At Series of Neighborhood Meetings Kicking Off this Week, Residents to be Asked

“How Would You Make Your Neighborhood a Better Place to Live?”

 WHO:    City of Galveston residents, City of Galveston Planning Department, representatives from CDM, the firm hired to prepare

a master neighborhoods plan that will address quality of life and current and future community needs, such as business

development, housing and transportation and services for people with disabilities.


WHAT:     As part of the City of Galveston’s Long-Term Hurricane Ike Recovery Plan, meetings will be held in 18 Galveston neighborhood

 areas, starting tomorrow. At each meeting, residents will be asked for their input about what changes they would like to their

 neighborhood, such as the addition of a community park, safer sidewalks, more places to shop and better transportation. The

 residents’ input will be used to create the master neighborhoods plan.

        WHERE AND WHEN:  Residents can click on for more information, including a

  list of meeting locations and dates.

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