Fun Before The Big BCS Game
January 7, 2010

Tailgating and a performance by the Longhorn Band are  some of the exciting events helping football fans keep up their team  spirit hours before  tonight’s kickoff in the BCS National Championship Game.

The game starts at 7:30 p.m. central time (5:30 in California)

The grounds surrounding the Rose Bowl are packed. The weather is sunny and beautiful.  Duck Soup, a group from Austin, is performing at the official Texas Exes Party.

Longhorns Are On the Road….
January 7, 2010

Stretch limos, shuttle buses and taxis are jam packed with football fans headed to Pasadena and tonight’s BCS National Championship game.

Because of traffic  congrestion in Los Angeles, a thirty minute drive from my hotel could take as long as two hours to reach the Rose Bowl Stadium, so everyone is getting an early start.

A lot of folks from Texas have packed provisions for the road trip: tacos, chips, dip soda, champagne and other beverages.