Neighborhood Eyesore in South Houston to Finally Come Down

Park Place Apartments Have Been on Dangerous Building List for Years


Mayor Annise Parker today announced the planned demolition of 7410 Park Place, an apartment complex on the city’s south side in Council Member James Rodriguez’s district, which has been in very poor condition for more than fifteen years. The demolition is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 6 2010. “This is one of the worst examples of neglectful ownership that I have seen” said Mayor Parker. “The property is a neighborhood eyesore and a public safety risk. The owner has been given numerous chances to makes repairs or demolish. Each time he has failed to act. His time has now run out.” “This complex has been a nuisance and haven for crime,” said Council Member Rodriguez. “In addition, the green, stagnant water in the neglected swimming pool is an unsanitary and dangerous situation. When I first ran for city council, the residents of this neighborhood made it very clear to me that they wanted the property brought up to code or demolished as soon as possible. I am glad to work with Mayor Parker on the removal of dangerous buildings like this so that families can reside in safe neighborhoods free of hot spots for criminal activity.” The city has wanted to remove this complex for several years, but could not proceed until all legal issues had been resolved. The buildings are structurally unsound, preventing asbestos abatement prior to demolition. Therefore, the contractor will be taking extra precautions to keep asbestos fibers and dust at bay. Police officers will be on hand to control traffic and keep bystanders a safe distance away from the site. The city has demolished more than 800 unsafe buildings in the last 12 months, setting a new record and far surpassing the initial goal of removing 600 structures this fiscal year. Mayor Parker wants the quicker pace to continue. Earlier this year the mayor freed up funding to hire eight more neighborhood protection inspectors. She is working on a reorganization of the city’s neighborhood protection unit and pursuing public/private partnerships like last month’s Demolition Day in which the Houston Contractors Association assisted the city in the removal of 185 buildings in a single day.

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