for our communities and our citizens. However, at this point we are learning about your plans from the media, along with everyone else,’ Texas Border Coalition chairman Efrain Valdez wrote in a letter to Perry on Wednesday. ‘This makes it impossible for us to coordinate with your office to create the most effective strategy to keep our border communities safe.'”

(The Monitor: White, border politicians, jab governor’s spillover plan, 3/21/2010)

White promises action, not political gamesmanship
In March, Bill White pressed U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano for more resources and airborne surveillance of the Texas border. As governor, Bill White will talk with senior officials in Washington to get things done, as he did throughout his time as Houston’s mayor during both the previous and current administrations. “Law enforcement both along the border and in other areas of Texas requires working with sheriffs, police chiefs, state officials and federal agencies. An uncoordinated, secret plan is not an effective plan,” White said.

(Bill White for Texas: Bill White on border headlines, 3/18/2010)

Perry’s border crime stats wildly inaccurate
In numerous public appearances and on both publicly-funded and campaign websites, Governor Perry has falsely claimed 60-65% drops in border crime or crime rates. In fact, total crime rates in the 14 Texas counties bordering Mexico dropped 3.1% between 2005 and 2008.

(Bill White for Texas: White: Don’t play politics with law enforcement, 3/25,2010)

Perry distracts attention from his border failure by falsely claiming that bombs are exploding in El Paso on national television
“You’ve got bullets hitting City Hall in El Paso. You’ve got bombs exploding in El Paso,” Rick Perry told Fox News. “Perry later made a similar statement in Laredo, saying a car bomb went off in El Paso, according to Pro8News.” “Perry did harm to the name and the goals of El Paso by trying to make a point to the nation that the federal government isn’t doing its job of protecting our southern border.”

(El Paso Times, Misstatements by Perry hurt El Paso critics say, 8/4/2010; El Paso Dissed: Governor’s misstatements hurt, 8/5/2010).

Republicans Tell President Obama To Keep His “Hands Off Texas”
August 4, 2010

On Monday, August, 9, President Barack Obama will travel to Austin and Houston to raise money for candidates in the Democratic Party.

Texas Republicans aren’t exactly planning a nice reception to welcome the President.

A “Hands off  Texas” rally will be held at  the state capitol in Austin.

You can read more about the rally and sign up to attend  here:  

According to the release, the rally is designed to send a message that the “President and his party should keep their liberal policies out of  our state.”

Republicans are also promoting the idea that President Obama is coming to Texas to support democrats like  former Houston Mayor Bill White in his bid to unseat incumbent republican Governor Rick Perry.

White has said he will not attend the fundraiser because of  a prior committment.

New Poll Shows A Tied Race For Governor Of Texas
June 22, 2010

As former Houston Mayor Bill White prepares to speak at the Democratic State convention later this week, he’s getting some good news about his campaign to defeat Rick Perry.
A new poll released today shows that Perry and White are deadlocked.
I’m rushing out to cover another news story, but I’ve posted the news release and link to Public Policy Polling:
(news release) 
Raleigh, N.C. –  Republicans have held the Texas governorship since George W. Bush
ousted is facing by far the closest contest with a Democratic challenger during that time. Since
PPP last polled the race exactly four months ago, former Houston Mayor Bill White has
brought incumbent Rick Perry from a 48-42 lead into a 43-43 tie. White has done that by
reversing a 47-36 Perry lead among independents to a 42-36 lead for himself.
In most states, in this Republican election year, not only is the Republican leading among
independents, but he is drawing more crossover support than the Democratic candidate.
Bill White continues to buck that trend, as he did in February’s poll, by garnering 15% of
Texas Republicans to Perry’s 10% of Democrats. Both candidates have seen more of
their own party’s voters go into the undecided column, bringing their partisan support
from the mid-80% range to the mid-70% range, with White still holding more of his own
base than Perry does.
Despite his precarious situation at home, many believe Perry has national ambitions.
Only 10% of his state’s voters, however, would like to see him run for president in 2012,
to 69% who would explicitly not want him to make that jump. The feeling cuts across
party lines, with even 61% of Republicans wanting him to stay home. PPP will release
numbers on Perry’s standing in the 2012 Republican field later in the week.
“Bill White has the potential to give Democrats their biggest bright spot on what will
probably overall be a bad election night in November,” said Dean Debnam, President of
Public Policy Polling. “A win in the Texas Governor race would be huge for the party
and instantaneously make White one of the most prominent Democrats in the country.”
PPP surveyed 500 Texas voters from June 19
is +/-4.4%. Other factors, such as refusal to be interviewed and weighting, may introduce
additional error that is more difficult to quantify.
Complete results are attached and can be found at

