New Billboards Promote Conservative Talk Radio Host

Conservative radio talk-show host Michael Berry has some  new promotional  billboards around town, including one right next to KPRC Channel 2.

“Oh my God,” I said to myself as I pulled into the station parking lot, “Why did he put it HERE?”

The billboard has a quote from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin: “How’s that hope and change workin’ for ya?”

(Michael, how about something more original – like one of your own quotes?)

While sitting in the news meeting later that morning,  I sent Berry a text message asking him how many billboards he has and why? 

This was his  typical and kind-of-funny response, “to increase my dominance over the world and to irritate the haters.”


He’s joking, right?

There’s also a Michael Berry billboard  in Humble that he says is getting a lot of  attention.

He promised to send me more information about that one.

I’m still waiting.

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