More On the HPOU – Locke Endorsement

On Monday, the Houston Police Officers Union endorsed Gene Locke for Mayor of Houston, saying he is the only candidate that has a “realistic and clear-cut plan to improve and modernize public safety services in our city.”


Locke also unveiled his 7-Point Plan to Keep Houston Safe.  You can read more about that @

Meanwhile, several community leaders attended the news conference which was held at the HPOU Headquarters near downtown.


In addition to HPOU President Gary Blankinship, people in the crowd included:  Jeff Caynon, President of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association, (for the first time HPOU and HPFFA are endorsing the same candidate for mayor in an open race) former Mayor Bob Lanier and Elyse Lanier Port of Houston Commissioner, State Senator John Whitmire, State Representative Carol Alvarado, and Dwight Boykins.


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