Political Campaign Direct Mail

As a  voter,  I was beginning to feel a little left out of the election process.  I mean, I’ve seen all the television ads, I’ve heard the radio pitches from community activists and ministers,  and I’ve interviewed all the candidates for mayor and various other positions. 

But,  no one was sending me direct mail at home.  I tried not to take it personally, and began to think, maybe it’s because of   the economy, and candidates don’t have much money.

That is, until I received the first political campaign direct mail piece from city of  Houston employee Noel Freeman, who is running for the city council at-large position 4 seat.  Freeman’s campaign has sent out a flyer attacking former police chief C.O. “Brad” Bradford, who is also a candidate for the  same seat.

city council 4 003city council 4 001

Freeman is trying to remind voters about the problems in the Houston Police Department’s DNA crime lab that he says were covered up under Chief  Bradford’s watch.

city council 4 002

The problems in the crime lab have been well documented.  They happened before, during and after Chief  Bradford’s watch. 

Bradford, who  lost a close race for Harris County District Attorney in November to Pat Lykos, says he is going to run a positive campaign and not respond to negative messages. 

Bradford has also received the endorsement of many groups, including the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Police Officer’s Union.

Anyway, the other two candidates in the race are conservative Curtis Garmon and Progressive candidate Deborah Shafto.  I’m attempting to interview  all four to include their perspective in a story  focusing on the issues in the  race.  It airs  Sunday night on KPRC Local 2.

Make sure you tune in, and you’ll see the one and only political campaign direct mail piece that was sent to my home mailbox.

2 Responses

  1. Mary,
    I saw the story this morning on the news.
    I got this mail piece too and the thing about it was that as far as a negative piece of mail goes – it was completely factual.

    What I don’t understand is why Mr Bradford brushes off his part in the crime lab scandal? He’s asking people to vote for him based on his experience as the police chief, and his part in the crime lab was part of that experience but when you asked him about it, he just basically said ‘no comment’.

    If he’s running on his experience, then either it ALL counts, or none of it counts. He doesn’t get to pick and choose.

    I checked the websites of the 3 candidates you featured and Freeman’s is the only one with real content. Mr Bradford seems to just offer up generalities without any specifics (typical politician).

    Freeman is at least able to demonstrate an understanding of the city on a larger scale, something an At-Large councilperson needs.

    I don’t trust Bradford. He was Clarence Bradford as police chief, then became CO Bradford during the DA’s race and now he’s “Brad” Bradford. It’s like he’s changing up his name hoping people don’t remember all the humiliation he brought to HPD and Houston.

    I hope people will at least research these candidates and recognize that one of them has Houston’s best interests at heart and one of them is hoping voters don’t remember who he really is.

    • Just a point of clarification for you Mary.

      You stated the problems at the Crime Lab continued after Chief Bradford left – that’s not accurate.

      The Crime Lab was shut down by Chief Oettmeier just after Bradford retired to collect his big pension.

      And lest we forget about all of Chief Bradford’s other baggage – perjury charges, the KMART raid, etc.

      You brush it off as being “well-documented” but it speaks to the character of the man. Knowing for years that potentially innocent people were getting shipped to jail and not opening your mouth is not the sign of a good person.

      Chief Bradford should fade into the night and enjoy his big pension that he didn’t deserve to get.

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