Palin’s ‘The Undefeated’ To Play In Houston Thursday
June 29, 2011

On Thursday evening Houstonians will gather to watch the premiere of  The Undefeated, the documentary about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  

It opens nationwide on July 15, however, a few select cities are getting exclusive early viewings.

Palin showed up to the premiere in Iowa Tuesday night.  There’s no indication she will be at the Houston screening on Thursday.

Here’s a note I received about the movie from Michelle Lancaster, who saw it a few weeks ago at the RightOnline conference.  “It truly  moved me. Even if you’re not a fan of Sarah Palin, I  hope you can join me and your community leaders at this special screening.”









Senator Hutchison’s Campaign Comments on Perry-Palin Rally
February 7, 2010


“Despite today’s theatrics, there’s no covering-up Rick Perry’s decade long record of cronyism in office that brought us the Trans-Texas Corridor and HPV mandate. When she ran, Sarah Palin took on an incumbent Republican governor and his cronyism. Today, Kay Bailey Hutchison is doing the same and will clean-up Austin, strengthen education and improve transportation.” – Joe Pounder, Texans for Kay spokesman

 Joe Pounder

Dep. Communications Director

Texans For Kay

Governor Perry – Sarah Palin Rally on Super Sunday
February 7, 2010

Governor Rick Perry knows how to draw a crowd on Superbowl Sunday – invite former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be the star attraction at a political rally.

Palin campaigned  for Governor  Perry one day after she was the featured speaker at the first  National Tea Party  convention.

Rocker Ted Nugent, country music and people calling  themselves  patriots and Tea Party members help set the tone for the political event.

Palin’s message was anti-Washington and pro-Rick Perry. 

Governor Perry urged people to vote for him and his experience and reject the Washington style leadership.  While never  mentioning Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s name, he clearly criticized her support for the bailout and voting for other unpopular programs.

Why was the event held in Cypress?  “We are smack dab in the middle of the most conservative district in the State of Texas and the United States,” said State Senator Dan Patrick of Houston as he fired up the crowd.

Palin, Governor Perry and Senator Patrick also urged the crowd to reach out to undecided republicans and encourage them to vote for Perry in the March primary. 

Sarah Palin To Campaign For Governor Perry in Houston
January 20, 2010

Super Sunday with Sarah
Sarah Palin to Campaign with Gov. Perry

Palin and Perry(photo is from the Perry Campaign Website)
AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry will be joined by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally in support of his re-election campaign on Sunday, Feb. 7 in the Houston area. More details will follow closer to the event.

“I look forward to standing with Sarah to promote our shared conservative values of limited government, low taxes and individual freedom,” said Gov. Perry. “Gov. Palin is a true conservative leader whose priorities and message resonate with Texans, and I am honored to have her in Texas supporting my campaign.”

Gov. Palin will campaign with Gov. Perry to highlight the positive momentum Texas is experiencing through conservative leadership that has cut taxes, created jobs, strengthened education and secured our border.

Visit to register for free tickets.