K9s4COPS Fundraiser Attracts Dogs and Big Donors

Generous Houstonians opened their hearts and their wallets Thursday night at a fundraiser benefitting a non-profit group that supports local law enforcement.

K9s4COPS is composed of people who donate their time and effort to provide police agencies with a well-trained canine companion that can assist in crime fighting.  The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is a recipient of the group’s  generosity.

Founder KK Schiller says she started the organization after seeing  a sad story on the news about a sheriff’s deputy whose four-legged partner was killed by two burglary suspects the police dog was chasing.

Like many  departments, the HCSO does not always have enough resources to purchase and train dogs.

During Thursday night’s event, two King Shepherd puppies were auctioned for more than $70,000.  Overall, the successful event raised more than half a million dollars.

Guests for the evening included: Mayor Annise Parker, Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia and special guest, private investigator Bill “Wild Bill” Stanton.

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