The Battle For The Heart And Soul Of The Republican Party

Social conservatives could decide the outcome of the March 2010 GOP Primary for Governor  of  Texas.

Governor Rick Perry has always held the advantage with that side of the republican party, but now Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is getting some big help from a solid conservative.

Calling her  “The Real Deal”, former Vice President Dick Cheney endorsed Senator Hutchison for Governor of  Texas on Tuesday.

The former vice president flew to Houston to  make the announcement in front of a crowd of about 200 people. 

He later attended a campaign fundraiser for Hutchison at the River Oaks area home of  a Houston energy executive.

Tuesday’s event  took place days after Senator Hutchison decided not to step down and focus fulltime on her campaign for  governor.

That means she will juggle her Senate responsibilities with her political schedule

In fact, the campaign says the endorsement and rally were pushed back in order to accomodate Senator Hutchison’s schedule on Tuesday. She was needed in Washington to help pass a bill that she authored, which gives more funding to the Veterans Cemetary.

Meanwhile,  the Perry  campaign  issued a release downplaying the significance of the endorsement.  Sources have also told 2 On the Beat that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will travel to Texas for a campaign event endorsing Perry.

Statement from Texans for Rick Perry spokesman Mark Miner:

“Today’s appearance is not surprising considering the Washington establishment usually sticks together. Governor Perry is proud to have the endorsement of dozens of conservative groups, individuals and trade associations representing millions of Texans. They agree that he is the only true conservative in this race, and that his record of cutting taxes, balancing budgets and reducing spending has positioned Texas to have one of the strongest economies in the nation.”

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