Longhorns Are On the Road….
January 7, 2010

Stretch limos, shuttle buses and taxis are jam packed with football fans headed to Pasadena and tonight’s BCS National Championship game.

Because of traffic  congrestion in Los Angeles, a thirty minute drive from my hotel could take as long as two hours to reach the Rose Bowl Stadium, so everyone is getting an early start.

A lot of folks from Texas have packed provisions for the road trip: tacos, chips, dip soda, champagne and other beverages.

Forgot Your Texas or Alabama Fan Gear? No Worries…
January 6, 2010

Texas and Alabama football fans who forgot to pack  their favorite t-shirts and hats are in luck!

At just about every hotel in the Los Angeles area you can buy Crimson Tide and Longhorn paraphernalia – jerseys, cups, banners, necklaces and other team trinkets.

If you’re really confident that your team will win Thursday night’s big game you can pre-order National Championship commemorative items.

One of the guys selling the winning team t-shirts told me that I could get one delivered to my hotel room within hours after the game.

I’ll get a full refund if my team loses.

Meanwhile, even the hotel workers are getting into the team spirit.

Everyone – from the clerks at the check-in counter to the bartenders and wait staff  – is wearing either an Alabama or Texas t-shirt.