Pelosi to Face Protest at Texas A&M
February 20, 2012

After attending a fundraiser in Houston on Sunday night, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to speak today, Monday, February 20, on the campus of  Texas A&M in college station.

Conservative students have announced a protest against what they call her “Job-Killing” Legislation.

I’ve attached the news release: College Station, TX – On February 20 at 5:30 p.m. former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will be speaking at Texas A&M University. Starting at 4:30pm, the Texas Aggie Conservatives (TAC) will be protesting the economic legislation she has passed and continues to promote.

The conservative student group will be using street theater and protest signs, including a Grim Reaper costume to label Pelosi as a “job killer.” The protest will occur outside the entrance to the Annenberg Conference Center near the Bush Library on the west side of campus.

Pelosi is a job killer. Her economic agenda is largely responsible for the continued high youth unemployment rate,” said Cary Chesire, one of the protesters. “Obamacare, out-of-control deficit spending, increased federal regulations, and heavy taxes are destroying the jobs that students like me will need when we graduate.

The group draws their conclusions from a report released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which indicates the unemployment rate for youth has hovered around 20%. This is comparable to the rates in Arab countries. The national average is 8.3%.

I don’t want unemployment benefits when I graduate,” said Chris Woolsey, another protester. “I want a job. D.C. needs to stop the crushing spending and regulation, so that employers will have the capital to be able to hire people like me in the future.” The Texas Aggie Conservatives previously used similar street theater tactics against President Obama when he visited Texas A&M in October of 2009.

The Texas Aggie Conservatives (TAC) advances the conservative movement at the university, local, state, and national levels by educating students and the public through campus based political activism. It is a recognized student organization of Texas A&M University. For more information, visit


President Obama To Honor Former President Bush’s Legacy Of Service
September 11, 2009

President Obama to Hold Presidential Forum on Service Hosted by former President George H.W. Bush
October event at Bush Presidential Library will celebrate Daily Point of Light award winners, build upon United We Serve summer service initiative.

ON Friday, October 16th, President Barack Obama will hold a Presidential Forum on community service hosted by former President George H.W. Bush and the Points of  Light Institute at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library on the campus of  Texas A&M University.

According to Jim Mgrath, spokesman for the former President, The event builds upon President Obama’s “United We Serve” call to service challenging all Americans to help lay a new foundation for growth in this country by engaging in sustained, meaningful community service.

It will also celebrate the contributions of more than 4,500 Daily Point of Light award winners and honor President Bush’s legacy of service and civic engagement.

The Daily Point of Light Award – created by President Bush in 1989- honors individuals and volunteer groups around the county who are helping to meet critical needs in their communities and creating change every day and has a bi-partisan presidential legacy over the past two decades.

President Obama’s United We Serve call to service began on June 22nd and runs through the National Day of Service and remembrance on September 11th.  Service projects marking the eight year anniversary of 9/11 will take place today in all 50 states, and will include over a dozen cabinet secretaries and high ranking government officials. Projects rang from food drives and home repairs to neighborhood cleanups and disaster preparation activities.

The National Day of Service and Remembrance was developed by 9/11 families and established into law by the Edward M. Kennedy Serve American Act, which President Obama signed in April. The  most sweeping overhaul and expansion of national service programs in 18 years, the Serve America Act will triple the size of AmeriCorps and strengthen service opportunities for Americans at all stages of their lives.