Planned Parenthood Mayoral Candidates Forum

It was technically closed to the press, but representatives of   Planned Parenthood,  and the candidates for Mayor of  Houston allowed me to have a few minutes to take pictures at the mayoral forum.

planned parenthood 015planned parenthood 013

Annise Parker, Gene Locke and Peter Brown  were invited to  speak to the crowd about their position on women’s reproductive rights and health care.

Their comments were off the record (since it was closed press) but it’s safe for me to report  that Planned Parenthood, like any other  organization, wouldn’t invite candidates to speak unless they are considered friendly to their cause. 

planned parenthood 014planned parenthood 009

In this case, I’m not sure what impact and influence the Mayor of  Houston has on issues like annual exams, counseling and abortion services.

I suppose Planned Parenthood wants to make sure that the next mayor takes a stand in support  of  women’s reproductive rights and promotes the need for accessible and affordable health care. 

The forum was sponsored by the Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas Action Fund, which is  the political action committee for Planned Parenthood.

planned parenthood 005planned parenthood 018

Meanwhile,  the election is still five months away  and it seems like the candidates are out  every night speaking to different groups or attending political fundraisers.

By election  day, November 3, 2009,  there is going to be no excuse for you  to say that you aren’t voting  because you don’t  know enough  about the candidates.

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