Congresswoman Jackson-Lee Ready For Campaign
January 24, 2010

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee proved once again on Saturday that she is a tireless campaigner, one of  her greatest strengths going into a contested March primary.

She began the day with a breakfast for Houston area ministers, had lunch with precinct captains and finished with a combination birthday party/campaign kickoff Saturday afternoon. 

If  turnout  is any indication, the Congresswoman still has strong support in the district.

The crowd included families, community leaders, elected officials (and candidates trying to get elected) along with volunteers who are ready to hit the ground running to help the Congresswoman win re-election in the 18 Congressional District. 

Faces in the crowd included: former city council member Gordon Quan who is running for Harris County Judge. Former Police Chief and current city council member C.O. Bradford  and Houston Federation of  Teachers President Gayle Fallon.

As 2 on the Beat previously reported,  Houston city council member Jarvis Johnson and attorney Sean Roberts are running against Jackson-Lee in the March 2nd Democratic Party primary.

If she wins the primary, Jackson-Lee will face a Republican opponent in the November general election.   The 18th congressional district is solidly democrat, so the Congresswoman shouldn’t have to worry as much about losing the general election, IF  she can win the primary. 

However, some political observers believe Jackson-Lee is vulnerable and could face a tough time winning a ninth term in congress.  While there is anti-Washington/anti-incumbent sentiment sweeping across the country, Jackson-Lee has perceived weakness that hit closer to home.

Her opponents, both Republican and Democrat, accuse her of being out of touch with residents and not doing enough in recent years to help the district.

She angered many of her constituents when she backed Sen. Hillary Clinton over Sen. Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential Primary.

She also raised eyebrows when she showed up at Michael Jackson’s funeral and pushed for the late pop star to receive a Congressional Medal of Honor.

When asked by the media if she is concerned  about losing or being forced into a runoff,  the congresswoman said, “the seat belongs to the people. I will continue to fight for the people in Washington and in the district.”

She did not directly address the claims made by candidates/opponents Johnson or Roberts.

Congresswoman Jackson-Lee Says She Deserves Another Term
January 6, 2010

 She faces two opponents in the March democratic party primary, but U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee says  she deserves another term in office – to keep representing the people of the 18th congressional district.

Houston city council member Jarvis Johnson and Houston attorney Sean Roberts have filed to run against the eight term congresswoman. 

Yesterday I posted a campaign statement from Johnson and Roberts.  Below I am posting the notice that I received from Congresswoman Jackson-Lee’s campaign.


(Houston, TX)……With the November ’09 General Election now history and attention being focused on the upcoming March 2nd Democratic Primary Election, the Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee filed in December for her bid for a 9th term in the U. S. Congress. She has vowed to continue her commitment of serving the constituents of the 18th Congressional District and has tirelessly worked throughout 8 terms since 1995 after she defeated previous incumbent Craig Washington. She currently serves on the prestigious Judiciary, Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committees; and chairs the important Transportation & Homeland Subcommittee.


It is no question during her extensive tenure in Congress that Congresswoman Jackson Lee has continued to “bring home the bacon” for her constituents because “Sheila Works and Sheila Delivers!” She has consistently stood alongside her district constituents to provide resources to generate dollars which created hundreds of jobs, provided health care funding, demonstrated leadership on the Iraq war and to honor local Vietnam Veterans with long overdue Purple Heart medals to name a few of her accomplishments.

Regarding this race, Congresswoman Jackson Lee says, “I won’t tell my own story, but will allow the people of the 18th Congressional District to tell the real story. I am honored and ready to serve them again.”

Congresswoman Jackson-Lee Faces 2 Primary Opponents
January 4, 2010


    Supporters of  U.S. Representative  Sheila Jackson-Lee are downplaying reports that the embattled congresswoman is in deep political trouble after two challengers  filed  to run against her in the March democratic party primary.     

Only hours after he was sworn-in for another term on Houston city council,  district B Council member Jarvis Johnson announced that he is a candidate for the 18th Congressional district.   

  On Tuesday, January 5, Council member Johnson,  plans to hold a media briefing in front of the Mickey Leland Federal Building, where Congresswoman Lee’s office is located, to outline his reasons for challenging the eight term congresswoman.   “America is a great democracy and the people are given the opportunity to choose their leadership. Leadership should be chosen by their examples of delivering meaningful services to their communities,” said Johnson in a news release sent to 2 on the Beat.   “Over the course of the next two months, I look forward to having a spirited debate on who can best represent the people of the Eighteenth Congressional District.  We’re going to have a frank discussion on who’s capable of bringing and creating good paying jobs for the people of the district.   Who can spark genuine economic development, and who can provide leadership to marshal resources to help eliminate the dropout rate,” added Johnson.  ####   

 Johnson is not the only democrat with his eyes on the 18th congressional district seat.  Houston attorney Sean Roberts has also filed to run in the primary against Jackson-Lee.   

(news release)  

ATTORNEY SEAN ROBERTS MAKES OFFICIAL BID FOR 2010 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY IN THE 18TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT HOUSTON, Texas    “I have spent considerable time talking to the people who live and own businesses in this district and I decided to run because people want a representative in Congress who will focus on the needs of the district and deliver results,” said Roberts.  The 18th District is represented by Sheila Jackson-Lee, a democrat serving her seventh term and seeking re-election. Once a predominantly Black district, CD 18 is now 37% White and 40% Black, of which 36% describe themselves as being Hispanic or Latino.  “The unprecedented challenges we face present unprecedented opportunities for districts like the 18th Congressional District. These new opportunities can be realized with a representative who has the right set of skills, broad vision and a level-headed temperament so that all the neighborhoods in this diverse district can grow economically and thrive.”  Roberts, 38, began his career at Vinson & Elkins, one of the leading energy law firms in the world. He now runs a successful law firm specializing in domestic and international business litigation. “In Congress, I will focus on issues related to job creation, the economy, affordable education, and healthcare that works,” added Roberts.