Governor Perry Announces Help For Haiti

Gov. Perry Sends Search and Rescue Teams to Aid Earthquake Victims in Haiti

Offers Additional Disaster Response Assistance from Texas

AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today sent Texas Task Force One, the state’s elite search and rescue team, to provide assistance in the aftermath of Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti. He also sent a letter to President Barack Obama offering additional state disaster response resources to assist emergency response teams, rescue workers and medical personnel. Since the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is leading and coordinating the U.S. response effort to this disaster, Texas must receive federal authorization before state resources can be deployed.

“In the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, Texas is standing by to deliver much needed assistance and supplies to the victims of this disaster,” Gov. Perry said. “Already this morning a team of brave men and women from Texas Task Force One departed for Haiti to provide vital search and rescue assistance. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, rescue personnel and medical workers in Haiti as they continue to cope with the aftermath of this quake.”

Texas Task Force One is capable of responding to mass-casualty disasters, and is trained and equipped to locate and rescue people trapped by collapsed structures in confined space in highly populated areas.

Additional state resources available for deployment include:

Medical Personnel:

  • Medical Assessment and Coordination Team with 4 personnel from Texas A&M/University of Texas
  • TxMAT (Texas Medical Assistance Team) – 2 teams – 7 personnel each; one from TX A&M and one from Angel Staffing – 1 physician, 2 nurses, 2 paramedics, 1 respiratory care
  • Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Command Assistance Team (1 team of 7 – 10 personnel) – from DSHS central and regional staff; incident management team
  • Community Assessment Public Emergency Response Team (CASPER) 3-5 person team to augment U.S. Public Health Service


Medical Supplies:

  • 40 shelter push packs – support 100 people for three days with over-the-counter medications and other shelter supplies
  • 40 shelter supply augmentation kits for infection control focused on preventing infectious disease, including gloves, masks, sanitizers, etc.


Medical Equipment:

  • 2 mortuary refrigerated trailers with body bags and supplies


Baptist Child and Family Services: San Antonio (Shelter Medical):

  • Two 500 bed shelters including tents
  • 70 staff for Incident Management Team
  • 60 kilowatt generators
  • Medical staff (nurses and paramedics)
  • Communications package for satellite and local radios 


Texas Baptist Men:

  • Water purification equipment and personnel capable of providing drinking water for 65,000 people.    


Texas Military Forces Aircraft:

  • Two C-130s capable of transporting large quantities of equipment, supplies and personnel


TX A&M (Boat):

  • 600 foot boat capable of housing responders


Search and Rescue: Texas Task Force One – TX A&M (already approved by federal government for deployment):

  • Highly trained urban search and rescue team
  • 80 personnel
  • Search and rescue, K-9, logistics, communications and medical capabilities


Search and Rescue: Texas Task Force Two – DFW Area:

  • Highly trained personnel to augment Texas Task Force One
  • Conduct search of small structures


Texas-related volunteer organizations providing financial and other assistance in response to this disaster include The Salvation Army, Victim Relief Ministers, Billy Graham Ministries, Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, American Red Cross, and Baptist Child and Family Services.

To view the governor’s letter to the president, please visit

For additional information on the response effort and situation in Haiti, please visit

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  1. with respect to all the victims of the quake, I feel I must bring up a ‘controversial’ issue. Anyone here heard of the new ‘haiti conspiracy theory’? Some people say that a American super weapon ‘HAARP’ caused the earthquake as a mistake. The USA is just using the earthquake guise to send 10,000 USA soldiers to occupy haiti for more control!

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