Bill White vs. Rick Perry – A New Poll
February 12, 2010

Texans haven’t voted in the March 2nd primary, but a  new polls shows that Democrat and former Houston Mayor Bill White has a good chance of  defeating Republican incumbent Governor Rick Perry in the general election matchup.

Supporters say the poll is good news for White. After this week’s debate with rival Farouk Shami, voters are getting to know him, and like what they see.

White’s campaign only recently started running statewide ads that focus on his positive message of  boosting education achievement in Texas.

Meanwhile,  Perry’s record in  office is facing tougher public scrutiny as a result of  the negative primary campaign against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina.

There’s still a chance that Perry will avoid a runoff, but he will emerge from the primary a bruised candidate.  

Voters shouldn’t discount Perry as a result of this or any other poll: he’s never lost an election and he remains popular with conservatives. 

Still, Mayor White is clearly going to be the candidate  to watch closely in the general election!

News Release Follows 

Today, Research 2000 released their poll on the Texas Governor’s race. The poll shows Bill White trailing Rick Perry by only four points, and actually leading Perry among independents. You can read about the poll at the following links:

– Burnt Orange Report:

– Actual poll:

Below are some highlights of the poll, as well as some notes about Bill White’s campaign success that have led to the strong showing in the polls.>> Feb 10, and has a 4% MOE. A total of 600 likely voters who vote regularly in state elections were interviewed statewide by telephone. From their poll: showing that even those on the right recognize the validity of their poll numbers. In May 2008, Nate Silver with the national polling website rated them as one of the top polling groups in the country  ahead of other groups that have polled recently in Texas, including Public Policy Polling, Zogby, Gallup, and just behind Rasmussen.

*Question: If the election for Governor were held today, for whom would you vote for if the choices were between Bill White, the Democrat, and Rick Perry, the Republican?*

– All voters: White 42, Perry 46

– Independents: White 45, Perry 42

*Key Points About the Poll*

1. Among independents, White leads both Perry and Medina and is tied with KBH

2. As in the Texas Tribune poll, both Perry and Hutchison are under 50% after spending big money on television for weeks — a terrible sign for 20-year statewide career politicians in an anti-incumbent year

3. White has still only been on TV for 10 days, in lighter and more targeted rotation than the Republicans

*Notes on Bill White’s Campaign Success*

1. White outraised both Perry and Hutchison in the last reporting period, and has $6.4 million COH.

2. White only started on television eleven days ago (Feb. 1). His first ad was about education, his second ad was a narrative spot.<

3. White has opened regional field offices across Texas — in Harris, Travis, Bexar, Dallas, Tarrant, Hidalgo, Webb, Cameron, Jefferson, & Bowie counties — and will be opening one in El Paso on Monday. That list of counties includes every county that went Democratic in 2008.

4. White has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, TSTA, Tejano Democrats, the Statesman, Texas League of Conservation Voters, 12 State Senators, 66 House Reps, & many, many, many more.

*About the Poll & Research 2000*

The poll was taken from Feb 8

Those interviewed were selected by the random variation of the last four digits of telephone numbers. A cross-section of exchanges was utilized in order to ensure an accurate reflection of the state. Quotas were assigned to reflect the voter registration of distribution by county.

The margin for error, according to standards customarily used by statisticians, is no more than plus or minus 4% percentage points. This means that there is a 95 percent probability that the “true” figure would fall within that range if the entire population were sampled. The margin for error is higher for any subgroup, such as for gender or party affiliation.

Research 2000 is a national polling group that performs both national and state-level polls. Their national poll numbers often track closely with those of other national polling firms. DailyKos, the prominent left-leaning political blog, partners with Research 2000 for their polls; however, there is no political bias in their numbers. In fact, a recent poll on the attitudes of Republican voters conducted by Research 2000 was used on Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning Fox News program