Brandon Dudley Plans to Run for House District 137

After a stunning announcement by State Representative Scott Hochberg that he would not seek re-election,  I’m starting to hear names of  several potential candidates. 

One name familiar to many voters is Brandon Dudley, Chief of Staff  and General Counsel for State Senator Rodney Ellis and a former candidate for state district criminal court judge.

 I spoke with Dudley and he confirmed that he will file to run for office as early as Monday morning. 

Why is he running? This is what he had to say:

“Representative Hochberg’s decision not to run again is a great loss  to the people of Houston and the state of  Texas,” said Dudley.  “He’s been a model public servant and will be sorely missed. I believe strongly that I can continue the legacy and provide the people of House District 137 the representation they deserve, which is why I’m planning to run. I look forward to the opportunity to earn everyone’s support in the weeks ahead, and fighting to create a better future for all Texas families for years to come.”

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