William Paul Thomas Is On The Move Once Again
December 2, 2010

William Paul Thomas is in popular demand by a lot of powerful people these days –  and that’s not just because he’s always well dressed and in good spirits!

2 On the Beat has just learned that he is joining Mayor Annise Parker’s staff  as Director of  Council Relations.  

I assume that means he’ll  serve as the liaison between the Mayor’s office and help improve communication with all of the members of  the Houston city council.  Some behind the scenes arm twisting to help the Mayor pass her agenda, perhaps?

After taking a short leave of  absence to work on Bill White’s gubernatorial campaign,  Thomas recently returned to city hall and his position as  Council Member Sue Lovell’s chief of  staff.

Congratulations and best of  luck William Paul. Make sure you encourage the Mayor and city council members to do interviews with the media 🙂

Kris Banks Plans to Pitch In At Houston City Hall
September 8, 2010

A familiar face is  joining the office of Houston city council member Sue Lovell on a temporary basis, while her Chief of Staff, William Paul Thomas, works for the Bill White campaign through November.

“I am pleased to announce Kris Banks has joined my staff to help us with our heavy workload while William Paul Thomas is on leave absence. William Paul has joined the Bill White campaign for the next couple months,” said Lovell is a statement sent to the media. “Kris Banks has experience at City Hall and knowledge of the issues we are working on and I feel fortunate he is available to help us.”

I’ve interviewed  Kris on a number of  occasions for KPRC Local 2 regarding issues in the GLBT community.

Bill White for Governor Campaign Recruits A Veteran Political Player
August 29, 2010

The Bill White campaign for governor of  Texas is getting an experienced political operative to help the former Houston Mayor defeat Governor Rick Perry.

I ran into William Paul Thomas Saturday night at the Greater Houston Partnership World Trade Soiree.  He confirmed to 2 On The Beat that he is joining the campaign through election day in November.

Thomas plans to take a sixty day leave of absence from his job as chief  of staff for Houston city council member Sue Lovell.

He wouldn’t provide specifics about his role when I asked him to describe his responsibilities.  He told me that he would to defer to the campaign to make the announcement.

I assume that he  is going to help White  create some excitement and bolster election day turnout in African-American communities across Texas.

I’ve heard grumblings from many Democrats that White is  taking  African-American voters for granted.  

Some are also upset that he doesn’t have a prominent African-American on his campaign staff. 

If  White doesn’t give African-Americans a reason to vote for him in November, many will stay home, and  he’ll have a tough time defeating Rick Perry.

Thomas is a political campaign veteran and he has worked on staff for  U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Senator Rodney Ellis, in addition  to his current job at city hall.